Friday 2nd June 2017 Message from the Principal Timetable Update We begin a new timetable on Monday. It is anticipated that some students will see little change and some will see some minor changes in their timetable. If there are questions from students in relation to their timetable they are advised to see Mrs Walsh in her office please. P&C Meeting This Tuesday 6th June there will be a P&C Meeting held in the Staff Common Room at 6:30pm. This provides an opportunity for parents to keep up to date with the latest plans for our school. Transition to LMBR The transition to our new finance system is well under way, thanks to our fabulous office staff. Payments are now able to be accepted over the counter or online. Office staff are now in the process of setting the system up to send parents invoices for school fees yet to be paid. This will be the first time invoices have been sent this year and we are aware that many parents have not paid school fees because they have not been aware of the amount they are due to pay. The timing of these invoices being sent home is unknown as the system is so new, but we are aiming for these to be sent home in the next few weeks. Beanies for Brain Cancer Day The Lisarow Revivers are holding a Beanies for Brain Cancer Day this Thursday 8th June. Students are invited to wear a beanie to school. Gold coin donations will go towards finding a cure for brain cancer. Transition to High School Last Thursday our school hosted Year 6 students for a day of assessment towards placement into classes for 2018. Invited LHS students are being trained to deliver The Real Game this coming Friday with Miss Parrish. In the game, students create wish lists of things they would like as adults. After assuming randomly assigned life/work roles, they experience a “reality check” as they balance their monthly budgets, cope with unexpected chance events, and explore the balance between work and the rest of their lives. Students create an imaginary community and plan group holidays, taking into account individual budgets and work schedules. As their role characters are made redundant, they learn how to adapt to change and unexpected situations and use their transferable skills to enable them to create new work opportunities. Finally, students leave their roles behind and imagine themselves in the future, developing their own personal life/work profiles. The aim is for these students to run this game with our partner primary schools. HSC Music Evening This Wednesday our HSC Music students will be performing in the hall from 6pm. Entry by gold coin donation. All interested people are invited to attend. Drama Performance Evening Drama students will be performing “The Box” at 6pm in the Drama Room on Monday 19 th June. All interested people are invited to attend. Schools Spectacular Success Congratulations to our Dance Academy students and Mrs Allan who have been successful in their audition for Schools Spectacular 2017. Teenagers and Sleep Have a great week. Kind regards, Mrs Nicole Hunt

Week 7: 5th June to 9th June

Dates for the Diary •

Year 9 Camp Notes and Activities List. 13th -15th September.

Junior Assessments This Week

• •

Stage 5 Commerce - Travel Portfolio Year 10 Maths (10M4, 10M5) Common Test

Monday: (5th June 2017) • •

Wind Ensemble Program. 7:30 to 8:15am. Year 12 Visual Arts Task due. 8:30am.

Tuesday: (6th June 2017) • •

Whole School Assembly. Select Stage 4 Students Assembly Performance.

Wednesday: (7th June 2017) Year 7 Assessment Schedule Year 8 Assessment Schedule Stage 5 Assessment Schedule Preliminary Assessment Schedule HSC Assessment Schedule

• • •

Homework Centre. 2:40pm. Library. Under 16's Boys and Girls Futsal Gala Day. Miss Plowman. Niagara Park CCYC. 8:30 to 3:00. HSC Performance Evening Bump in/Soundchecks.

Thursday: (8th June 2017) • • •

Beanies for Brain Cancer Day. Gold coin donation. BBQ at Lunch, bring your $. Run by SRC. Open Boys and Girls Futsal Gala Day. Niagara Park CCYC. Mr Lewry. 8:30 to 3:00. Year 12 Food Technology Practical Task. Period 3.

Friday: (9th June 2017) • • • •

Vocal Ensemble Program. 7:30 to 8:15am. Under 14's Boys and Girls Futsal Gala Day. Mr Bull. Niagara Park CCYC. 8:30 to 3:00. Food revolution Day. Periods 1 to 4. 9/10 Food Techno,ogy and Food Safari student. Ms Lynn, Ms Heaps, Ms Lane. Year 11 Task 2 Mathematics, Mathematics General. Period 3. General Information

Compensatory periods for senior students’ permission note here. Descriptions for the different STRIVE scores can be found here. How We Communicate Website: Facebook:

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Schools Spectacular Success. Congratulations to our Dance Academy students and Mrs Allan who have been successful in their audition for Schools ...

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