Spartan News Spartan Time By: Jordynn Post

At Spartan Time this month, we have recognized many things. We recognized the girls state volleyball team as well as the girls basketball team. We also recognized the boys basketball team. We had many students that obtained honor roll achievements. The prizes that they received were a rubber duck, a lanyard, a Gatorade, and an honor roll wristband. Here are a list of those lucky students who made it to the honor roll: Straight A: Grade 12: Laura Jacobson Grade 11: Carson Fetting, John Lee, and Jenna Cameron Grade 9: Gina Ostmo Grade 7: Rosie Anderson Average A: Grade 12: Mikayla Larson, Jessica Lee, Katie Campbell, Kristie Jacobson, Katelyn Kroeplin, Alex Chapman, and Jessica Serr Grade 11: Jackson

Kamrud, McKayla Jacobson, Hannah Gullicks, Jana Mehus, and Sara Demeres Grade 10: Maddy Christian Grade 9: Allie Campbell and Jordyn Tuite Grade 8: Alex Ramsey, Cody Moore, Payton Braun Grade 7: Jake Doll and Lexi Geier Average B: Grade 12: Lindsay Campbell, Jordynn Post, Jewel Messner, Parker Stein, and Wyatt Carlson Grade 11: Shayla Charette Grade 10: Emily Hoffman, Ethan Rosnow, Chandra Campbell, Taylor Jacobson, Kyle Jacobson, and Max Stromsodt Grade 9: Andy Chapman, Logan Rayner, Char Clarke, and Alex Poplick Grade 8: Kaden Goughnour Grade 7: Dalton Stein, Beth Mehus, and Ryan Tuite We also had some stu-

Volume 2, Issue 6 January dents that received perfect attendance awards for missing one day or less in Quarter 2. The prize that these lucky students received were freal passes from the local gas station. The students of the quarter for 7-9 were Beth Mehus and Alex Ramsey. The stu-

dents of the quarter for 10-12 were Jackson Kamrud and Maddy Christian.

Then last, we recognized all of the AR kids.

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Boys Basketball:


By: Katie Campbell Speech season has started once more. This means that the FinleySharon speech team have started preparing for the Saturday Speech meets. The first Speech meet was in Thompson on Saturday, January 23rd. The Finley-Sharon team had a good start by placing second. The next speech meet will be taking place in our own school on Saturday, January 30th. These meets will continue until State speech in April.

By: Wyatt Carlson The Spartan boys basketball squad had a pretty successful month in January. The Spartans kicked off the month with an overtime loss to the Drayton Valley Edinburg Titans, later in the week the Spartans played a struggling Barnes County North team and won 62-18. The second week of the month the boys participated in the Barnes County Tournament. The Spartans lost the first game to L-L-M and then beat Sargent Central to advance to the fifth place game in which they faced off against FFA Winter Leadership the Griggs County Central Cougars and won 71-58 to take the fifth place trophy Conference home. The boys have been struggling By: Kristie and Laura Jacobson as of late due to the loss of a couple On January 8th through the 10th key players because of injuries. The four students of the Finley-Sharon boys are currently 3-5 in the month of FFA attended the ND Winter LeaderJanuary.

Girls Basketball: By: Jessica Lee The girls have been doing pretty decent so far. They played DVE on the 2nd and lost. They then played MPCG at home at won. They traveled to Cavalier and Cooperstown and brought home a couple more wins. After those games, they had a rough game against PRFL and lost, but made up for that in Minto, where they beat the Midway-Minto Mustangs. So far this season they are 8-5. Right now they are 5th in the region. Coming up, they play Northern Cass, BCN, and Maple-Valley.

ship Conference in Bismarck, ND. Allie Campbell, Gina Ostmo, and Andy Chapman attended the 101 conference, while Katie Campbell attended the 360 conference. These students met people from other chapters from across the state and learned leadership skills they are ready to apply to their home chapter. All seven of the freshmen class received a free FFA jacket of their very own from the Blue Jackets Bright Futures program that the North Dakota FFA Foundation puts on for students. Each student had to apply for the jacket and tell why they want one and how it will benefit them.

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poster Favorite Christmas food: By: Wyatt Carlson Tim: pizza and Jordynn Post Kody: pie Sydney: ham Chloe: chicken Favorite Christmas Sarah: chocolate activity over break: chip cookies Tim: play video Sophia: ham games Jori: krumkake Kody: nothing Kiaza: steak and Sydney: playing cheesy potatoes games Did you go anyChloe: open presents where over Sarah: open more Christmas break: presents Tim: no Sophia: play the game Kody: no trouble Sydney: no Jori: I made a poinChloe: no settia Sarah: Minneapolis Kiaza: Ice skating Sophia: Christmas Favorite Christmas party present: Jori: Fargo Tim: tablet Kiaza: aunt’s house Kody: Wii Favorite ornaSydney: y flicker ment on the Chloe: my horse Christmas tree: Sarah: my American Tim: snowman orgirl doll nament Sophia: headphones Kody: the shiny one Jori: remote control Sydney: snowflake helicopter Chloe: my monster Kiaza: gymnastics truck

Second Grade Interviews

Sarah: a soccer ball ornament Sophia: the Campbell Soup ornament Jori: a penguin on an ice cube Kiaza: my gymnastics one What was in your stocking: Tim: 2 candy canes filled with candy Kody: lots of candy cane sparkle Sydney: soft picks gum Chloe: lots of stuff Sarah: candy canes Sophia: candy cane Jori: crunch bar and mints Kiaza: a selfie stick Did you get any coal for Christmas: Tim: no Kody: no Sydney: no Chloe: no Sarah: no Sophia: no Jori: NO! Kiaza: NO!

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Get Fit Corner By: Mrs. Paurus

In Elementary PE: The kids are working on Floor Hockey Skills. We played a new game called Save the Sea Creatures that the K-3 students really enjoyed. We are also working on jumping skills. During one of our activities, Joe Crawford jumped 8ft. 7in. Good job Joe!

Career Day By: Alex Ramsey and Cody Moore We felt that the career day was an excellent learning experience. We, and our classmates are much more informed about how to reach our career goals and dreams. The career fair also taught us about other possible careers we may want to pursue. The career fair was a perfect learning experience for the 8th grade of Finley-Sharon School and many other schools in the state of ND.

100th Day of School By: Alex Chapman In the month of January, the students of Finley-Sharon got to experience our 100th day of school. On the next page, you will find some photos that were taken during the 100th day of school, and what the elementary students did to celebrate the halfway point of the school year.

100 Mile Club By: Mrs. Paurus The FS school wanted to try something a little different this year: start a hundred mile club. The main function of the club was to see if students and faculty members could walk 100 miles for the first semester of school. Those that reached the goal would get a 100 mile club t -shirt. Those lucky students and faculty members are Carson Fetting, McKayla Jacobson, Laura Jacobson, Gina Ostmo, John Lee, Maddy Christian, Emily Hoffman, Max Stromsodt, Jake Doll, Alli Stromsodt, Xyler Carlson, Jillian Larson, Mrs. Paurus, Mrs. Christian, Miss Parr, Mrs. Dale, Mrs. Larson, Mrs. DeLong, Doug, Mr. Race, Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Cameron, and Miss Glover. Congrats to all those who participated.

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100th Day Poster in lobby area

Mrs. Flaten’s 4th grade class enjoying the 100th day of school

Some of the kindergarten students and what they could look like 100 years from now.

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Newsletter Title

FS Drum line

separate times! It has also put me in a stadium where I was privileged By: Mr. Stalboerger enough to perform in front of over 80,000 people! That is a memory I Dear Student, Parent, and/or Guardi- will never forget. an, Drum line is not just a movie with a renegade protagonist who tries to show the world he can be the best at his craft by following his own rules. It is also a multi-million dollar activity that reaches all over the United States and the world. http://www.minnesotapercussionass or Drumline is derived of competitions that start in parade routes and end up in school gyms with thousands of fans in attendance. This activity can even range up to professional videos made to sell and archive all the work of the performers. The performers we are talking about are school students. Just like you, the reader. Since I was 14 years old, I have been involved with drumlines in many capacities, from student performer to head music writer and director of a 60 person unit. Drumline has brought me to Disney World in Orlando, FL not just once, but three

I would love to give everyone at FS/H-P the same opportunities that I have experienced in making lifelong friends and memories. We can and will teach anyone who would like to participate! All you need is a willingness or curiosity to play drums, a good pair of shoes and hearing protection! We will provide the rest! F-S/H-P Drum line is open to ages 10/4th Grade and up. All community members are also invited! EXPERIENCE IS NOT NECESSARY, REQUIRED OR NEEDED!! The first rehearsal will begin at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday February 9th in the Finley-Sharon School Music Room. Refreshments and Drums and fun will be provided! Contact me with any questions you may have, or in person at the FinleySharon music room. [email protected] 701-524-2420 ext 1137

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FSHP DRUMLINE Refreshments, Drums and Fun Provided [email protected] Mr. Stalboerger is a seasoned 20 year veteran of training and building Drumlines and programs in the Region. Some are the NDSU Gold Star Drumline, The Night Fire Winter Drumline and is currently the Drumline Instructor at the International Music Camp in the Peace Gardens. New to FSHP Mr. Stalboerger would like to bring another dimension of musical excellence by developing its very own competitive Drumline and compete in Drumline competitions. If you like more information do not be afraid to contact Mr. Stalboerger! Go Spartans [email protected] 701-524-2420 Ages 10 and UP All Community members are invited to Join!! NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY Good Fun/Friends/Exercise Join in the excitement Or learn a new skill! Mr. Stalboerger at: Finley Music Room Beginning Feb 9th Tuesday 7:30 pm

The Staff Interview By: Mikayla Larson Importance of Martin Luther Laurie Whitehead What King Jr. Day By: Wyatt Carlson Martin Luther King Day is a federal holiday on the third Monday of January. Martin Luther King was an important civil rights activist. He was a leader in the movement to end racial segregation in the United States. His most famous address was the "I Have A Dream" speech. He was an advocate of nonviolent protest and became the youngest man to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. He was assassinated in 1968. It was made a federal holiday in 1983 after Stevie Wonder, and a petition of six million people was made.

made you decide to work at FinleySharon School? “Plain and simple…I love to cook.” What do you like best about your job? “The hours I work and all the children. You just can’t help but smile at some of the things the kids say and do.” What do you like to do in your free time? “I spend as much time as I can working on projects around the house. For fun I love to golf and fish.” Where is your favorite destination spot and why? “Our lake cabin in Minnesota. You get there and you can’t help but relax and enjoy visiting with friends and family. Of course fishing and playing golf also makes it my favorite destination.”

Sherry Jacobson What made you decide to work at FinleySharon School? “Besides needing a job I knew a lot of the teachers and staff and knew it would be a great place to work. (You Guys Rock!)” What do you like best about your job? “The kids. I think we have such nice kids.” What do you like to do in your free time? “I love to read, golf and goof around on the computer. I know this is bad, but I also watch a lot of Netflix.” Where is your favorite destination spot and why? “I really don’t have a favorite destination spot but someday I would like to go to Hawaii.”

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gum. Chloe: lots of stuff. Sarah: candy canes. Sophia: candy cane. Jori: crunch bar and. mints. Kiaza: a selfie stick. Did you get any. coal for Christmas: Tim: no.

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