January 2018

Parent Teachers Conference Dates Announced


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As many of you are aware, we have changed the manner in which we conduct parent-teachers conferences. Last semester we piloted a method in which we held times on three separate dates. This was done for the convenience of the families and allowed for more flexibility. It was very successful; therefore, we will be conducting them in the same manner for the upcoming term. Following are the scheduled dates and times (some teachers may contact you to schedule individual times). Monday, February 19: 2:00-6:45 Wednesday, February 28: 3:45-5:45 Tuesday, March 6: 3:45-6:45 You will be contacted by your child(ren)’s homeroom teacher prior to each session as a reminder. Our goal is to meet with 100% of our students’ parents/guardians. Let us know if you have any questions.


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Student Advisory Board By Gavin Farmer

On December 5th, during 8th period, the Student Advisory Board (SAB) had a meeting. All members were present. At the meeting, student members were informed that Mr. Mette would not be sponsoring the Advisory Board any longer. Ms. Palmer agreed to join. The meeting took place in Ms. Palmer’s room. The six remaining SAB member then began to discuss the main topic which would be the two freshmen (a boy and a girl) who would be joining the board. After hard consideration of the large list of new freshmen, the members decided that Jakobe Mahon and Mackenzie DeCora would be asked to be the new members of the board. After, the members began to discuss suggestions from last spring's survey on improvements that could be made in the school. One decision that was made struck down the idea of an open campus lunch. Zeke Porter immediately struck down the idea stating that “this would be taken advantage of by students and would cause disruption to classes.” After further consideration, the other members agreed. Another hot topic was getting salt in the school kitchen. Everyone agreed it was needed, but restrictions from Michelle Obama’s Healthy School Lunch plan makes it very difficult. Other topics discussed were whether students should be allowed to wear headphones during time set aside for work (student members agreed, while teaching members were uncertain), possibly getting tutors for after school – especially in the upper math classes (Miss Palmer suggested that some college students might be interested) and making advanced classes have a higher weight when figuring class rank. Zeke really wants to do something to get younger students to realize the importance of school. They need to be reminded daily (frequently) of what opportunities there are for them for a career for the rest of their lives. Have kids figure out when they are younger what they want to do and to help them keep focused on that. He thinks they need a daily reminder – perhaps as an announcement such as ““You’re here to be a learner today and a leader tomorrow.” The meeting came to a conclusion at around 3:50.

Amtrak Train Crash Jayla Price

Jim Hamre and Zack Willhoite were two friends who loved to ride trains. Near Tacoma, Washington, the two men along with a third victim, were killed when the train derailed Monday. Hamre and Willhoite who had both worked in the transportation industry were trained enthusiasts. The two just recently returned from a trip to Germany, where they had taken a train around the country. Hamre and Willhoite were members of the Rail Passengers Association, which advocates for better passenger train service, who also served on the board of All Aboard Washington, a group that promotes better passenger and freight rail transportation in the state. Jim worked on the Milwaukee Road, where a rail line that extended from the Midwest to the Pacific Northwest in the 1970s. In Pierce County, Washington, where Zack worked as an IT customer service support specialist for Pierce Transit, the public transport agency. He has worked there since 2008. Information taken from:

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SLEEPING BEAUTY AUDITIONS HELD Auditions were held the 14th and 15th of December. This play is for the grades 5 - 12 to participate in and is tentatively scheduled for April 4th and 5th. Following is the Cast List: Queen Stefanie- Alex Flanders (Understudy- Misty Eagle) King Stefan- Prosper Gilpin King Hubert- Joseph Redhorn Young Phillip- Cadin Brownrigg Prince Phillip- Sam Farmer (Understudy-Toby Bassette) Flora- Gabie Aldrich (Understudy- Tylie Chilson) Image from google images Fauna- Helene Cox (Understudy- Amya Whitewing) Merryweather- Tyler LaMere (Understudy- Samaria Loera) Malefecent- Laura Neff (Understudy - Shyleigh Horn) Fumpel- Jakobe Mahon Pest- Johnny Zamudio Blather- Toby Bassette (Understudy-Drew Zamudio) Stench- Antonio Robles Princess Aurora/Briar Rose- Raommi Bird (Understudy- Avantika Arun Kumar) Guards Jonathon Earth Marcel Picotte Drew Zamudio Loyal Subjects Tylie Chilson Steviraye Wolfe Nevaeh Redhorn Dania Earth Angelina Littlewalker Christoff WhiteEagle Misty Eagle Andrea Mejia Animals Tylie Chilson Steviraye Wolfe Nevaeh Redhorn Cadin Brownrigg Marcel Picotte Misty Eagle

Angelina Rodriguez Julynna Hutchinson Timory James Caly Wolfleader Jailynn Whitebear Fiona Loneree Charlize Frenchman Fairy Chorus Shyleigh Horn Melodine Earth Avantika Arun Kumar Amya Whitewing Samaria Loera

* Crews will be announced at a later time.



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January 2018 Lowell E. Brown EARTH SCIENCE/ ENVIRONMENTALSCIENCE/ANATOMY&PHYSIOLOGY/ROBOTICS Newsletter Earth Science will be undertaking a project with the assistance of ESU 1 concerning water use in the Midwest the first week in January. The students will be involved in the operation of a water model that will be on loan from UNL to the ESU. The students will model the movement, importance, supply, protection and cost of water in society and where and how it is produced and used. Environmental Science will be starting the study of technology in modern life including product development, inventions and where “new” products come from. This will include how they are produced, engineered, and the careers that are available in material design As a part of this study a Velcro research project in comparison to the noxious weed “Cocklebur” will be completed to display the who, what, where, and how a new invention can have lasting impacts on life. The unit will conclude with a study of how the individual and society are impacted by the invention, engineering and costs of new product choices and availability. The Robotics students will undertake a month long project in association with MBOT to install and program both film and audio recording of project completion while using their machines. sensor capability for their robot The premise of the recording programs are based on the changes in law enforcement techniques requiring the recording of activities as a part of criminal prosecution. The robot design and completion will result in a verifiable and repeatable “Copy” of events to be used as a record of events. We have had numerous positive results in both programming and problem solving in regards to the mission requirements. The class has performed well in dealing with the complexities involved in the curriculum. and continue to learn what is required in the technical management of design operation problems in "Real World" applications. The groups have displayed persistence and improvement in their ability to complete tasks with increasing complexity. The Anatomy class is undertaking an extended muscle system study based on the coursework guidelines as provided by the University of Indiana School of Nursing. The coursework will define, name, locate and determine the types and functions of the musculature of the human body. This study will include the ability to display types of muscle movements by each student. This U of I activity is based on a given set of instructions to perform a series of activities to name, locate and describe the muscle or muscles involved to accomplish a motion or activity. This lab is based on the conditions and mechanisms of movement in the body and the underlying complexities required to complete the task. with research based on the changes in modern medical techniques to improve recovery in skeletal events. This will provide an exposure to problem solving and best method techniques to insure “treatment” success that they will make happen.. Following this exercise the discussion of cardiac, smooth and striated muscle purposes combined with their similarities and differences at the microscopic level will be undertaken. . As a final exercise the students will describe the location, purpose, and name of a “mystery” muscle example that they will be given.

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The “Braschy” Bunch By Mrs. Brasch I’ve said it before, but I will say it again...where did the time go?? The first semester seemed to fly by even though there were days/weeks that seemed to drag on and on. All of my classes are finishing up final tests and projects. Time to look ahead to what’s going to happen “next year.” Journalism will begin the year with a unit on editorial/opinion writing. We will analyze a number of different types of editorials and of course, write some of our own. You will likely see many of them in the newsletter. Drama is a one semester course, so in January, it will give way to speech. We will begin the semester with a quick review of strategies for conducting “credible” research and begin our first speech which will be persuasive. Fundamentals of English III and IV will begin the semester also discussing the process of argumentative writing. They will continue practicing their writing skills in an effort to prepare for the ACT writing assessment that they will take in April. Composition I is also only a one semester dual credit course. It will give way to dual credit public speaking. They, too, will begin the term with a quick review of strategies for conducting “credible” research and begin our first speech which will be persuasive. English 10: We will begin the semester with a quick review of strategies for conducting “credible” research and write a argumentative essay on an ACT style prompt. You may have noticed a common theme to how I am beginning all of my courses...persuasion/ argumentation. In April, all juniors will be taking the ACT as part of the assessments required by the state department of education. You may remember “NeSA.” This is taking the place of these assessment for the juniors. There is a writing section that we are preparing for as well as reading, math, science and social science. With that said, hope you had a great holiday break. 2018...bring it on!!! Senior Spotlight Isabel Earth, 18 is the daughter of O.C. and Kristine Earth. She went to Fremont High School but transferred back this year. Isabel has 3 sisters and 5 brothers. Her favorite high school memory is playing basketball with her two younger sisters, Kae and Charli. Isabel’s advice too lowerclassmen is too “do your work, have fun, it really flies by and enjoy it.” After high school Isabel is still undecided on what she wants to do. ~by Kiana Lewis The Change (A Poem) By Helene Cox People change with every passing moment, some choose to live in the moment. Others think about what is going to happen in the future. Are many willing to live in that one moment or want to look right past it? The people you have helped throughout the years, they tend to forget the deeds you once did for them, in the end, they will appreciate what you had done for them and not look back on them. Shortly some even tend to hurt your feeling or that of others, just cause they think they are right and you or the others are in the wrong. When in all reality they are the ones who are in the wrong, but they won’t ever admit to their wrongdoings and never even try to apologize. Yet so they are one of the many people you love and care about, will you forgive them for their wrongdoings also though they think you are on who was in the wrong. Will you just not forgive them and move on with your own life or will you live with that guilt of not forgiving them?





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National News Middle School May be Liable for Student’s Suicide By Denaya Payer

On November 28 , a 13 year old girl named Rosalie Avila committed suicide after getting bullied for months. She attended at Mesa View Middle School in Southern California where classmates would taunt her and call her names , they would also call her ugly and tell her she has ugly teeth. Classmates made a video about how a pretty girl looked and how an ugly girl looked they used Rosalie’s photo to represent the ugly girl. The video went viral. Her father said she would always come home saying that kids were calling her names about her teeth. In October she began cutting herself. The school wasn’t aware of the bullying or that Rosalie was cutting herself. She has left a suicide note apologizing to her parents for being ugly. Her mother said she kept a list in her journal of people who hurt her , called her ugly or put her down. Her mom and dad are thinking what they could have done to save her. Rosalie’s family plan to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the school district accusing the girl’s middle school of failing to stop the bullying that the family says led to her death. Information taken from: id=51820650

Trump Reducing the Size of National Parks By MacKenzie DeCora

Donald Trump is back at it again, with the reasons why he shouldn’t be in the office. This time, Trump is trying to ban uranium mining which will shrink the size of some national parks along with removing national monuments within some national parks. The uranium mine is located in the Grand Canyon. The federal government doesn’t get any royalties for uranium mining, but they would for others like coal and oil because it is considered rock-mining. “This appalling recommendation threatens to destroy one of the world’s most breathtakingly beautiful regions to give free handouts to the mining industry,” says an attorney with the Center for Biological Diversity, Allison Melton. On Wednesday an executive order was made by Trump to identify national monuments that can be rescinded or resized which will open up federal land for drilling and mining. Also, the National Park Service added entry fees for 17 of the most popular parks. Information taken from:

Net Neutrality By Victoria Thomas-Horton

Net Neutrality- What is Net Neutrality? Net Neutrality is your freedom to use the internet however you please. Without it, internet service providers (ISP) could block and slow down some websites with content they don’t like, or they could charge you to use others. With Net Neutrality, we are connected to all the websites we like. But this was taken away on Thursday, November 14, by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) (the vote was a 3-2).Without Net neutrality, the internet will be different, but it won't take effect immediately, we will still have free internet well into the next year.

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Near Tacoma,. Washington, the two men along with a third vic- tim, were killed when the train derailed Monday. Hamre and Willhoite who had both worked in the.

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