Name ___________________________ Johnny Appleseed







Write a word from the list to complete the sentences below. 1. At night, we are always _________________. 2. Oops! They _____________ the train. 3. I am _______________ your answers! 4. The plane ____________ at the airport. 5. She is ____________ us a story. 6. We ____________ the glasses with water. Draw a picture of one of the sentences from above.

Write the base word for each word. 1. hugging = ____________ 2. missing = ____________ 3. zipped = _____________ 4. planned = ____________ 5. waving = ___________ 6. hiked = ___________ 7. hoping = ____________ 8. baked = ____________ 9. running = ____________ 10. skipping = ____________ Write the words with the new endings. base word skip hop hug save use move



carry butter


put were

saw work


Write a word from above into the blanks. 1. Did you see the ___________ walking? 2. Johnny Appleseed was a _____________ man. 3. I _______ a lion at the zoo. 4. Let’s finish our __________ before recess. 5. I put ___________ on my pancake. 6. ___________ the books to the library. 7. The trees _________ blowing in the wind. 8. Did you _________ your name on the paper?

An action word tells us what happens or happened in a sentence. Circle the action word or VERB in the sentences. 1. The dogs played in the yard. 2. Birds fly in the sky. 3. The plants were growing in the garden. 4. Did you walk to school today? 5. I read my book last night. 6. The kids jumped rope on the playground. 7. My mom baked a cake last night. 8. The bird flew into its nest. 9. She filled her glass with milk. 10. We wrote a story about Johnny Appleseed. 11. The rain fell onto the street. 12. The monkeys swing in the trees.

Write down three facts you learned about Johnny Appleseed from the story. Remember a fact is something real!

1. _____________________________________________ ______________________________________________

2._____________________________________________ ______________________________________________

3._____________________________________________ ______________________________________________

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