January 2018 Ministry Assignment—St. Ambrose All Ministries — please initial the list at the back of the church when you serve at Mass.




Holy Communion





6:00 Pam West Rondi Blackburn

6:00 Crystal Braden Ginnie Denis

6:00 Marcie Holtman Mark Holtman

6:00 June Jost Brenda Kellermeier

7:30 Jodie Braden Shanna Lange

7:30 Tempe Gerngross Kim Rollwitz

7:30 Bernie Halfmann Charlotte Weishuhn

7:30 Walter Holik Pam West

9:00 Michael Block Lucy Thomas

9:00 Emily Moeller Amy Wilde

9:00 Sharon Morris Tommye Willberg

9:00 3rd Grade Students

6:00 Jeff Sefcik

6:00 Lucy Thomas

6:00 Dale Droll

6:00 Tommye Willberg

7:30 Charlotte Weishuhn

7:30 Pam West

7:30 Kim Rollwitz

7:30 Crystal Braden

9:00 Brian Braden

9:00 Chris Wilde

9:00 Michael Jones

9:00 Pam Kempen

6:00 Cynthia Wilkinson Glenna McQueen Makalee Braden

6:00 Janet Halfmann Alissa Itz Dorothy Kvapil

6:00 Jackie Droll Lucy Kocich Kirsten Leggett

6:00 Connie McCrea Diana Michalik Karen Schwartz

7:30 Leon Braden Donna Niehues Kevin Niehues

7:30 Diane Weishuhn Nancy Book Jackie Droll

9:00 Melanie Block 9:00 Vicki Beard Michael & Paige Jones Connie McCrea Kirsten Leggett David & Darla Mikulik

7:30 Leon & Jodie 7:30 Crystal Braden Braden Scott & Karen Fuchs Charlotte Weishuhn 9:00 Kevin & Donna 9:00 Tempe Gerngross Niehues Jerry & Donna Marisol O’Leary Multer Cassie Weishuhn Beth Niehues

6:00 David West Loyd & Carol Whitehead Laura Strube

6:00 David & Pam West Jeffrey Schwartz Curtis Holtman

7:30 Daryl Schniers Chase Weishuhn Karl Weishuhn BJ Wilde 9:00 Jason Henry Gene Gully Brent Halfmann Nick Halfmann



6:00 Chico Denis Kirk Braden John Manera Mark Denis 7:30 Frank Gerngross Jeff Rollwitz Clayton Weishuhn Curtis Wilde 9:00 Lee Morris Charlie Halfmann Rodney Hoelscher Leonard Jansa

7:30 Michael Sturm Will & Vonda Wilde David Wilde

6:00 Chico Denis Dave & Michele DeRusso Michael Hoelscher 7:30 Billy Trojcak Lee Ray Wilde David & Pam West

9:00 Teresa Jansa Joel Halfmann Carl Jenschke Nick Kadlacek

9:00 3rd Grade Students Amy Fuchs Mark Melone

6:00 Carl & Tonya Jenschke Family

6:00 Dwane & Janelle Hoelscher

6:00 Michael & Betty Hoelscher

6:00 David & Eunice Hohensee

7:30 David & Rita Moeller

7:30 James & Mary Kay Ripple

7:30 Daryl & Jeanie Schniers 7:30 Jeff & Kim Rollwitz

9:00 Brandon & Katy Green Family

9:00 Gene & Wanda Gully

9:00 3rd Grade Students

9:00 Bruce & Deanna Gully

Altar Servers Saturday 6 pm

Laney Jost Andrew Quesada Kristen Schwartz

Hutson Teplicek Zachary Rohmfeld Hanna Quesada

Tate Jones Taylor Hunt Caroline Holtman

Katelyn Hohensee Tye Gerngross Brandon Lange

Altar Servers Sunday 9 am

Chloe Jones Ryder Willberg Lily Terrell Will Terrell

Grace Wilde Chandler Wilde Lane Whitesell Renly Weishuhn

Isabella Frerich Holt Teplicek Mason Taylor Parker Schwartz

Melanie Dusek Mason Snowden David Schwartz Weston Scandolari

6:00 Mollie Polhemus

6:00 Mollie Polhemus

6:00 Mollie Polhemus

6:00 Mollie Polhemus

7:30 Chris Fryar

7:30 Chris Fryar

7:30 Chris Fryar

7:30 Chris Fryar

9:00 Johnny Mae Stice

9:00 Johnny Mae Stice

9:00 Johnny Mae Stice

9:00 Johnny Mae Stice

6:00 Donald & Theresa Weishuhn

6:00 David & Jacqueline Kerry

6:00 David & Pam Kempen

6:00 Tommye Willberg

7:30 Frank & Tempe Gerngross

7:30 Chase & Darcy Weishuhn

7:30 Joan Gesch

7:30 Joan Gesch



9:00 Charlie & Sheila Halfmann

9:00 Jerry & Donna Multer

9:00 Chase & Darcy Weishuhn

9:00 Glen & Brenda Moeller

All Ministries: If you are unable to minister, please find your replacement. The schedule for February will be completed for publishing by Friday, January 19. If you do not want to be scheduled for any specific time in May, please notify MaryAnn Lewis by emailing her at [email protected] or phoning her at 325/651-7719. Deadline for notification: Wednesday, January 17

January 2018 Wall.pdf

Andrew Quesada. Kristen Schwartz. Hutson Teplicek. Zachary Rohmfeld. Hanna Quesada. Tate Jones. Taylor Hunt. Caroline Holtman. Katelyn Hohensee. Tye Gerngross ... Holt Teplicek. Mason Taylor. Parker Schwartz. Melanie Dusek. Mason Snowden. David Schwartz. Weston Scandolari. Cantors. 6:00 Mollie Polhemus.

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