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Recaps of Last Month’s Meets

USMS LC Nationals – August 10–13

Summer National Senior Games – June 21-July 7

Best of luck to all of our Georgia swimmers competing in the USMS LC Nationals next month in Woodlands, Texas!

Twenty swimmers from Georgia competed in the National Senior Games in Louisville, KY. While we don’t have a complete list of Georgia swimmers, six of the swimmers competed as Georgia Mastesrs swimmers – Rocio Lancaster; Diana Williams; Richard Dixon; Bruce Hallowell; Gilbert Lovell and John Zeigler.

Mountain Park SCY Developmental Meet — August 26 The second annual Mt Park SCY Developmental Meet will be Sunday morning, August 26. The meet info and entry form are enclosed in this newsletter. This meet is sponsored by the Georgia Killer Whales. Warmups at 9; meet begins @ 9:30 a.m. and should be done by noon. This will be the beginning of the new SCY season, and a developmental meet is the perfect tune-up. Use it to get some practice times in a low key atmosphere – great meet for swimmers starting back from a long hiatus, or those just starting Masters competition, or for anyone! We even have 25 yard events for those who like really short events! Thanks to John Zeigler, who made the arrangements for this meet. For questions, contact meet director Lisa Watson at [email protected]

St. Nick SCM – December 15 The St. Nick meet has been saved! Thanks to the Atlanta Rainbow Trout, who will now be the sole meet hosts- the venue has been moved to the fabulous Georgia Tech facility in downtown Atlanta. It will be a 1 day meet on December 15. More details forthcoming!

There were several notable performances – Diana Williams took Gold in the 200 IM and Silver in the 100 Freestyle. John Zeigler took Gold in the 100 Butterfly. There were approximately 700 swimmers from nearly all states including Hawaii with many new meet records set, especially in the 75 to 95 age groups. The swimming events were held at the 1 year old natatorium on the campus of the University of Louisville. Those arriving early for warmups were treated to springboard and platform diving practice by the Cardinals diving team.

Georgia Games Open Water Swim July 14

Great turnout of 73 swimmers in the Georgia Games Open Water, held on Saturday, July 14 at Buford Dam Park on Lake Lanier. Thanks so much to event director Rob Copeland and all the many volunteers who helped to create and manage this event. It was actually 3 events: 1k, 3k and 5k. Here are the top male and female finishers for each event: 1k – Megan Copeland (daughter of Rob and overall winner of the event) and Jacob Benardot 3k – Anastasia Vazhenin (overall winner) and David Courter 5k – Caryl Barrett and Lorenzo Benucci (overall winner) See the complete results at the end of the newsletter. Due to lack of funding, the Georgia Games will most likely not continue after this year, but we plan to continue to host USMS and USA open water swims.

Dynamo LC Meet Cancelled Unfortunately, the Dynamo LC, scheduled for July 22, had to be cancelled due to low attendance. Thanks to Dynamo Masters for making the attempt to host it, and hopefully next year, with more advanced notice, it will get more entries to allow it to take place.

Georgia Masters Newsletter Other News of Interest Georgia LMSC Annual Meeting September 22 The Georgia LMSC Annual Meeting will be held on Saturday, September 22 during the luncheon social that immediately follows the Peachtree City SCY Pentathlon. Please note this date and plan to attend. The hostess for the Annual Meeting is LMSC Secretary Karol Welling. Karol's home is very close to the Kedron Park pool (site of the Peachtree City Pentathlon) and she has graciously offered her home (and her great cooking!) for the luncheon social/annual meeting for the last several years. This is also an election year. Please contact any of the current board members if you are interested in running for an office- we need new blood and new ideas to help our LMSC grow!

July 2007 - Page 2 September 2007

22* 22* 26-30

Peachtree City SCY Pentathlon entry in next month’s newsletter Georgia LMSC Annual Meeting USMS Convention- Anaheim, CA


October 2007 Habersham SCY Developmental Meet


November 2007 Collins Hill 'Veteran's Day' SCY Invitational


December 2007 St. Nick’s Meet – Atlanta Rainbow Trout at Georgia Tech

* Georgia LMSC meet.

Dixie Zone Website

Georgia Masters Swimming Website

For information about meets in the Dixie zone, visit:

Deadline for Next Newsletter Dixie Zone Top Ten Times Andy Dyer has finished culling times from available 2005 meet results and has compiled Dixie Zone Top 10 lists for 2005 long course meets. Women, Men, and Relays are posted on the zone web page – check your times at .

Upcoming Events


10-13 26*

August 2007 Georgia LMSC Conference Call at 7:15 – Call Ed Saltzman. USMS LC Nationals in Woodlands, TX Mountain Park SCY Developmental Meet (entry enclosed)

If you’d like to add something to our next newsletter, please send it to Bob at [email protected] by August 17.

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Georgia Masters Newsletter

July 2007 - Page 3 Who Y’All Can Call

Lisa Watson, LMSC Chair Sean Fitzgerald, Vice-Chair Bob Kohmescher, Newsletter Editor Ed Saltzman, Treasurer, Communications, Records, Sanctions for Swim Meets Bill Lotz, LMSC Registrar Pat Frank, Coaches Chair Karol Welling, Secretary Jeff Tacca, Member at Large John Zeigler, Fitness Rob Copeland, Safety & Long Distance

(770) 497-1901 or (678) 717-3646 (404) 876-9949 (770) 587-2192 (770) 442-9075 (404) 261-1906 (404) 272-1312 (770) 631-9195 (404) 256-0733 (770) 972-7981 (678) 817-1602

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[email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

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Georgia Teams & Clubs Team/Club Atlanta Rainbow Trout Atlanta Water Jocks Brunswick Y Barracudas Camden County Crocs Douglas County Silver Rays Greater Augusta Swimming Stingrays Masters Troup County Shark Masters


Team Rep Sean Fitzgerald Lorenzo Benucci Thad Schultz Tom Wilson Randy Kath Jeffrey Rout Keith Berryhill John Fuss

Phone (404) 876-3736 (404) 441-3352 (912) 265-4100 912-729-5600, Ext 22. (678) 715-9199 (864) 333-2939 (770) 427-6717 (706) 412-8588

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Team Rep Lisa Watson Adam Byers Raymond Woller Maria Thrash Lisa Watson Katie Ralston Mitchell Williams Yit Aun Lim Amy Lee Copeland Karol Welling Kim Hurst Kim Hurst Justin Correia

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Georgia Masters Newsletter

July 2007 - Page 4

Georgia Games Open Water Swim Results 1k




Women's 17-18 Megan Copeland


Women's 25-29 Goodman, Ashley Sutterfield, Lauren

0:21:10.86 0:21:30.61

Women's 30-34 Francine Brown


Women's 40-44 Timpeiro , Andrea M


Women's 55-59 Masterson, Katherine


Women's 19-24 Anastacia Vazhenin Lauren Molnar Mirelle Murad Lauren Sutterfield

0:36:31.05 0:37:58.06 0:38:05.71 0:42:23.67

Women's 25-29 Jennifer T Anzo Laura van Vuuren Meredith Stein

0:36:44.68 0:43:48.86 0:48:27.30

Women's 40-44 Felicia A Bianchi


Women's 45-49 Priscilla Summers Ellen Clay

0:49:30.47 0:53:24.88

Women's 50-54 Karin Hurley


Men Men's 17-18 Sutterfield, James

0:27:01.41 Men

Men's 25.29 Benardot, Jacob


Men's 19-24 David Courter


Men's 30-34 Vineet Venugopal Petillo, John

0:24:23.24 0:26:16.72

Men's 25-29 Jacob Benardot John Anderson

0:39:14.82 0:43:18.29

Men's 35-39 Du Plessis , Francois Rhodes, Jason

0:23:04.98 0:27:55.41

Men's 40-44 Owen , Charles L Jung, Thomas Dorsey, Rico Christian Porzio

0:22:43.40 0:25:43.20 0:29:45.97 0:31:14.30

Men's 35-39 Steven Neel Ian McDonald Brad Ashburn Joshua Berman Jeff Hylton

0:40:48.10 0:45:02.92 0:48:50.09 0:55:03.76 0:59:54.99

Men's 40-44 Jeff Tacca Scott Gordon jonathan karron Rico Dorsey

0:37:58.63 0:46:24.23 0:47:58.40 0:54:31.53

Men's 45-49 Nick Summers James C Ard III

0:42:39.31 0:49:06.95

Men's 50-54 Jeff Courter Robert Siegel Lawrence Nodine

0:44:38.32 0:46:23.24 0:46:33.50

Men's 45-49 Eng, David Dave Oden Philbrick , William C Men's 50-54 Coleman, Mike


Men's 60-64 Enclade, Thomas 0:30:28.94

0:20:14.37 0:25:32.70 0:26:52.91

Georgia Masters Newsletter


Men's 60-64 John V Zeigler Thomas Enclade

0:44:16.30 0:57:05.15

Men's 65-69 Manny de la Torre


5k Women Women's 25-29 Jennifer Wilson Maureen Riordan

July 2007 - Page 5

1:10:15.80 1:26:12.57

Women's 35-39 Dawn T Vanis Kelly Stynes

1:29:38.49 1:33:39.58

Women's 40-44 Caryl Barrett


Women's 45-49 Andra L Ozolins


Women's 50-54 Cece E Carlton


Women's 55-59 Katherine Masterson


Men's 19-24 Daniel Kuecher


Men's 25-29 Chris Maurer Matthew Cantonis

1:05:23.29 1:10:53.20

Men's 30-34 Aric Cline John Hansen Vineet Venugopal

1:02:37.67 1:24:15.11 1:25:47.14

Men's 35-39 Lorenzo Benucci Stephen Julien Troy Denherder

0:55:23.19 1:07:23.49 2:00:53.78

Men's 40-44 Scott Frederick Igor Vazhenin Charles L Owen

0:56:54.72 0:56:56.54 1:17:29.41

Men's 45-49 Matthew Bailey Bill Bond David Eng Dave Oden

0:59:39.24 1:00:06.53 1:08:04.34 1:25:14.24

Men's 55-59 Ralph MacIntyre David S Eisner

1:22:27.98 1:23:25.39

Georgia Masters Swimming Mountain Park Short Course Yards Developmental Meet Sunday, August 26, 2007 Sanction No. 457-S05 Held Under the Sanction/Approval of USMS, Inc. & Georgia LMSC


Sunday--Warm ups at 9:00 a.m. Meet begins at 9:30 a.m.


The Mountain Park Pool is in Gwinnett County, just past Stone Mountain. From 285, take Stone Mountain Freeway EAST (Hwy 78-going toward Stone Mt). Pass the main entrance to Stone Mountain Park. Take the next exit, which is West Park Place- you'll move right to a 1/4 mile long exit for W Park Place. Turn LEFT at the traffic light. Go under overpass to next traffic light. Turn LEFT again onto Rockbridge Rd. Continue straight through next traffic light at Five Forks Trickum Rd. Mountain Park Pool is on LEFT, past Kroger store, woods, and curve in road. Facility #: 770/564-4650


The meet is open to all persons 18 years and older as of August 26, 2007. USMS REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. If you are not registered, your application can be accepted at the meet. Be sure to include a copy of your USMS card with your entry.


Swimmers may enter up to five events.


Ribbons will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places.


Hand-held stop watches will be used.


$13.00 for up to 5 events; $2.00 surcharge for deck and late entries (received after Aug 24); $1.00 surcharge for entries without 3 x 5 index cards. Make checks payable to GEORGIA MASTERS. Mail to:

Lisa Watson 804 Howell Court Duluth, Georgia 30096 Entries:

Phone #: (770) 497-1901/ (770) 718-3646

Indicate events desired on the entry form--circle event # and provide seed time; use NT for No Time. Please fill out a 3 x 5 index card for each event entered. Include name, age, sex, event number/name, and seed time. EXAMPLE:

Jeff Lange Event #: 6 100 yard breast

52 M 1:20

(please leave room for timers)

Seeding: Entries received by August 25 will be seeded. Women's heats will precede men's heats. Sexes may be combined for some heats. NTs will be placed in slower heats, except for the 500 free, which is fast to slow.

Georgia Masters Swimming

Mountain Park SCY Developmental Meet Sunday, August 26, 2007 ENTRY FORM Name:




Home Phone:











1. 500 free/400 Ind. Medley


200 IM

2. 50 Yard Breaststroke

10. 50 Yard Butterfly

3. 100 Yard Backstroke

11. 100 Yard Freestyle

4. 200 Yard Butterfly

12. 200 Yard Breaststroke

5. 50 Yard Freestyle

13. 50 Yard Backstroke

6. 100 Yard Breaststroke

14. 100 Yard Butterfly

7. 200 Yard Backstroke

15. 100 Yard Ind Medley

8. 25 Yard Choice

16. 200 Yard Freestyle



Circle event number desired and indicate seed time if known.


Make checks payable to GEORGIA MASTERS




Late and Deck Entries $2.00


No 3 x 5 Index cards $1.00

TOTAL AMOUNT ENCLOSED: RELEASE FROM LIABILITY: "I the undersigned participant, intending to be legally bound, do hereby certify that I am physically fit and have not been informed otherwise by a physician. I acknowledge that I am aware of all the risks inherent in Masters Swimming (training and competition) including possible permanent disability or death, and agree to assume all of those risks. As a condition of my participation in the Masters Swimming program or any activities incident thereto, I hereby waive any and all rights to claims for loss or damages, including all claims for loss or damages caused by the negligence, active or passive, of the following: United States Masters Swimming, Inc., the Local Masters Swimming Committees, the clubs, host facilities, meet sponsors, meet committees, or any individuals officiating at the meets or supervising such activities, as a condition of my participation in masters swimming. In addition, I hereby agree to abide and be governed by the rules and regulations of USMS."




Best of luck to all of our Georgia ... who will now be the sole meet hosts- the .... [email protected] by August 17. Georgia Masters. Swimming. Website.

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