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  Position:     Fundraising  Intern   Reporting  to:     Director  of  Fundraising   Location:     May  work  remotely,  but  preference  for  Boston,  New  York,  or  Washington,  DC.     About  Encite   Encite  Capital  is  an  early-­‐stage  impact  investing  startup  with  offices  in  Washington,  DC  and  at  the   Harvard  Innovation  Lab  in  Boston.  Encite  is  a  nonprofit  social  enterprise  with  the  mission  to  promote   prosperity  through  entrepreneurship.  It  was  founded  on  the  principle  that  all  entrepreneurs  deserve  the   opportunity  to  be  successful,  with  the  understanding  that  their  success  benefits  society  at  large.  To   achieve  its  mission,  Encite  will  provide  small  and  growing  businesses  with  financing,  consulting,  and   mentoring  services.  Encite  plans  to  launch  activities  first  in  Haiti  and  the  Dominican  Republic.     Position  Description   The  Fundraising  Intern  position  is  a  unique  opportunity  to  help  support  an  entrepreneurial  nonprofit   organization  in  building  the  revenue  strategy,  systems,  and  key  relationships  to  accelerate  its  growth   and  impact.  The  Fundraising  Intern  will  work  closely  with  Encite’s  Director  of  Fundraising,  CFO,  and  CEO,   with  responsibilities  including:     • Contributing  to  the  development  of  a  comprehensive  fundraising  strategy  for  Encite  to  fund   startup  and  early-­‐stage  operating  expenses   • Researching,  qualifying,  and  targeting  potential  donors   • Participating  in  and  contributing  to  meetings  with  potential  donor  partners   • Drafting  correspondence  and  making  recommendations  regarding  donor  stewardship   • Writing  proposals  and  grants;  Developing  project  and  grant  budgets   • Authoring  grant  and  project  reports  as  required  by  funders   • Planning  and  organizing  fundraising  events   • Developing  Encite’s  database  of  fundraising  prospects  and  donors     Criteria  for  Ideal  Candidate   • Intern  must  be  able  to  commit  at  least  20  hours  per  week.   • Understands  and  interested  in  impact  investing,  both  the  major  players  and  the  nuances  of  the   ways  in  which  the  sector  works   • Thrives  in  a  fast-­‐paced,  entrepreneurial  environment  and  can  successfully  manage  multiple   changing  priorities  and  projects  while  driving  toward  deadlines   • Excellent  written  and  verbal  communication  skills;  Excellent  internet  research  skills   • Is  committed  to  high-­‐quality  work  and  attention  to  detail   • Has  “can-­‐do”  attitude,  proactive  problem-­‐solving  skills,  and  resourcefulness   • Experience  with  database  management  and  design  software  a  plus;  Spanish/French  skills  a  plus     How  to  Apply:  Please  submit  a  resume  and  cover  letter  to  [email protected]  by  February  8,  2013.   Applicants  will  be  reviewed  on  a  rolling  basis.     This  internship  is  an  unpaid  position.  Hours  are  flexible.  Undergraduates  and  post-­‐graduate  candidates   are  welcome  to  apply.  College  credit  may  be  available.  

Job Announcement Position: Fundraising Intern ... -

Planning and organizing fundraising events. • Developing Encite's database of fundraising prospects and donors. Criteria for Ideal Candidate. • Intern must be ...

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