Over t he Waves The Mont hly Newslet t er of t he W ickford Yacht Club January 2017

COMMODORE'S LOG The really great thing about being Commodore at the Wickford Yacht Club is that you have an incredible network of Past Commodores to turn to when things get hard and a great group of members to hang out with to have fun. Guess which part I?m looking forward to most?

Bar bar a Jack son

I have to thank Vinny Cerbo who has served us so incredibly well and purchased an amazing amount of shrimp for the Club, truckloads of frozen strawberries and of course new kitchen equipment. We?ll miss his guidance at our board meetings.

No t Our No r mal New Year ?s Br unc h! Join us January 1st, 2017 for a light brunch and a good time! This year, there is no seating time to select or bacon to be consumed. Instead, join us anytime between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm for a totally new menu. We are serving: Breakfast Pizza, French Toast Fingers & Sweet Rolls Fruit Salad, Yogurt & Fruit Smoothies Coffee, Juice, Mimosas, Bloody Mary, Spiked and Plain Egg Nog The Fine Print : Reservations close on December 27. Tickets are $15 for adults and children over 10. To register, click here or use this link: ht t p://t inyurl.com/ W YC-Brunch If you are unable t o make an online reservat ion call Clare Nort hrup, (401) 474-5502

I?m lucky to have Jon Colby?s good counsel for another year. He is a voice of calm in a sea of choices, and I can?t thank Jon enough for sticking with the dredging project for 2+ years. We are losing Bob and Patti Kern as social chairs. We have been the beneficiaries of their spirit and creativity ? resulting in wonderful events. Thank you Bob and Patti! We?ve also warn out Sue Colby?s keyboard. She has been a fantastic editor of Over the Wavesfor so many years. We will be forever thankful. God bless you for the wonderful work as well for teaching me how to spell dessert. In our new line up, the obvious change is Over the Waves. I?s a work in progress, so give us a little time to settle into the new format. Please send suggestions, photos or articles to Kyle Wilson, our new editor.

Clare Northrup is our new Social Committee chair. Clare has a great team who she?ll introduce next month along with the line-up of events for 2017. Consider helping the team for at least one event this year; it?s a great way to get to know club members, and remember ? we are a volunteer based club. There?s also an important procedural change to note if you want to rent the club. Send your request to Jean Tammaro ? not to the spouse of the Commodore. As the Member-at-Large, Jean has agreed to process requests. The new format for Over the Waves has a Volunteer Corner ? PLEASE take a look each month and sign up for a few tasks this year. Remember, as of the November 15th By-Law change, each of us is a full member. That means each of us has to step up and do SOMETHING ? or a couple of somethings ? to keep the dues down and the club running smoothly. Stay Warm, Barbara

Con n ect Wit h Th e Clu b:

FROM THE EDITOR Welcome to the first Over the Waves of 2017! It's the same monthly periodical you know and love, but with a fresh coat of paint. Sue Colby deserves so much credit for keeping us updated all these years on what our wonderful club has to offer. Sue, on behalf of a grateful membership, thank you for all you did with Over the Waves. You've set the bar high. I hope to move it forward with the same quality.

Kyle Wilson , Edit or

Take some time and have a look around. The board and committee reports will appear as always, but new surprises are spread throughout. -

At the bottom of page 1 are four buttons which will take you directly to the club's master calendar, Facebook page, Flikr page and the WYC website. Click here to see. Live links for social events can be accessed from any device. Board & Committee contacts are now listed on page 7. Click on their email address to contact them directly. Flikr: check out the WYC Flikr albums here. This a great platform for the membership to share photos of all events. More details will be out with the February issue. Stay tuned for more Throwback photos every month. If you have one to share, we'd love to include it!

Everyone loves a good story! If you have any memorable anecdotes from back in the day that you would like to share, please send it along. Appreciating our club's unique history is important. It can also make us laugh. Since I was a kid, I have heard so many from my father and grandfather. They never get old. A new publishing platform means that there will inevitably be bumps in the road. We appreciate your patience and if you have any suggestions, comments or questions along the way, don't hesitate to send me an email. Also, this is the only editorial you'll see this year. I can think of many more important uses for this space. Thank you all for the opportunity. Have a wonderful holiday!


NEWYEAR?S EVE CELEBRATI ON Come ring in the 2017 New Year with fellow Wickford Yacht Club members, along with our British friends across the pond. The festivities will begin at 6:00 p.m. (11:00 p.m. London time) on December 31st. The Club will supply: -

Full open bar Desserts by Kati Cakes Dancing to the music of the Second Avenue Band.

Please bring your favorite appetizer to share. The cost is $25 per person, and the memories ? Priceless!! Please sign up for this event by December 29th and feel free to bring guests. You may register by clicking here or use the link below: http://tinyurl.com/New-Year-WYC If you are unable t o make an on-line reservat ion call Pat t y Kern at (401) 447-8910

VICE COM M ODORE Dick Lem ieu x

W YC Mooring Rent al

Due to the successful experiment last season renting two of our club moorings in Wickford Harbor, the Board of Governors has decided to offer two moorings again to club members for this season only. The moorings will be offered through a lottery drawing to be held at the February Board Meeting. The requirements for club rental stipulate a boat length not to exceed 37Ft. The vessel must be registered to a club member and cannot be sublet. The rental period will coincide with the 2017 boating season and will be offered at a cost of $1850. If you would like to participate in the drawing notify Dick Lemieux by phone (401-714-3671) or email [email protected]

HOUSE COM M ITTEE Bob Br ock w ay, Ch air We have a beautiful club. It is a delight to use and we are proud to show it off. It behooves all of us to do our part in keeping it as pristine as possible

Several items our Social Committee stores for events have gone missing or have been misplaced. The Committee asked that their storage areas be secured so that tablecloths, napkins and decorations are available for future events. I am in the process of adding security to these areas.

Meals and Reels Sunday, January 8, 2017 Two Films (watch at home), for a chat and nosh with good company. 6:00PM upstairs at WYC -


Remember (2015) With help from a fellow Holocaust survivor (Martin Landau), a widower (Christopher Plummer) who struggles with memory loss embarks on a cross-country odyssey to find the former Nazi responsible for the deaths of their family .

The Pianist (2002) The extraordinary true Story of a Polish Jewish radio station pianist in Warsaw, 1939-1945," Wladyslaw Szpilman (Adrien Brody.

Members and groups using our galley have been clearing plates and platters of discarded food down the sinks. We do not have a food disposal attached to the sinks and the grease trap and pipes have been plugged-up. It is a very unpleasant job to clear these drains. Please scrap all uneaten food into the trashcans. Now that we have cleaned the upstairs carpets, I would like to ask all members to be diligent in cleaning up any spills on the carpet and upholstery in the Club. Please be especially mindful of red wine spills. If red wine is spilled, please immediately blot the spill with club soda, and blot it dry. Now that we are on our winter schedule, (without our Stewards) it is even more important for members using the Club to help ensure the Club stays neat and clean. Members using the Club are asked to tidy-up when they are ready to leave. Members should pick up items from the floor and carpets, toss small garbage into the trashcans, remove larger items and place them in the dumpster. If you or your guests have rearranged the furniture, please take the time to return it to its former arrangement. Please make sure the water is off, windows are shut and the heat is turned down. If you are the last one to leave, be sure the lights are out and the doors are locked. It is important to remember to report any unusual activity you may see during this period of lighter Club usage. Jane and I spend time in the South during the winter. During my time away, Steve Johnson, our Assistant House Committee Chair, will be covering during my absence. I will remind you again when it gets closer to our departure. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year.

Uni t ed St at es Nav y Regul at i ons Ar t i c l e 0807 Cer emony Join u s Jan u ar y 21 at 1800 f or a delu xe cock t ail par t y t o celebr at e t h e Ch an ge of Com m an d at WYC. If you aren?t going to be on the cruise or haven?t left for a warmer climate, you have no excuse to miss this party. Vinny and Pat Cerbo will be celebrating their new found freedom, passing out of Past Commodore status ? so they have agreed to be our hosts. Cocktail of the day will be Caipirinha ? we may have to set limits! -

Early Bird Reservations are $18 and close on January 13th. Tickets are $23 after that date. GUESTS ARE WELCOME! To register for event, click h er e or go to: http://tinyurl.com/jnrwy7q

If you ar e u n able t o m ak e an on lin e r eser vat ion call Clar e Nor t h r u p at (401) 474-5502

M EM BERSHIP It ?s Back!

SOCIAL COM M ITTEE Kar en Pizzar u so, Ch air

?Last Friday W ine Downst airs? January 27 and February 24 Cozy up and enjoy the company. If you have friends interested in joining the WYC, our Friday nights are a welcoming introduction. An Invit at ion: If you are interested in joining the Membership Committee, please call me. It?s the best! Karen Pizzaruso (401) 295-1910

2016 Holiday Part y Thank You! We would like to thank the event leader, Elaine Lemieux, and all those who helped her make this event such a great success! Cynt hia Waxman, her co-chair, and Paul Waxman for designing the invitation, Dale Harringt on for our Sushi Bar - absolutely the best! How special was it to have our own sushi chef?? Nancy and Bob Shore, Karen and Pet er Pizzaruso, Clare Nort hrup, Mary Lou and Bill Greene -- thank you! Thank you to all who helped with our bar service and keeping everyone a bit merrier!

New Member Applicant s Jonat han, Renee & Leo Mendes Sponsored by Ed Sutton and Jon Colby Primary Residence: 34 Woodmist Circle, Wakefield RI, 02879 Business: Full Keel Marine LLC, 3 Esmond Avenue, Wickford

Any WYC Member wishing to comment may contact the Board of Governors

A special thanks to Elaine?s husband, Rich Lemieux for all his help and putting up with a few nights without dinner. We couldn?t do it without all of you! Thank you and Happy Holidays, Social Committee

VOLUNTEER CORNER Seminar Chairperson Needed! After many years, Harry Church is stepping down form this assignment. Someone needs to take his place, PLEASE! We have some ideas on the books to help you get started. This is a 8 month-a-year cycle. Help to keep this tradition alive by volunteering ? Call Barbara Jackson for more information, (617) 510-0384

SAILING ACTIVITIES 2017 Sea Dog World Championship The Sachem's Head Sea Dog Fleet joined us for a great afternoon of Frostbiting. It was a beautiful day on Wickford Harbor with light NE winds shifting to the east and diminishing as the afternoon progressed. Moose McClintock from Laser Fleet 413 was our guest PRO. Thank you to Ike Bowen and Win Brown for manning the Mark Boat during 8 well run races. The top 10 finishers are below. Click here to view complete results. Click here see more photos! Congrat ulat ions t o W YC member, Chuck Allen for earning t he silverware as t he 2017 Sea Dog World Champion!

W ICKFORD SAILING ASSOCIATION WSA completed another successful year thanks to the support of the Wickford Yacht Club membership and board of directors. The Wickford Yacht Club is a great place for children of the local community to learn how to sail. Mary Grace Baton would be proud of the program we provide to our youth!

Pau l Nan n ig, Pr esiden t

As a result of the generosity of our membership, we have been able to provide another year of outstanding instruction, well-maintained equipment and a great staff. This past summer our instructors were all active participants in college sailing at URI, Mass Maritime Academy, Syracuse University and Boston College. While some of our equipment is in need of repair or replacement we were able to operate safe, functioning equipment for instruction. As everyone knows, boating is an expensive endeavor and we appreciate all the financial support you provide. We look forward to another outstanding season in 2017 with refurbished power boats, additional Optimist Prams, 420s sails and improvements to our floating docks. Thank you again for your support! Paul Nannig, WSA President

From L-R: John Morris, Dick Carpenter, John Wilson Jr., Ed Eckman, Leslie Flood, John Heard

Thr owback!

Answers at the bottom of the page

Do you recognize t he members below?

WYC Boar d of Gover n or s Com m odor e

Barbara Jackson

[email protected]

Vice Com m odor e

Richard Lemieux

[email protected]

Rear Com m odor e

Sheila McGauvran

[email protected]

Fleet Capt ain

Bob Shore

[email protected]

M em ber -at -Lar ge

Jean Tammaro

[email protected]

Secr et ar y

Cindy Wilson

[email protected]

Tr easu r er

Julie Cook

[email protected]

Hou se Co-Ch air

Bob Brockway

[email protected]

Past Com m odor e

Jon Colby

[email protected]

WYC Com m it t ee Ch air s Aw ar ds

Peter Pizzaruso

[email protected]

Clu b Ren t al

Jean Tammaro

[email protected]

Com m u n icat ion s

Cindy Wilson

[email protected]

Su n sh in e

Pinkie Sweet-Holland

[email protected]

New slet t er

Kyle Wilson

[email protected]

Year book

Kathy Brown

[email protected]

Fr ost bit in g

Bob Hicks

[email protected]

M em ber sh ip

Karen Pizzaruso

[email protected]


Doug Nannig

[email protected]

Nom in at in g

Jon Colby

[email protected]


Sheila McGauvran

[email protected]

Sailin g Act ivt ies

Skip Whyte

[email protected]

WSA Gr an t s

Mark & Mariann Callahan

[email protected]

Sem in ar s



Clare Northrup

[email protected]


Paul Nannig

[email protected]

W ickford Yacht Club 165 Pleasant St reet W ickford, RI 02852 (401) 294-9010 wickfordyc.com

January 2017 OTW.pdf

this year. Remember,asof the November 15th By-Law change,each of us isa full member. That meanseach of ushas to. step up and do SOMETHING? or a coupleof somethings? to keep the duesdown and the club running smoothly. Stay Warm,. Barbara. Connect Wit h The Club: COMMODORE'SLOG. Barbara Jackson.

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