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    .C, 9.C,

    6.C, lO.B

    r Al) initio - from t he i)eginhling Ad hoc - for this purpose Ad tinem - to the end

    A die from i hat day Al valorem accordingtoralue addenda things to he added annus ci nahilis year ofwonde,rs -




    alter ego - intimate friend bonatide -genuine bun voyage - a plea.sant journey for you carte blanche - full discretionary powers corpus delicti - the substance of offence deo volentee - God willing deluxe - ofa very high quality ex-ofticio- byvirtue of one sottice ex-gratia- an act of grace exlibris - from the hooks enroute - on the way to enavant - forward errata - error enbloc - completely exempli gratia - byway of example faux pass - a false step force majeure - supreme power fons et origo - the source and origin Hahea.s corpus - uTit issued by a court requiring a detained person to he produced before the court in camera - in secret, ajudges private room idest -thatis ipso facto - by the very fact inter aba - among other things

    locus stiindi - right to interfere magnum opus - a great work mal a props - ill timed modus operandi - plan ofworkin modus vevendi - a way of living mutatis mutandis - with necessary changes riota bene - mark well 11001 dv' jilume - a pen name nulti secundus - second to none octroi - duties paid at the gate of a city pari passu - with equal pace post mortem- afterdeath prima facic - on the first view par excellence - eminently pro rata - iii proport iI)fl per diem - per day passe - out of date peccavi! - I have sinned! place arix dairies! - make way for ladies! pro et con - for and against prosit - cheers! (luelqUe chose - some thing quid pro quo - tit for that sang frc,id - coolness sine (he - indefinitely, without a day sufficit - it is enough sub rosa - privately parexcellence - eminently par exeinple - for example quid pro quo - tit for that resume - a summary or abstract tiers etat - the third estate tout de suite - immediately uhique - everywhere

    unavoce - unanimously vale - farewell viva voce - orally, oral

    Quest: search. pinsut Quaint: ant ique, curious, I dii, queer. strange Quaff: drink, gulp, swallow Qi st a: allot merit - allocation, portion,

    ness, inertness. sluggistiuress Spell: charm, magic. fascinat in, incant at III Spiritual: divine, holy, pure. religious Synonymous: equivalent, similar, ideirtical Swift: rapid, spet'ily, quick, fast.


    hiadiarice: brightness, brilliance, splendour, lttstre Itare: scarce, singular, uncommon Recollection: memory, remenrhratice, reminiscence Recorupetise: Compensation, amends. reward Repentance: regret, remorse. sirri iw Revoke: abolish, abrogate, annul, reverse, withdraw, qtrash, nullify Rust ic: rural, simple Rude: insolent, impudent, churlish Residency: domicile, dwelling, home, house Rich: opulent, wealthy, affluent

    Scruputnus: careful, cautious, dutiful, principled, meticulous Sacred: hallowed, holy, consecrated Seldom: hardly. rarely, scarcely Shapely: beautiful, comely, elegant, graceful Sinister: Bad, corrupt, evil, dishonest, wicked Sloth: idleness, inactive, laziness, slow-




    Tedious: irksome, monotonous, mild lame: domesticated, mild, docile, ract able Tyrant: autocrat, despot, dictator, oppressor 'l'uunult : mini not ion, disturbance, hubbub, riot Temerity: audacity, rashness, recklessness Tenor: connotation, import, sense llansparent. clear, lucid, translucent fl'end: cliuirse, tendency, inclination, ihirection 'I'heft: burglars, robbers, larceny, stealing i'idy: neat, clean, orderly, spruce, trimur

    l'ltimnate: final, last Undue: excessive, extreme, immoderate Inctuous: greasy. smooth, oily Uneasy: disturbed, restless, uncomfortable I nruly: disobedient, disorderly, riot Utopian: ideal, imaginary, visionary

    3.A, 73.

    4.A. 83.

    amaia Rausan


    \ague: indefinite, inilistiuct,, uncertain ain: empty, useles,s. mirthless Vanity: Conceit, egotism \enomous: malicious, poisonous \ictomy: conquest, mastery, success, triumph Vigilant: attentive, wakeful, watchful Voluble: fluent, glib, talkative, loquacious \scatiou: tllusimuess. calling, occupation, profession

    Wanton: playful. sportive. thoughtless Weird: eerie, strange, ghostly, supernatural, mysterious, uncanny, unnatural Wicked: bad, evil, impious, sinful, depraved \Vinsome: allunimtg, charming, attractive \\r'uctucd: depressed, sad, miserable,

    unhappy I'll: cry. hwl. roar, scream, bawl ke: bondage, slavery, subjection

    Zeal: cnthusiasmui, gusto, zest, fervour Zenith: climax, tip, pinnacle, stimmit, vertex

Malayalam - Vibhakthi.pdf

(UT8(iLOo 68t36X1) 6303. DOatnJ00)1(T atQ3 [email protected] slm3aaJerml moat. (0TtYflOtZ 633(1D 4J(3)J2)6XO)D3. 6(013Th1 g)cm3 octa3m)oo. ctilrs.

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