March 2018






Star ​of the​ Week  Odin 

  ame​ ​Word​ ​Family  4    Star ​of the​ Week  Taylor      ay​ ​Word​ ​Family  11              18    Star o​ f the​ Week  Jocelyn      ate​ ​Word​ ​Family   25         



Author of the Month – Dr. Seuss 



P.E./Music.  6     Media/Tech 




Art  7  





Art  2     Green​ ​Eggs/Ham    Happy Birthday  Taylor   


  No School 

Conferences  3:45-7:30  13   

  No School 



Conferences  8:00-3:00  19    

Music/P.E.  20

Picture Day    Media/Tech 

    26      Happy Spring  Break   

P.E./Music  9       

Reading Pledges  Due 





Fine Arts/ Science  Fair 

P.E./Music  21   PTA Meeting 


  Happy Spring  Break    Happy Birthday  Tonda 

Music/P.E.  15 P.E./Music  16        Conferences    3:45-7:30 



28      Happy Spring  Break  




Music/P.E.   3 



Art  10      Rocket Rally   






Music/P.E.  23 P.E./Music  24          Book Orders Due        Happy Birthday  Jocelyn    29    30    31      Happy Spring  Happy Spring  Break  Break 



March 2018

Mar 1, 2018 - Sunday. Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday. Thursday. Friday. Saturday. Star ​of the​ Week. Odin ame​ ​Word​ ​Family. 1. Art. Green​ ​Eggs/Ham. Happy Birthday. Taylor. 2 Music/P.E.. 3. 4. Star ​of the​ Week. Taylor ay​ ​Word​ ​Family. 5 P.E./Music. Media/Tech. Reading Pledges. Due. 6. Art.

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9:45-10:45 am. *Cycle and Tone. (CS / SEC) Becky. 9:45-10:45 am. Strength Fusion. (FS) Jen C. 11 am-12 pm. Free Weight Fitness. (FS) Michael. 12:15-1:15 pm. Gentle Yoga. (FS) Bettyanne. 5:45-6:30 pm. Total Body Training. (SEC) Joe. 6-6:45 pm. *Rhythm

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Bagel & Cream Cheese. Lunch. Macaroni & Cheese. Cheeseburger & Tots. Chicken Cesar Salad. Diced Pears. Lettuce, Tomatoes,. Pickles & Peppers. Breakfast. Breakfast Wrap. Lunch. Turkey Corn Dog,. Chicken Burger w/Tots. PB&J Sandwich. Oranges, Tossed Sa

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remember to notify the WGS Office of any changes in address, telephone numbers (at work or at home), or emergency. contact information. Thanks! CUSTODY OR RELEASE RESTRICTIONS. Parents with custody or release restrictions are asked to contact the WGS

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Milk Only: $.40. Free Students: $0.00. $0.00 If they take both a snack & milk. If they take only 1 item they will be. charged the Ala Carte price. Reduced Students: $.15. $.15 If they take both a snack & milk. If they take only 1 item they will be. c

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