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Exam held on 26.02.15 (B) Bus (C) Ring (D) Novell (C) SNA (B) ICMP (A) RARP 54. Which of the following is nuts 38. DNS is used to locate the: (B) ARP (C) IGMP protocol relatedtolCP/IP? (A) MAC address ofURL 20. Which of the following is a 1. Full form of 081: (B) FTP (A) SLIP (B) lP address ofURL framework for managing devices in an (A) Open systems interconnect (D) DHCP (C) IPX (C) Root domain of URL internet using TCP/IP protocol suit? (B)Operating system interconnect 55. Which of the following is not an j (D) Domain name ofaURL (B) SNMP (A) SMI (C) Other systems interconnect advantage of the NTFS fIle system? 39. In communication satellite (D) BER (C) MIB (D)None of the above (A) Higher security multiple repeaters are known as: 21. In which of the following layers 2. Deliveiy of sequence of packets are (B) Efficient for small disk capabilities (A) Detector (B) Modulator Framing is performed? done at: (C) Fault tolerance (C) Stations (D)Transponders (A) Physical layer (A Physical layer (D) Better use of large disk 40. What is compaction? (B) Network layer (B) Data link layer (A) A technique for overcoming fatal capabilities Session layer (C) fl'ansport layer 56. Which of the followingTCP/IPport error Datalinklayer (D)Sessionlayer is used forweb server? 22. Digital transmission is sometimes (B) A paging technique 3. What isFCC? (B) 40 (C) A technique to overcome internal (A) 20 called as: (A) Federal conununications (B) 80 (C) 60 fragmentation (A) Multiplexed transmission committee (D) A technique to overcome external 57.------ is pressed during boot process (B) Line coded transmission (B) Fast collision coefficient to displair the startup menu. fragmentation (C) Baseband transmission (C) File control connector (B)F7 (A)F6 41. The set of tracks that are at one (B) Composite transmission (D) None of the above (D)F9 (C)F8 arm position make up a: 23. FDlSKis used for: 4. Full form ofSONET: 58. Which of the following is invention (B) Cylinders (A) Disk surface (A) Formatting disk j (A) Synchronous optical network of Charles Babbage? (D) Sectors (C) Disk thrash 1 (B) Creating partitions on disk (B)Satellite observation network Abacus 42. Which is true regarding Cross (C) Creating a boot disk (C) Semantic optional network Numerical wheel calculator compiler? (D)Systematic observation network j (D) Fixing errors on disk (A) Which is written in a language that (C) ENIAC 24. What is meant by Seek time? 5. What isDBS? (D) Differenceengine is different from source language (A) Time to select a track (A) Database systems 59. Full form of USB (B) That generates object code for its (B) Time to select a sector (B)Direct broadcast satellite i (A) Universal Synchronous Bus host machine (C) Time taken to access a data (C) Data bound services (B) Universal System Bus (C) Which is written inalanguage (D) Time taken by the disk for one (D) None of the above (C) Universal Serial Bus that is same as the source language 6. Hea%ydutycoaxialcables are called: completerotation (D) Universal Static -Bus (D) That runs on one machine but j25. Bandwidth ofa network represents: (B)Thick cable (A) Thin cable 60. Data accessing time from a disk produces object code for another (D)Copper cable i (A) No. of connecting links (C) Heavy cable depends on: machine (B) No. of packets that can be 7.IEEE 802.11 is standard for: Latencr time 43. SRAM is used for: transmitted (A) Wireless personal area network Seektinie (A) Constructionof RAM (C)Transmjssioncapacityof channel Wireless local area network (C) Backoff factor. (B) Construction of Cache All the above Opticalnetworks (D) Both(A) and (B) (C) Construction of ROM 26. Which of the following is used to (B) None of the above 61. Bluetooth operates in the range: (D) Construction of SDRAM send mailon internet? 8. Which isbestsuitedforAL011A? 44. Microsoft is planning to release ----- - (A) 2406.2483.5MHz (B)HTFP (A) FTP (A) Multiple access channel 8000-8550.5MHZ ----OS that willsupportPCs, (D) SMTP POP Carnersense (C) 1000-1500.5 MHZ smartphones, 27. X.25standsfor: No carrier sense (B) 9000-9385.5 MHz tablets and laptop: (A) Protocol for packet switching (B) Flow control (A) Windows 8.2 (B) Windows8.3 62. Full form of WiFi: 9.Point to point transmission with one (B) A data link layer protocol (A) Wireless first (B) Windows 10 (C) Windows 9 (C)AGIJI standard sender and one receiver is called as (B) Wireless friendly 45. Booting is process of: (D) Protocol for Framing (A) Multicasting (B) Single casting i (C) Wireless fetching (A) Loading application program from 28. The notation X on CD/DVD drives (C) Unicasting (D) Broadcasting secondary memory to prbnaiy memory (D) Wireless fidelity represents: 10. POP serves for: 63. Mark Zuckerberg is related to: (B) 150 KB/Sec (B) Loading OS from secondary (A) 15KB/Sec (A) Sending e-mail to remote server (B) Google (A) Facebook memor'toprhnarymemory (C) 1500 KB/Sec (1)) 15000 KB/Sec (B) Retrieving e-mail from remot.e (D) Wikipedia (C) Whatsapp (C) LoadingOS from primarymemory 29. Land and pit in optical disk server 64. Original IJNIXwas developedby:. to secondary, memory represents: (C) Accessmailboxaccountonmail (A) LinusTorwald (I)) All of the above (A) 1 andOrespectively server (B) Ken Thomson, Dennis Ritchie 46. 1 TB represents: (B) Oand 1 respectively (B) None of the above (C) Allen Torin, Michael Stephnes (A) 1024 GB j (C) land 11 respectively 11. Best name for ajunction that (D) Robert Cooper (B) 1024Xl024 GB allows one to enter intonetwork or to (D) 11 and 1 respectively 65. DOS command ping is used: 30. UVlight is used to erase data stored (C) 1024X1024X1024GB exit out of the network: (A) To connect system in to network (B) 1024X1024X1024X1024 GB in: (B) Router (A) Hub 47. Who developed Android operating (B) To check system is working (B) EPROM (A) PROM (C) Gateway(B) Switch properly system? (C) EEPROM 12. Anode onanetwork can be: To check system is in network or (B) Microsoft (A) Samsung None of the above (A) Computer (B) Workstation not 31. The data blockaverylargefile in (C) Google (C) Printer (B) Any of the above (B) To check memory of the system 13. Which of the following devlceswill UNlXfiles system are allocatedusing: (D) None of the above 48. -------------------- isatype of computer 66. A collection of computerswhich (A) Contiguous allocation increase the band width and seems to beasingle system for the virus that pretends to bearegular (B) Linked allocation separating collision domains? users: downloadable (C) Indexed allocation (A) Switch (B) Hub (A) Distributed systems program, but once downloaded it i (D) An extension of indexed allocation (C) Router (I)) Bridge (B) Computer network systems 32.Atelephonesuitch isagood harms the system. 14. Repeater operates on:


Question code A


example for: (A) Data link layer (A) Packt (B) Buffer (B) Presentation layer (I)) Circuit (C) Fabric (C) Physical layer 33. hamming code isamethodof: (B) Network layer (A) Error detection 15. lPv. 6 address space: (B) Error correction (A) 16 bits long Both error detection and 32 bits long correction (C) 64 bits long (D) Analog to digital conversion (D) 128 bits long 34. The principle of locality of 16.Address belongs to referencejustifies the use of: which class: (A) Interrupts (B) Polling (A) Class A (B) Class B (C) Thrashing (B) Cache (C) ClassC (D) ClassD 17. The host id of the address memori 35. The ratingin bits per second for is: IfFP Cat Swiringis: (A) 8.4 (B) 129.6 (B) 4Mbps (D) None of the above j (A) 2Mbps (C) 6.8 (D) 100Mbps 18. Process of extracting the address of (C) 10Mbps physical network from an lP address is 36. Jobs sent toaprinter are generally placed on a: called: (A) Queue (B) Priortiyqueue (A) Mapping (B) Masking (C) Stack (B) Hash table (B) Spooling Subnetting 19. Which of the following allowsahost 37. Which of the following network to discover its lnternet address whenit architecturewasdevelopedbylBM? (A)XNS (B) DECNET knows only its physical address?

(A) Trojan Horse (B) Spam (C) Werm (B) None of the above 49. 1 nibble represents: (A) 32 bits (B) 16 bits (B) 4 bits (C) 8 bits 50.An operating system performs: (A) Resource management (B) Process management (C) Providesinterface betweenuser and hardware (D) All the above 51. Which IEEE standard definesLLC and MAC sublayers? (B) 802.2 (A) 802.1 (0)802.4 (C) 802.3 .52. media access method is used in Ethernet networks. (A) Token passing (B) CSMA/CD (C) CSMA/CA All the above 53. Which of the following topology is generally most reliable? (B) Start (A) Mesh

(C)Ad hoc network systems (B) Both (A) and (B) 67.A communication channel is shared by all the machines in the network in: (A) Unicast network (B) Multicast network (C) Broadcast network (I)) Point to point networks 68.Topolovin which acentral computer surrounded by one or More computers is called: (A) Ring topology (B) Star topology (C) Tree topology (1)) Bus topology 69. Weakening of signal power as light travels down in fiber optic cable is called as: (A) Attenuation Signal fall (C) Scattering (D) Frequency fall 70. Laser printer is: (A) Character printer

88. Which is the South Indian ancient (B) Line printer dynasty famous for its village (C) Page printer administration? (D) Bullcprinter (b) Chola (a) Pandya 71. Constant refreshing of cells are (d)Vaya (c) Chera needed in: i Nagara (B) DRAM (A) SRAM 89. The English Naturalist who (D) Registers (C) Cache presented the hypothesis of evolution 72. Which of the following asatheory? bidirectional? (a) Charles Rober Darwin (A) Control bus GregorMendel (B) Address bus Herbert Spencer Data bus (d)WilliamJohns. All the above 90. AwamiLeague Secured majority in 73. Rs232isa standard appliedto: the parliamentasy election held in (A) Serial port (a) Pakisthan (b) Babrain (B) Parallel port (c) Bangladesh (d) Afghanistan (C) USB port 91. What is the name of Militia (D) Networks organized by Nazis in Germany?. 74. Knowledge base is related to: (a) Brown Shirts (A)Compilers (b) Black shirts (B) Operating systems (c)Red volunteers (C) Artificial intelligence (d) German volunteers (D) GUI 92. One of the following is not the 75.-deflnesacommonlogical format for files and directories of data member of State Reorganization conunission,Whoishe? disk. (a) ZaldrHussain (B) ISO 9440 (A) 1809330 (b)Justice FazalAli (D) 1809660 (C) ISO 9550 76. The basic architecture of computer (c) SardarKM Panilikar (d) HndayanathKusnru wasdevelopedby: 93. Iron and Steel industries were (A) Charles Babbage started at Rourkela with the aid of: (B) Blaise Pascal (a) United States of America (C) John Von Neumann Soviet Union (D) None of the above (d) Germany France 77. Which of the following is first lntel 94. Which Organisation was started by processor? Acharya Vinoba Bhave? (b) 4040 (a) 4004 (a)All lndiaKisanSabha (d) 8085 (c) 4001 (b) Bhoodan movement 78. When was the first email send? (d) Socialistparty (a) 1961 (b) 1965(c) 1971 (d) 1975 (c)AITIJC 79. Memoiy which isprogranunedat i 95. Which is the oldest university in Kerala? manufacturing time only: (a) University of Calicut (b) EPROM (a) EEFROM (b) Sanskrit university, Kalady (d) ROM (c) PROM (c) University of Travancore 80. Memoiyinwhich data accessing (d) Mahatma Gandhi university has to follow a sequence: .96. Who gave leadership to the (a) Magnetic tape movement to putan end to the (b) Magnetic disk disabiitiesof the Channar (c) Optical disk community? (d) Random access memory (a) Chattampi Swamikal 81. Bihudance is the popular folk (b) Ayyankali dance of: (c) Sree Narayana Guru (a) Maharashtra (d) Vaikuntaswamni (b) Assam 97. Who published "Al Islam" Arabic(c) Karnataka Malayalam monthly? (d)ArimachalPradesh (a) AbdurahmanSahib 82. Specialisation in treatment of (b) Moulana Shoukath Ali diseases in children? (b) Cardiolo&v (c) MoulanaMuhamnmedAli (a) Pediatrics (d) Valdmm Abdul khadarMoulavi (d) OncoIoi (c) Geriatrics 98. Shivaji was assisted in 83. Sherlock Holmes is a fictional administrationby: detective created by: (a) Ashtapradhan (a) Shakespeare (b) NavaRatnas (b) R.K. Narayanan (c) AshtaDiggajas (c) Sir Arthur Conun Doyle (d) RajaTodarmal (d) Octoviopaz 84. The river Godavari, the longest river among the peninsular rivers originates in: (a) Maikala Ranges of Madhyapradesh (b) Nilgiri Mountains inTamil Nadu (c) Mount Everest (d) Western Ghat region ofNasik I)istrict inMaharashtra 85. The winds blowing from the subtropical high pressure belts to the equatorial low pressure belts? (a) Westerly winds (b) Monsoon winds (c) Polarwinds (d) Trade winds 86. Head quarters of the United Nations Educational, scientific and cultural organization? (b) Geneva (a) Rome (c) Newyork (d) Paris 87. Who is the Home Minister of Kerala State? (a)ThiruvanchoorRadhakrishnan (b) AdoorPrakash (c) RameshChennithala (d) None of these

99. Who wrote Arthasastra, the book enumneratesafull fledged definition of state? (a) Athula (b) Chandra Gupta Mourya (c) Kautilya (d) S.R.Rao 100. India observes National integration Day on: (a) 7th April (b) 19th November (c) 10th December ((I) 2:3rd March

Answer Key IA 2)B 3)1) 4)A 5)B 6)8 7)8 8)hs 9)C 10)8 11)8 12)D 13)1) 14)C 15)0 16)0 17)A I8)A 19)1) 20)11 21)D 22)8 23)8 24)(' 25)D 26)1) 27)A 28)8 29)A .30)8 31 32)1) 33)C :34)1) 35)0 36).A 37)C 38)8:39)1) 40)0 41)842)1)43)844)1) : 45)8 46)A 47)C 48)A49)D 50)1) 51)13 52)8 53)A 54)8 .55 56)1) 57)(3 58)1) 59)C 60)1) 61)A 62)1) 63)A64)B 65)C 66)A 67)C 68)11 69)A 70)C 71)8 72)C 73)A 74)C 75)D 76)C 77)A 78)C 79)D 80)A SiB 82A 83C 841) 851) SSD 87D SuB 89A 90C lilA 92A 9.31) 948 9SC 961)970 liSA 99C 10013 .


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