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H Clay Crawford: Florida MAGHRIB AL AQSA Land of the Americas



This Monthly Journal; is designed to point out areas of Law and Natural Rights of Citizens that are violated every day by its Nation, and designed to be overlooked in a literary learned paved society. Is it all because some Citizens lack the aptitude of History, or do not possess the foundational means to understand the direction of its Nation? We will have a chance to decide. This Journal is to ensure that less fortunate individuals will have an understanding of His or Her History, curve the long arm of the United States Corporation Company towards protecting Human Rights, and to decline them away from Criminal Conspiracy. This Journal; is not a Lawyers manual, nor intended for legal advice.( For such advice please seek Attorney)


Copyright © 2011 Citizens Bar Association: 2

Contents UNITED STATES CORPORATION COMPANY / Page No The State of Florida -------------------------------------------------------4 Conquest for Moroccan Treaty ------------------------------------------5 Peace and Friendship -------------------------------------------------------7

The History; and Caucasian United States Corporation Company -------------------------------------9 Khazaria-----------------------------------------------------------------------9 Balfour Declaration 1917 -------------------------------------------------11

The Talmudic Law Khazars have compiled religious scripture ------------------------------15 Goyim should be killed ----------------------------------------------------16 Wealth of the Gentiles ------------------------------------------------------16 Deceive of the Christians --------------------------------------------------16 Public Law 102-14; Education Act---------------------------------------17 Silent Weapons for Quite Wars-------------------------------------------17 Private Companies can Join the Conspiracy ----------------------------22 Fear of Diplomatic Solution-----------------------------------------------23 Glossary ----------------------------------------------------------------------25 3

THE STATE OF FLORIDA When the State of Florida (they say) settled in America in the mid16th century; they enslaved the Native Moor (negro) who taught them how to cultivate, cook, and survive throughout the land. After learning the necessities to sustain life: They; the Caucasian settlers, adopted tyranny through their way of life of culture of cruelty. Thus; in order to build a nation which they had took from the kindness of its native people, and drove them into slavery; they needed to receive a treaty from the particular Kingdom in which the Americas had belonged. Moors wearing the fez Ponce De Leon

However, in the year 1513 Ponce De Leon had already unlawfully settled on the land, and He began separating the tribes through Eugenics; which is the process of separating the dark skinned original tribes, from the tribes who have apparent mixed genetics.


Conquest for the Moroccan Treaty In the year 1661 it had been understood by the rulers and colonizers that the land that we know today as the State of Florida was known as Maghrib Al Aqsa; the west district of Morocco, a dark skinned people who were the natives of The Kingdom of Morocco.

To continue their mission of monopolization, it had been incumbent that they must find the Kingdom in which they can enter treaty, in order to complete the eugenics process.

They entered the land of Morocco with the intentions of collecting information on its government, and infiltrated education of the people for the purpose of controlling the inner and exterior annexes of Maghrib (Morocco) Empire. 5

Information would be brought back to the State of Florida, the district of Morocco (Maghrib Al Aqsa); and shared with Europeans (Caucasian). They soon began developing their brotherhoods, or secret societies from the culture they infiltrated. (Mental Note) In order to separate the district; it had been advised by geographers to refer to the far west annex as Spain. Thus, Spain did not exist as a government during the Rule of the Ottoman Empire.

Following this form of geography, and understanding by the African Chiefs of the tribes, they were persuaded by the Caucasian travelers to re-name their Nations to Caucasian Corporate Names; that the Africans were unfamiliar with.


Some Moors of the Arizona region would rebel against the colonization. They would war with violence, against what seemed as a threat of infiltration into their peaceful society. Some believed that the Caucasians carried some theology of Islamic law of kindness, and fairness which gave them access to the Land. Moors of Arizona

The Peace and Friendship

When the Moroccan Captives were finally enslaved trough the harsh conditions in the annexed far west on the land of Americas. Complaints would arrive to the Knowledge of the Morocco Majesty. Some of them had come to the realization through the understanding of geographical positioning of Maps, and world calculations, that the District of Morocco is in the Far west Americas.


The Kingdom of Morocco entered treaty with John Adams as the Peace and Friendship Treaty of 1787 Article 6… Quotes as follows. If any Moor (negro) shall bring citizens of the United States Corporation Company or their effects to his Majesty citizen shall immediately be set to liberty and the effects restored, and in like manor, if any Moor not a subject of the dominions shall make prize of any of the citizen of America or their effects and bring them into any of the ports of his majesty, shall be immediately released, as they will be considered as under his Majesty’s protection. Definition of Moor described as Negro.

In 1819 Adams-Onis Treaty paved the way for the Illegal Immigrants (Caucasians) the ability through its treaty to create the documents as a Florida purchase.


The 1819 Treaty of Adams allowed the 1925 usage of other territories in the North, which the State of Florida was able to incorporate the UNITED STATES CORPORATION COMPANY; better known as the UNITED STATES FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. Its idea was to create a Company that manufactures Corporations from birth certifications, for its investment to other countries as an international trade. That human labor is essential, and essence to trade and commerce. In today’s time after the State of Florida incorporated The United States Corporation Company, it began to develop a net -work of corporations all designed to preform particular tasks for purposes of a higher agenda. We will have a chance discover their particular agenda, as we learn further in this publication.

THE HISTORY; AND CAUCASIAN. Khazaria in year 650 was a Large Geographical Empire between the Black Sea, and the Caspian Sea of the Caucus Mountains. The general genetic make of the Native People to this region was of a White Complexion, with of Asian Descent.


Khazarian people were nomads that moved about collecting information and goods from neighboring countries. As its empire gradually started to loose territory do to violence; the people then settled in neighboring environments, soon into Palestine Rome and Greece Arabia, North Africa etc.

The war like tendencies of the Khazars, forced the world powers to disperse them throughout the world, not allowing the Khazars to operate as a Nation due to its violence nature upon other Nations, people and property. Its goals and costumes of its society were to spread violence into nations for the purposes of forcing such Nations into the decision of giving up its Power, for the protection of the Khazar.  Note: Crimea is the last real known territory of the Khazars.  Note: United States named its congressional assembly “Caucus”, which means to work together towards some shared goals. 10

In recent years, the culture of Khazaria “Caucus” exists today. Its people had adopted their way of life by mixing its culture, and ideology into the modern society. The more recent title of this society in today’s time would colorfully outline the ZIONIST ORGANIZATION.

Khazarian Caucus culture into society has created a path and agenda to continue their plight towards controlling Nations, and people through the use of violence, corruption and destruction. Zionist organization had made agreements with Balfour Rothschild for the purpose of creating a Zionist State.

See the Balfour Declaration 1917. The Declaration had promised, if given such opportunity to develop Palestine as a Zionist State; then it would incorporate western influence into the society of Palestine, creating a more vulnerable condition deemed controlled.


The year 1919 king Faisal of (Saudi Arabia) entered the conspiracy with Weizmann of the Zionist Organization; such agreements with Saudi Arabia; allowed the mobilization of Zionist into the Holy Land region.

The agreements for the Zionist Organization to occupy Palestine has allowed Hitler, or Baron Rothschild to invade the region of Germany working with the finances from the Balfour Declaration, and orders to exterminate the unwanted Khazar which were considered of the poor lower class citizens. (see) Agreements by Saudi and the Zionist Organization.

Hitler used forms of trickery and media manipulation in (screen split imagery) It is the process of allowing a digital recording to duplicate itself; thus, giving the allusion of more people in a particular viewing; or staging and arraigning of poor subjugated Khazars, who are malnutrition. Its purpose is for developing a narrative in the direction of forging a Jewish State. In actuality Khazar family heritage is not that of Hebrew. 12

Such purpose had added the ability to make such the appearance that Jews were genocides, by an outlaw rogue force who just so happen to be able to fund a massive military campaign for the purposes of exterminating the Jewish Race. In the picture to the right, gives discerning that the Khazars in their appearance displays; as if they are being smuggled through immigration in search of prosperity; not slaves as to an unjust condition.

In recent times the Khazars condemn and ridicule any person trying to seek Prosperity, or refuge in particular boarding Nations, and have enacted legislation to prohibit free movement of travel.

The Khazars have developed an Israeli independent state from Palestine, after the Zionist Organization declares them-selves the Hebrews of the Biblical scripture. Be mindful that the Khazars have not established any linkage to the bloodlines of the Biblical Tribes of Israel.


The Modern Israeli has collected information from its origin. The khazars have occupied Nations for over one thousand years collecting data information; giving it the greatest corporation of Intel communications. It uses its capable of monitoring the whole world through advance technology of the internet. Its corporations of Commuter Science have developed its world data farming corporations to engage in blackmail, and fraud of other countries; simultaneously protecting its defacto sovereignty as the Hebrew, in the eyes of the world governments. The Khazars has used the works of analytics and information worldwide; Creating illusion, and false information such as Fake News to create world destabilization.

Be mindful, that not all who follow the authentic Jewish scripture are patriots to this conspiracy.

We must ask ourselves; What is the purpose of controlling Intel Communications, and why is it relevant to the UNITED STATES CORPORATION COMPANY? 14

For over 1,400 years, the Khazars have compiled religious scripture of the Torah and Mishna. Thus, relating to Tannaitic writings that often gives ventures onto legal subjects, and expounds broadly on the Hebrew Bible. This Codification of information was able to create the Talmudic Law, which its teachings has strayed far from Divine Law into its own form of supremacy. The Supremacy adopted for hundreds of years allowed its ideology to infiltrate into world governments constructing its conspiracy for New World Order; through the oppression of a particular society, people or nations deemed waste-less; or a hindrance to its proposed agenda. The individuals deemed as animals or insufficient to survive are what they would refer to as Gentile, goy, or goyim. See Talmudic law 1).

If a “goy” hits a Jew he must be killed. (Sanhedrin 58b).


If a Jew murders a goy there will be no death penalty. (Sanhedrin 57a).


All children of the goyim are animals. (Yebamoth 98a). 15


The goyim are not humans. They are beast. (Baba Mezia 114b).


Even the best of goyim should be killed. (Soferim15).


Deceive him and take of his money, for the wealth of the Gentiles is to be regarded as common wealth, and belongs to the first who can get it. (Chosechen, and Ham 156,5).


To constant deceive of the Christians. (Zohar 1,160(a).

Such interjections have been directed towards Christ Jesus as well. Jesus was cut off from the Jewish people for his wickedness, and refused to repent.(Sotah 47a). The Talmudic Law within its meanings direct hate in any direction towards God and Man. Thus, its agenda are to oppose righteousness, and its people; referring to them as Goyim. An occult that has infiltrated the Land of Magrib Al Aqsa (Americas), to create murder and destabilization of any Nation that opposes Talmudic Ideology. 16

Moreover, The United States Corporation Company has joined into the Conspiracy and has enacted laws to complement its aim and goals towards the violation of the rights of the people; who they refer to as Goyim or Gentile. See United States Public Law 102-14; Education Act (Bush Administration 1991) signed by George H. W Bush. “All Federal Law are on the basis and establishment of the Talmudic Law, and the Noahide Laws shall be applied to the Gentiles in the United States, in conclusion to this interjection; there shall be no recommended punishment.” The above Public Law has allowed the United States Corporation Company the license through the Education Act to carry out, and in furtherance of the Crime in systematical design of Aggression. The Education Act influences policy in government and private Companies through educational tools of profile, and discrimination. Its application of Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars (Bilderberg Group 1979) has resulted in unlawful arrest, discrimination in work environments, etc... Evidence would show that Talmudic law is responsible for world mass incarcerations, killings of Moors (negros), Palestine, and all people deemed undesirable. 17

UNITED STATES FEDERAL LAW ON CONSPIRACY. The United States had enacted laws to prohibit conspiracy in the color of Law. US 21 U.S.C 846. A criminal conspiracy takes place when two or more people or a government get together and plan to commit a crime. However, there is more involved when proving that a criminal conspiracy has taken place. INTENT. In order for a person or government to be guilty of criminal conspiracy, they must have actually meant to agree to commit a crime.

The United States Corporation Company are the native people of

the Kharzarian Empire in the year 650. They have agreed to incorporate and carry out the Talmudic Law through the Education Act of 1991.


When the person, corporation, or government agrees to commit a crime; they must intend to really do whatever the objective are intended to do in the conspiracy.

In other words, the Corporation must carry out some of the crimes mentioned in the Conspiracy; or multiple victims of the violent encounters, all collaborating a furtherance of the Crime.

The United States Corporation Company has incorporated a network of crime to commit acts of terror upon the People of Land of the Americas (Magrib Al Aqsa). When the Government has proven the objectives of the conspiracy; then any person, government, or corporation that enters the conspiracy takes a part thereof. 19

UNITED STATES CORPORATION COMPANY has entered an agreement with the Zionist Organization, and has incorporated its law on carrying out aggression to nationalities of people in a systematical development of corporations. 1).

It has carried out its Education Act; for no other purposes, but to rule over the nations of people in a terroristic law. Theodor Herzl


It has taken and seized individual corporate finances though Trust. (Royal Treasures).  It provides access to birth inheritance of nations, and citizens through the signatures or applications of the citizens in corporate process.


It uses the Citizen’s live birth certifications for The Fidelity Investments Company to invest human people, as assets or investments to particular Company(s) of interests of corporate process. The mature Profits are never directed in the favor of the Beneficiary (citizen).

ALL CAPS NAME of birth certificates transfers each individual’s birth to a CORPORATION NAME, from Natural Rights; to Corporate Rights. “The capital letters in the Birth Name explains how to identify a corporation in the United States Printing Style Manual”. Violation of Juris Rules and Criminal Procedure.

Title 22 USIC 0.3 31.2 (3) (2017).


NATURUAL RIGHTS VS CORPORATE RIGHTS. *Example of Natural Right: Parents shall possess the ultimate authority of protecting their children from the education of Gender Identity. (Juris Rules and Codes). *Example of a corporate Right: The education of Gender Identity shall be taught to children in all Public School Education. (US-PL Effective 2018).


Private Companies can join the conspiracy. a).

If a private person, or business, incorporates its company with the conspiracy; papers, documents, contacts of business, emails, phone records, financial transaction with the conspirator corporation; then it has joined into the conspiracy.


If the private company has carried out any part of the conspiracy, or acts thereof; then it has furthered the conspiracy.


A person of flesh and blood is injured physically, or financially due to the actions, of carrying out an act for the Conspiracy.  Judicial Note: Any party of the conspiracy does not need to know all the components, or details of the conspiracy to establish a conviction. 22

UNITED STATES CORPORATION COMPANY The Corporation has forged a destructive path for purpose of protecting and adding the Khazar Conspiracy. It has hindered and suppressed the native people, and its direction of prosperity. Thus, such fear has deprived the generations of natives from attempting to create its true independence from an oppressive police state. Fear had been implanted into the minds of the generations to come; so that the Natives of the United States will never exercise their authority in whole, to lead in international diplomatic solution.

The Plight toward “New World Order” has caused the destitute of its own Caucasian people, through the devouring of the substance bestowed upon them by their natural rights. Thus, has left them without bare necessities to sustain a generation of people, who are to come after them. The destruction bares no discretion of punishment, to all whom the Talmudic Law Governs. 23

The Education Act has become a tool to further the crime, and its ideology. It is being taught unknowingly in the education of the children through particular law, enacted into statues or regulations. Children become accustom to the way of life, which society paves the direction of thinking, morality and social justice. The Natives of the Land of the Americas, Amurica, or Morocco have seceded the false delusion of justice, and proclaim a new constitution evolved from the old constitution. It gives every citizen their due rights, regardless of Race or gender; through code of justice under God and then Man. Title 22 USIC 0.2 and Title 22 USIC 0.3 Jurisdictional Powers Part I and Part II. (2015). Citizens Bar Association (2011). We Hereby order a New Government, and American plan for Parens Patriae; It shall abolish the Federal System, and in its place a detached comprehensive geopolitical system competent in leading diplomatic relations in the favor of the Citizens. Title 22 USIC 0.2 Title 22 USIC 0.3 Jurisdictional Powers Part I and Part II. (2015) See Amendments.  Any Inquiries to the above Constitutions and preambles. Please in writing, to the United States Library of Congress requesting the Juris Rules and Codes; (2017) Amendments. 24

GLOSSARY United States Corporation Company Company incorporated by the State of Florida in 1925 to create fictitious corporations from birth certificates, for the purpose of funding the direction of the Zionist Organization. Criminal Conspiracy. The agreement of two or more people, company(s), or government(s), to come together for the purpose of committing crime against people, and property.

Moor; Referenced to (negro) or aborigine to the native land of the Americas modernly known as the United States Corporation Company.

Eugenics; The process of separating the darker skinned original tribes’ men, from the tribes who have apparent mixed genetics, or DNA, for the purpose of creating a delusional superior race of people.

Maghrib Al Aqsa; The Natural Land of the Americas, and native to the Moor (negro); the annexes, or district to the Kingdom of Morocco.


The Kingdom of Morocco entered treaty with John Adams as the Peace and Friendship Treaty of 1787. Treaty recognizing the rights of Moors (Negros) in the United States and abroad; Treaty recognizing the provision for the United States to operate its Corporation Company on the land of Magrib Al Aqsa (The United States). Khazaria In year 650 was a Large Geographical Empire between the black Sea, and the Caspian Sea of the Caucus Mountains. Crimea The last real known territory of the Khazars. Balfour Declaration 1917 Declaration had promised, if given such opportunity to develop Palestine as a Zionist State; Zionist Organization Organization created by Theodor Herzl, for the purpose of creating a Zionist State in Israel, with the ultimate goal of Talmudic Law as New World Order. See Protocals of Zion. Talmudic Law The ancient law that proscribes individuals deemed as animals or insufficient to survive; or what they would refer to as gentile, goy, or goyim.


United States Public Law 102-14; Education Act A legal Amendment or Act, constituting the Talmudic authority into the legislation of the American People; and to be exercised against people referred to as gentile, goy, or goyim. Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars. Documents of the Bilderberg Group of 1979: The instrument of its aim for “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars” to be used against; who they refer to as gentile, goy, or goyim. United States Federal Law on Conspiracy. The United States had enacted laws to prohibit conspiracy in the color of law; and governments in Drug Conspiracy Influenced in Corrupt Organizations. US 21 U.S.C 846 / (R.I.C.O) ACT. Fidelity Investments Company A United States Company; to invest human people, as the assets or investments to particular Company(s) of interest in corporate process. Natural Rights. The right that People possess for determining the rights to be awarded to corporations. Corporate Rights The right that Fictitious Corporations possess for determining the rights to be awarded to People.


Joining the Conspiracy. Private Companies incorporated with the conspiracy may join the conspiracy; if the private company furthers the conspiratorial acts, determined through its purpose, aim, and goal.

Parens Patriae . The mobilization of The Government of USIC (United States of Islam and Christ) under Juris Court of Law, claiming the responsibility and over sight of the social, and financial well-being of the Moors (negro), and citizens of the Land of Americas; referred as the (United States Corporation Company).


MAGNA CARTA II: Muslim and Christian Government Divesting jurisdiction of UNITED NATIONS, UNITED STATES, NATO, BRITISH, AND ISRAEL; Deemed as terrorist organizations. (RICO) ACT. TITLE 22 USIC 0.2 AND 0.3 JURISDICTIONAL POWER(S) part I and II. ( JURIS RULES AND CODES) 2017.

Notion to Divest jurisdiction of the Federal Masonic Government over establishing Islam and christian alliances.

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