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2011 Annual SUMMER COOKOUT Saturday, June 11th Join us at Club Woodbridge For swimming, Hanging out with all your great neighbors, Making new friends & Of course eating hotdogs and hamburgers!

Special Interest LINKS: • Club Woodbridge • New Facebook page for the Neighborhood

We will eat at 5:00pm! You are welcome to come early to swim and hang out. The pool opens at 12:00pm.

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Woodbridge Property Owners

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Letter from the President I would like to welcome all of our new board members on-board. The Board has started to look into some of the ideas that were raised at the Annual meeting and have started a committee to review the landscaping at the entrances to the various areas of

“If you know of someone in the neighborhood that has experienced the loss of a loved one please email our Hospitality Director at: [email protected] Or Call 704-750-9165

Woodbridge. We are not looking to replace what is there but to enhance it. We would also like to invite all members of the association to attend our annual cook-out at Club Woodbridge on June 11, at 5:00 pm. This is a fun time for all and a great

opportunity to meet members of the neighborhood. And remember to please RSVP so we can properly plan for the cookout. Sincerely, Pierre Henwood

Community Bereavement Flower Policy In the unfortunate event of the passing of a Woodbridge resident or an immediate family member (Spouse, parent or child), the Association will provide flowers of remembrance. The Board appointed Hospitality director would be responsible for the determination of

whom to order flowers for and for effecting the placement of the order. We will use the newsletter, website, blog and telephone voicemail (704) 7509165, to encourage our residents to notify the board of a family member or neighbors loved one’s passing. The Association

telephone voicemail will be monitored for notices from residents as will the blog on Woodbridgetoday. In addition, information can be emailed to the Hospitality director or other board members. Notice of our bereavement flower policy will be published in each newsletter and published on the website.

NEW WOODBRIDGE ENTRANCE BEAUTIFICATION COMMITTE We have started a new committee to help make decisions on how to make our community entrances more appealing. We are planning to have our first meeting very soon, so please

consider joining us in making our community a better place! Members so far are: Lori Smith Nancy Quinn Susan Fanter Jacquie Rochford Kristina Hager

If you would like to join this committee please email Lori at [email protected] com or call and leave a message on the community’s voicemail 704-750-9165. .

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Woodbridge Property Owners

Traffic & Safety Information We have the new larger signs in place in North Woodbridge We continue to have problems with people speeding in the Woodbridge neighborhoods. Our posted speed limit is 25 MPH, not the 40 to 50 MPH we see from some individuals. We have even had passing reported on Dunes Drive! This is a neighborhood, with children playing, neighbors out for their morning or evening walk, golfers crossing the road in their carts.

Please slow down, it could be your child, dog or family member that is hurt because of someone’s disregard of the speed limit. Even with the new signs, the problems with tractor-trailer trucks driving into our neighborhoods have not been abated. It is especially true for Canterbury Drive off Dunes Drive in North Woodbridge.

If you see a tractortrailer truck in one of the Woodbridge neighborhoods, please note the time and date, the name of the company on the truck and if the truck causes any damage to property. This information can be reported to the board via our telephone # 704750-9165 or via our contacts on the website, www.woodbridgekm.org and click on Contacts.

NC Maintenance of Streets in Woodbridge It has come to the attention of the Woodbridge POA board that there continue to be several streets that are not maintained by the North Carolina State DOT. These are: Cypress Point Drive, Three Oaks

Lane, Preston Trial and Dunes from the connection of Quail Hollow to end of the cul-desac. These were identified by the NC DOT District Office. If you live on one of these streets and would like to petition the state to

take over the maintenance of your roads, you can start the process can be initiated by contacting: Gary Spangler or John Wortman. NC DOT District Office in Shelby 704-480-2080.

Got a great idea for an article in the newsletter? Please contact Lori at [email protected]

Woodbridge Property Owners

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Greetings from Club Woodbridge! Please check out our Facebook Page:

http://www.facebook.com/ClubWoodbridge2 We are adding new features all the time! Please add us as a friend. You can find out what is happening at the club, pool hours and information on upcoming events.

COME OUT & PLAY AT THE POOL Shoot some hoops on the New Basketball Goal

Play a game of tennis

Want to rent the clubhouse or pool for your next event? You better hurry to get the best dates available! Call George Hays at 704-692-2046 or email him at [email protected]

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Woodbridge Property Owners

Services Available From Your Neighbors Cabinet Making Don Smith 704-487-6565 House Repairs&Painting Bob Fanter 704-482-8723 Lawn Services Joe Sellers 704-418-3210 Interior Design Heather Quinn 704-813-8808 Health and Life Insurance Matt Clark 704-796-0743

Caroline’s Jewelry (Custom and ready made) Sheila Hendrick 704-482-0745 Light Hauling, Dump Runs, Yard Chores Stephen Sharp 704-480-1608 Dock and Deck Building Paul Weeks 704-692-0033 Closet Systems, Mirrors, Shower Doors/Enclosures & Glass of all types Lori Smith 704-309-1457

If you would like to be listed in the Services Directory please contact Dale at [email protected] .com

Board Contact Information Your 2011 Board of Directors President- Pierre Henwood Vice President- George Hays Secretary/Treasurer- Dale Kendrick Maintenance/Environmental- Nancy Quinn Hospitality- Lori Smith Mark Burr Clete O’Dell Jenny Ballard Debra Surretsky

[email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

Woodbridge Property Owners Association PO BOX 1055, Kings Mountain, NC 28086-1055 704-750-9165 www.woodbridgekm.org

Woodbridge Property Owners

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Woodbridge Community Facebook Page In an effort to provide additional means of communication in the neighborhood, a resident has set-up a Facebook page for the neighborhood. The link to the page is https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-WoodbridgeCommunities-at-Moss-Lake/196919130333820

Web-Site Up-date and Community Bulletin Board We hope everyone will take the opportunity to visit our updated website, http://www.woodbridgekm.org/, different look but the same address. We feel it is easier to use and update. One of the updated changes to our website is Woodbridge Today, an improved community bulletin board (with topic pages) where we can comment on different community issues. We also have the ability to conduct polls and votes (on line) using this feature. We can provide new topics that the property owners may want to discuss and comments much easier than in the past bulletin board. The link to Woodbridge Today is on the Home page of the website and the left side navigation bar of the website. Here you may post your news, list items for sale, note special events, etc. All posts will be reviewed by members of the Board of Directors for acceptability of content and posted as soon as reviewed. We feel this is a way to improve the communication and contacts between our residents. Please use the maintenance contact link on the website for residents to report items in the neighborhood you feel in need of attention. This will allow our maintenance committee to respond in a timely fashion to our residents’ needs.

Collection Policy Revisions and Collections Update The Board of Directors has worked with our legal counsel to establish a new collections policy that is to be instituted with the billing of 2011 Woodbridge Association dues. The amount of time and energy expended in collection of dues is ridiculous and un-productive. The new policy is as follows: 1. Invoices for 2011 Woodbridge Association dues will be mailed prior to November 1, 2010 and is due for payment by January 1, 2011. A note will be included on all invoices that any dues payments not RECEIVED by January 15, 2011 will be assessed a $20.00 late fee. 2. A 2nd invoice will be mailed on January 16, 2011 with the $20.00 late fee added. Terms of payment- Due On Receipt.

3. Any property owners who’s invoices are not paid in full by February 15, 2011, will be sent a final notice and advised that if the account is not settled prior to March 1, 2011, it will be turned over to the association’s legal counsel for lien assignment and the property owner will be responsible for any additional expense incurred by the Association in this collection process.


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