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Greetings! Welcome! ¡Bienvenidos! Bienvenue! 欢迎 Bem-vindo! Board member directory President: DIANA MOSCOSO-CAUDELL President Elect: Past President: TRISTIN WEST Secretary: LIDIA ORDAZ CANALES Treasaurer: Spanish Representative: French Representative: Chinese Representative: Portuguese Representative:

Did you know that…? Several studies indicate that individuals who learn a second language are more creative and better at solving complex problems than those who do not (Bamford & Mizokawa, 1991). Quote "A different language is a different vision of life." Federico Fellini

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UFLA DLI GROUP BOARD. we are currently looking for candidates to be involved in our board. We need candidates for "Portuguese, French and Chinese Representatives. Please email Diana at ufladligroup.gmail.com with your suggestions. UFLA DLI Group online. Introducing our new Facebook group pageUFLA Dual Language Immersion Teachers and our blog http://ufladligroup.blogspot.com/ Note: These are for the UFLA DLI Group and are separate from the State websites for Dual Language Immersion.

SWCOLT 2013. The South West Conference on Language Teaching is being held on April 4-6 2013 in Henderson, Nevada. This will be the 30th anniversary for the conference. The theme this year is "Viva Las Languages!". The purpose of the conference is to promote and support the second language programs. For more information visit www.swcolt.org BYU LANGUAGE FAIR. Every year, BYU organizes language fairs for students studying different languages. This year it will be a half day event, held on Thursday, April 18th. For more information visit this website http://languagefair.byu.edu/ STATE DLI WEBSITES utahspanishdualimmersion.org utahfrenchimmersion.org utahchineseimmersion.org utahportugueseimmersion.org 1 of 2

Share your resources and ideas! If you have ideas or resources that you would like to share with our DLI teachers, please email Diana Moscoso-Caudell at [email protected] RESOURCES & IDEAS

St. Patrick's Day / Craft ideas DRAW IN A GRID: A RAINBOW: http://www.activityvillage.co.uk/pdfs/ grid_copy_rainbow.pdf

A POT OF GOLD http://www.activityvillage.co.uk/pdfs/ grid_copy_pot_of_gold.pdf

A LEPRECHAUN http://www.activityvillage.co.uk/pdfs/ grid_copy_leprechaun.pdf

Websites & Other KIDS SONGS IN PORTUGUESE: a Youtube channel with Portuguese songs. http://www.youtube.com/playlist? list=PL8B08E35F62400856

TALES IN FRENCH: fifteen stories narrated in French. http://www.petitestetes.com/jeuxeducatifs-en-ligne/histoires-racontees/ histoires-racontees.html

IXL MATH: practice math facts at school or at home. http://www.ixl.com/

Recommended books "Writing to Read", by Steve Graham and Michael Herbert. Vanderbilt Universitiy

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Highlights If you want to highlight a teacher in our monthly newsletter, please email Diana Moscoso-Caudell at [email protected] with the following information: Name of teacher to be highlighted. School/District. One paragraph description of why they are being highlighted. Picture of the teacher, if possible. We will be highlighting 2 teachers a month!

Le,cia   Heredia   LeCcia   Heredia   is   an   amaizing   1st   grade   teacher   from   Cuernavaca,   Mexico.   She's   been   teaching   for   10   years,   loving   this   proffesion   and   being   beloved   by   her   students.   She   first   started   teaching   students   of   different   ages   unCl   she   decided   to   focus   her   vocaCon   in   the   lower   grades  (Kindergarten  and  1st  Grade)   because  she  feels  that  she  can  teach   ia d re e H ia Letic them   as   well   as   academically   and   nish DI a p S , e d ra 1st G S. educate   them   in   different   aspects   Elementar y it m m u S h So ut UT causing   and   enormous   impact   on   Scho ol D., it m m u S h So ut these   ages.   Now   she   and   her   husband   are   expecCng   their   first   baby,   Elih   Abidam.   CONGRATULATIONS   FOR   YOUR   EXCELENT     WORK  A ND  YOUR  N EW  FACET  A S  A  M OM!

Lacy   Schumann   is   a   gorgeous   1st   Grade  teacher.   A2er  eight  years  of   teaching   first,   second   and   third   grades,   she   decided   to   join   the   Dual   Immersion   Program   this   a c a d e m i c   c o u r s e   b e i n g   o v e r w h e l m i n g   s u c c e s s f u l .   Mother   of   three   children,   Lacy   e n j oys   o u td o o r   a c C v i C e s   Lacy Schuma nn (boaCng,   fishing,   riding   horses   1st Grade, Eng lish DI or   sledding   in   the   winter)   South Summit E lementa r y S. b e s i d e s   d e v e l o p i n g   h e r   South Summit Sc ho ol D., UT creaCvity  (kniHng,  crocheCng,   taking   pictures,   and   scrapbooking).   THANKS   FOR   BEING   SUCH   A   GREAT   MODEL   OF   PROFESSIONALISM  A ND  F ELLOWSHIP!

march 2013

Please email. Diana at ufladligroup.gmail.com with your suggestions. ... http://ufladligroup.blogspot.com/. Note: These are for the UFLA ... http://www.ixl.com/. 2 of 2. LeVcia Heredia Le cia Heredia is an amaizing 1st grade teacher from Cuernavaca, Mexico. She's been teaching for 10 years, loving this proffesion and being.

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Email: [email protected] Dhaka, Bangladesh | March 15-16, 2013
Mar 15, 2013 - MikroTik Certified Trainer & Consultant [TR0186]. Phone: 01817040808. Email: [email protected] Dhaka, Bangladesh | March 15-16, 2013.

ACCOUNTANCY WITH COMPUTERIZED ACCOUNTING. Maximum : 60 Scores. Genera/Instructions to Candidates : Time : 2 Hours. Cool off time: 15 Minutes.