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2016-17 Union, Railway Budget and Economic Survey (EM & TM) EAMCET 2016 Medical & Engg Exam Quick Review and Bit bank Admissions: AP PGECET - 2016 Notification


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LIC - AAO (Generalist) GRAND TEST Continuation to Yesterday's Vidya 80. Cheraw, the bamboo dance, is of which Indian state? a) Mizoram b) Sikkim c) Arunachal Pradesh d) Manipur e) Assam 81. Armament Research and Development Establishment (ARDE) has recently successfully test-fired Pinaka-II multi barrel rocket launcher (MBRL) System. The Pinaka MBRL System has been indigenously developed by? a) CDAC-Pune b) ARDE-Pune c) TRAI-Delhi d) IRDAI-Hyderabad e) None of these 82. Which state became one of the very first state to officially join the Ujwal Discom Assurance Yojana (UDAY) central government's financial restructuring programme for discoms, which will offer the state a net benefit of approximately Rs.5,300 crore? a) Uttar Pradesh b) Kerala c) Uttarakhand d) Jharkhand e) None of these 83. The Union government and the World Bank have signed an agreement of how much amount for a project named as Nai Manzil Scheme, for helping young people from minority communities complete their education and improve their employment opportunities? a) $ 60-million b) $ 80-million c) $ 50-million d) $ 40-million e) None of these 84. The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) has approved introduction of Amended Technology Upgradation Fund Scheme (ATUFS) for technology upgradation in which of the following sectors? a) IT b) Automobile c) Banking d) Textiles Industry e) None of these 85. India's Central Bank has asked the lenders to open more brick and mortar branches in villages with no banking facilities and with a population of more than __ a) 4000 b) 6000 c) 5000 d) 2000 e) None of these 86. Who has recently been appointed as the new CMD of defence PSU BEML Ltd.? a) D.K. Malhotra b) D.K.Hota c) K.M. Mani d) Rajesh Roshan





e) None of these Which of the following companies has bagged "Export Quality Excellence" award for the 11th time in a row? a) CRI Pumps b) EXIM Bank c) ECGC d) DICGC e) None of these Which of the following start-up has launched its brand "Apna Ride" for utility bike rentals, targeted primarily at budget conscious bike enthusiasts? a) Ola b) Uber c) Wicked Ride d) BlaBlaCar e) None of these Who has recently grabbed a silver medal in the 18th edition of the Asian Luge Championship held in Nagano, Japan? a) Rajesh Keshavan b) Trilok Singh c) Arvind Pratap d) Shiva Keshavan e) None of these Which company has emerged as the country's biggest company in terms of annual revenue as per an annual list of 2015 Fortune 500 companies in India? a) Indian Oil Corporation b) State Bank of India c) TCS d) Wipro e) None of these COMPUTER KNOWLEDGE

91. Communication between a computer and a CPU uses ____ transmission mode. a) automatic b) simplex c) half-duplex d) full-duplex e) None of these 92. ISDN is an acronym for a) Integrated Standard Digital Network b) Intelligent Services Digital Network c) Integrated Services Digital Network d) Integrated Services Data Network e) None of these 93. In MS Excel, to display current date only ____ is used. a) date ( ) b) now ( ) c) today ( ) d) time ( ) e) None of these 94. To rename currently highlighted object ____ is used a) F1 b) F2 c) F3 d) F5 e) None of these 95. ____ type of commercial Internet service providers are most widely used. a) Centralised b) National c) Regional d) Decentralised

e) None of these 96. Which of the following is not one of the basic elements of an e-mail message? a) Header b) Message c) Footer d) Signature e) None of these 97. A computer infected with a malware bot is called: a) android b) zombie c) e-ogre d) dirty hot e) None of these 98. A ___ is a computer attached to the Internet that runs a special Web server software and can send Web pages out to other computers over the Internet. a) Web client b) Web system c) Web page d) Web server e) None of these 99. SMTP, FTP and DNS are applications of the ____ layer. a) data link b) network c) transport d) application e) None of these 100. The difference between people with access to computers and the Internet and those without this access is known as the a) Digital divide b) Internet divide c) Web divide d) Broadband divide e) None of these 101. ____ is a set of computer programs used in a computer to help perform tasks. a) An instruction b) Software c) Memory d) A processor e) None of these 102. CPU can directly understand this language: a) C b) C++ c) Assembly d) Java e) None of these 103. Connections to the Internet using a phone line and a modem are called ____ connections. a) digital b) dial-up c) broadband d) dish e) None of these 104. Multiprogramming systems ___ a) are easier to develop than single programming systems b) execute each job faster c) execute more jobs in the same time period d) use only one large mainframe computer e) None of these 105. What is an e-mail attachment? a) A receipt sent by the recipient b) A separate document from another program sent along with an e-mail message c) A malicious parasite that








feeds off your messages and destroys the contents d) A list of CC: or BCC; recipients e) None of these In the URL http://www.sakshi. com, the portion labeled http is the a) host b) domain name c) protocol d) top-level domain e) None of these Which of the following is considered a vulnerability of SNMP? a) Clear text community strings b) Use of TCP c) The fact that it is on by default in Windows 2000 server. d) The fact that it is on default in Windows XP professional. e) None of these How do you prevent emailed word documents from always opening in the reading Layout? a) From the Tools Menu > options > General Tab > uncheck the 'Allow starting in Reading Layout' b) From the View Menu > Reading Layout > General Tab > uncheck the 'Allow starting in Reading Layout' c) From the Format Menu > Auto-format > Edit Tab > uncheck the 'Use with emailed attachments' d) All of the above e) None Software design for a specific purpose is called: a) Specific Program b) Application Program c) System Program d) Assembly Program e) None of these Codes consisting of bars or lines of varying widths or lengths that are computer-readable are known as ____ a) a bar code b) an ASCII code c) a magnetic tape d) A light pen e) None of these ____ makes it possible for shoppers to make purchases using their computers. a) e-world b) e-commerce c) e-spend d) e-business e) None of these The computer which is used for massive amounts of calculations like weather forecasting, engineering design and economic forecasting etc. is known as __ a) Minicomputer b) Notebook c) Desktop Computer d) Super Computer

e) None of these 113. You can ____ a search by providing more info the search engine can use to select a smaller, more useful set of results. a) refine b) expand c) load d) query e) None of these 114. ____ are words that a programming language has set aside for its own use. a) Control words b) Control structures c) Reserved words d) Reserved Keys e) None of these 115. A(n) ____ is a special visual and audio effect applied in Powerpoint to text or content. a) Animation b) Flash c) Wipe d) Dissolve e) None of these 116. The piece of hardware that converts computer's digital signal to an analog signal that can travel over telephone lines is called a ___ a) red wire b) blue cord c) tower d) modem e) None of these 117. A ___ is the term used when a search engine returns a Web page that matches the search criteria. a) blog b) hit c) link d) view e) None of these 118. Delivering e-mail based customer support is ____ a) Identifying customer requirements b) Anticipating customer requirements c) Satisfying customer requirements d) All of the above e) None of these 119. The ability to read or write each piece of information in a storage device in approximately the, same length of time regardless of its location is a) Random Access b) Raster Scan c) Sequential Access d) Any of the above e) None of these 120. Which of these should be used, if sender of e-mail text wants to format it in bold and italic? a) Reach signature b) Reach text c) Reach format d) Plain Format e) None of these

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Technology Upgradation Fund. Scheme (ATUFS) for technology. upgradation in which of the. following .... piece of information in a sto- rage device in approximately. the, same length of time rega- rdless of its location is ... LIC - AAO (Generalist) GRAND TEST. (Continued in next page..) Continuation to Yesterday's Vidya.

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