Top 10 Video Marketing Trends for 2018   We’ve all heard of the importance S ​ earch Engine Optimisation​ video marketing has been  gaining in our sector. The video boom in past years has been simply phenomenal. To get an  idea, let’s try something, a visualization. I’d like you to close your eyes and imagine the  number of videos circulating over the internet in just one second. Ready? Now try to guess  how long it would take you to watch all those videos you’ve just imagined.   

    Overwhelming? According to Cisco, for 2021 it would take a full two years to watch all the  Search Engine Optimisation​ videos circulating just in that one moment. Yes, it’s  overwhelming, but it’s also impressive, and more importantly a huge opportunity.   

Lead Generation and Prospecting  As marketers, we have to be up-to-date on what’s new and take measure accordingly based  on data. In this post, I’m giving you the insights you need to make the right decisions. I’m  giving you our top 10 statistics and trends of video marketing along with what they mean  for you and your brand.    10 video marketing trends and statistics & what this means     

  1) V ​ ideo First    "Video First" is a term coined by Facebook to refer to a growing phenomenon: consumers  not only want to consume video but also produce it. That is, the preferred way to receive  information and to express ourselves is moving from the text to the video.    As a response, social networks and other medias make it easier for us to consume and  broadcast video. In the case of Facebook, this concept has become clear through its live  video platform, Facebook live. Take advantage of this new ​Search Engine Optimisation​ way  of communicating and get closer to your audience than ever before.    2) L ​ ive video (or live streaming)    No less than 13% of web traffic from video comes directly from live videos. This new trend  has taken strength in recent years and we believe it’s here to stay.    For brands, this trend of form of video marketing presents clear advantages:     ● Live videos are more economical, as it is not necessary to invest in the production  and editing phases. Also, once the broadcast is over, the video stays on the platform  so you can keep sharing.   ● Live streaming is attractive to users, as it transmits spontaneity and authenticity.  ● Live video increases the quality of views. Users spend three times longer watching  live videos (compared to pre-recorded videos).   

Lead Generation App   3) S ​ quare it up- Square shaped videos    The format of the ​Search Engine Optimisation​ videos is also changing, and this affects all  aspects of production and creativity.    While we used to do video marketing thinking in horizontal terms, phones and tablets have  gotten us to think vertical. That's why there are more and more brands that dare to flip  things around and create vertical videos directly.     On the other hand, the intermediate solution is videos in square format, which are  increasingly successful. Compared to horizontal, square footage occupies 78% more space  in the Facebook News section and receives a higher percentage of engagement.    4) ​Video as part of the Conversion Funnel 

  As you know, S ​ earch Engine Optimisation​ content marketing can help you make users  move along the conversion funnel right down to the conversion itself. But when it comes to  thinking about content, we often ignore video formats. Video marketing generates greater  engagement with the client and can be just the tool that you need to achieve your goals.   

    5)​ Cost reduction     Video recording and production is cheaper than ever. There’s a huge variety of high-quality  tools at your fingertips, starting with the most obvious: your own mobile phone. With a  smartphone, a microphone, an editing program and a little talent you can produce a lot of  attractive videos for your brand. But if you want to go one step further and hire a  professional, you also have many options at a reasonable cost. The video market is more  democratized than ever. We’re entering the gig economy.   

Lead Generation B2b Ideas  6)​ Video and e-learning    There is no doubt that video is a powerful marketing tool, but its profits don’t end there.  Videos not only capture the action, but they are also a great resource when we want to  transmit information in a clear and visual way.    Therefore, another trend of ​Search Engine Optimisation​ video marketing that I want to  highlight is the use of video as a tool for training, either internally in companies or creating  monetized content. For firms, this method is highly lucrative, as you can train more  employees at a time with quality content. You can even integrate content training and  marketing by offering a video course as a reward for users to leave their data. 

  7)​ Paid and sponsored videos     The video field offers many opportunities to launch paid advertising campaigns. Video ads  across platforms like Facebook ads are a great opportunity to multiply conversions, but you  can also partner with YouTubers and other influencers to give your content marketing a  boost. Remember that if you want to maximize returns on your investment, you will have  to carefully measure the results and correct your course of action whenever necessary.   

Lead Generation Bedford  8)​ Mobile video, social and 360 degrees     One of the reasons why video is winning more than ever is its integration with ​Search  Engine Optimisation​ mobile and social networks. Basically, we all have a video camera in  our pockets at all times, and we can use it to share our experiences with the push of a  button. In addition, there are increasingly more forms of videography that give us diverse  experiences. One example is the 360 degrees videos.    9) V ​ ideo content giving your brand authenticity    Videos (and especially live videos) can increase user confidence in a brand, as they make it  easier to show the people behind it. That's why videos can help with customer loyalty.    But videos alone are not a magical solution: you need to be able to create content that  transmits and resonates with your audience.    10) ​Video is everywhere     Finally, statistics on video marketing reveal that it is worth thinking outside the box when it  comes to video dispersion. We already know that YouTube is the social network of videos  Search Engine Optimisation​ par excellence and that video is becoming increasingly more  important on Facebook.    But let’s quickly identify the 7 most popular platforms that Tubular has identified for video:    ● YouTube  ● Facebook  ● Instagram  ● Twitter  ●  ● Verizon 


   Bonus extra    

Lead Generation Best Practices  to finish this post, I would like to share four ​Search Engine Optimisation​ short facts that  have made me think about the future of video and that could also revolutionize your video  marketing strategy for 2018:    ● 85% of videos are played without sound on Facebook. Therefore, you have to create  videos in which the audio is a peripheral, not a core feature. Don't be afraid to  resort to subtitles and overprints.  ● Using the word "video" on the subject of an email increases the view-rate by 19%  (Source: Syndacast).  ● Almost 50% of Internet users are looking for videos related to a product or service  before going to the store (source: ThinkWithGoogle).  ● 48% additional marketers are considering adding YouTube to their content strategy  next year (Source: Hubspot)     In short, S ​ earch Engine Optimisation​ video marketing is already conquering the world of  digital advertising. Don’t get left behind! They say video killed the radio star.    Contact Details    All Round Marketing Solutions  113 Goldcroft  Yeovil  Somerset  BA21 4DE  Website: h ​ ttp://  Google Folder: h ​ ttps://    Recommended Links    how to lead generation z  lead gen on youtube  lead gen x  lead generation accountants  lead generation activities  lead generation ads 

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As a response, social networks and other medias make it easier for us to consume and. broadcast video. In the case of Facebook, this concept has become clear through its live. video platform, Facebook live. Take advantage of this new Search Engine Optimisation way. of communicating and get closer to your audience ...

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