Luis Nerio Scoccola Email: [email protected] Born: March 18, 1991 — Copenhagen, Denmark Nationality: Italian and Argentine

Interests • Homotopy Theory, Topology, Category Theory, Type theory, Homotopy Type Theory, Constructive mathematics, Geometry and Algebra. • Functional Programming, Complexity Theory, Computability.

Education University of Buenos Aires (UBA) • Licenciatura en Ciencias Matemáticas (equivalent to a Bachelor + MSc in Mathematics) Graduated: June 2016. Thesis on Spherical Fibrations in Homotopy Type Theory and in the classical setting. Advisor: Eduado Dubuc. • Analista Universitario en Computación (equivalent to a Bachelor Computer Science) Graduated: June 2016. Workshops and Scientific meetings • CIMPA School, Homological Methods, Representation Theory and Cluster Algebras, Mar del Plata. Marh 2016. Two week meeting. Courses taken: Advanced homological algebra (Mariano Suárez-Alvarez), Introduction to the representation theory of algebras (Maria Inés Platzeck), Cluster algebras arising from surfaces (Ralf Schiffler), Cluster tilted algebras (Ibrahim Assem), Introduction to K-theory (Guillermo Cortiñas). Various talks including: Linear categories and associated rings (Guillermo Cortiñas), Calabi-Yau algebras and their uses (Patrick Le Meur), Kozul Calculus (Andrea Solotar), Behaviour of injective dimension with respect to regradings (Pablo Zadunasky).


• XXIV Encuentro Rioplatense de Álgebra y Geometría, Montevideo, Uruguay. December 2015. Four day meeting. Courses taken: The Weyl Groupoid (Leandro Vendramín). Various talks including: Conglomerated Automorphisms (Assem Ibrahim), Cyclic periodic homology in positive characteristic (Guillermo Cortiñas), Fundamental groups and coverings of algebras (Le Meur Patrick), Brauer Theory for profinite groups (John MacQuarrie). • XIII Congreso Dr. Antonio Monteiro 2015 (National Encounter of Algebra, Argentina). Three day meeting. Courses taken: The Diamond Lemma, Gröbner basis, construction of resolutions (Mariano Suárez Álvarez), Introduction to Universal Algebra (Diego Castaño), Path Algebras and Riemann Surfaces (Yadira Valdivieso). Various talks including: Analytic homology for algebras over a finite field (Guillermo Cortiñas), Composition of irreducible morphisms and the radical of a module category (Claudia Chiao). • elENA 2014 (National Encounter of Algebra, Argentina). FAMAF Five day meeting. Courses taken: Introduction to Galois Theory (Agustín García Iglesias), Introduction to Lie Algebras (Vanesa Meinardi), Algebraic Methods in Combinatorics (Daniel Jaume), Combinatorial Knot Theory (Leandro Vendramín). Various talks including: The second homotopy group and the asphericity conjecture (Gabriel Minian), Galois Representations (Ariel Pacetti), Hochschild cohomology for algebras (María Julia Redondo). • Interactive theorem proving: theory and practice [Type theory and Coq intensive course] (Beta Ziliani, University of Saarland and Max Planck Institute for Software Systems, Germany), at UBA. July 2014. Five day intensive course with evaluation (10/10). • Positional Games (Milos Stojakovic, Department of Mathematics and Informatics, University of Novi Sad, Serbia), at UBA. July 2013. Five day intensive course with evaluation (10/10). Seminars • Attended the Topology Seminar held at UBA (organized by the Research Group on Algebraic Topology) from March 2015 to present. • Seminar on Model Categories held at UBA (organized by Matias Data). Once a week from July to September 2015.


Extra courses • Grothendieck-Galois Theory (Eduardo Dubuc), second semester of 2015, at UBA. One semester graduate level course. • Differential Topology (Gabriel Minian), second semester of 2015, at UBA. One semester graduate level course. • Basic Topics in Category Theory (Eduardo Dubuc), first semester of 2015, at UBA. One semester graduate level course. • Algebraic Topology (Gabriel Minian), first semester of 2015, at UBA. One semester graduate level course. • Modal Logic (Ricardo Rodriguez), second semester of 2013, at UBA. One semester graduate level course. TECSON School Grabación y Post-Producción de Audio (Audio recording and Post-Production). Two year course, 2011 and 2012. Juan José Castro conservatory of music First two years of FOBA (basic formation), 2007 and 2008. GPA: 8.16 out of 10. (Unfinished) Scuola Italiana Cristoforo Colombo Bilingual (Spanish-Italian) scientific high school. Bilingual bachelor (Argentine bachelor) and Diploma di Stato (Italian bachelor). 93 out of 100 in the final exam, 2009.

Teaching and Talks Talks • Two talks, Introduction to Homotopy Type Theory (19 and 26 June, 2015, Topology Seminar, UBA). • I organized a study group on Homotopy Type Theory and related topics from July 2014 to July 2015. The format was to get together two or three hours, once a week. We were usually three to six students with a Math or a Computer Science background. In the begining I gave talks presenting the most important topics in the book. Then we discussed ideas about constructions in HoTT, Type Theory and Category Theory in general, and we solved many of the exercises in the book.


Math teacher • Remedial math tutoring at Cristoforo Colombo high school in Buenos Aires, for high school students. One day a week, two hour class to a group of five to ten students. Second semester of 2011 and first semester of 2012. • Private remedial math tutoring for high school students. One hour class two times a week each student. Two or three students per week. From the first semester of 2009 to the second semester of 2010.

Programming Experience Main Experience C, Haskell and Python. GNU and Linux programming. Proof assistants Coq, Agda, CubicalTT. Familiar with C++, ARM and Intel assembly and Java. Android programming. Tools LaTex, Sage, Wolfram Mathematica, GNU Make, Git. Willing to learn Anything that runs on Linux. Projects • Graphic equalizer with spectral analyzer app. for Android. Frontend with Java. Main code in C with optimizations in ARM assembly. Fast Fourier transform in C and ARM assembly.

Languages • Spanish — native • Italian — second language 4

• English — fluent • German — very basic

Hobbies Problem solving. Playing music. Cooking. Biking.

Last updated: July 5, 2016


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