St. Andrew School School Wide Expectations Show Respect Be Safe Be a Problem Solver Mission Statement St. Andrew School, in partnership with our families and the community, is committed to providing a safe learning environment that promotes each child’s social/emotional and academic development through positive behavior support and research-based practices. All students are provided opportunities to develop and achieve according to their own strengths in preparation for integration into the least restrictive educational and social setting.

Core Essential Value for January 2017

JANUARY 2017 Jan. 6 - Welcome Back Assembly 8:00 a.m. Earned Friday at 12:30

St. Andrew School Bus Safety

Jan. 13 - End of 2nd 9 weeks . Earned Friday 9:30 a.m. Jan. 16 - Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday for all; no School. Jan. 17 - No school for students. Teachers workday. Jan. 20 - Awards Assemblies : Pre-K, 1,,2 at 9:00 a. m . Grades 3-5 at 10:00. Earned Fri. Clubs at 12:30 Jan. 26—Report Cards go home. Feb. 1 - No school for students.

When we ride the school bus, we follow all the rules. We listen to the driver, who takes us to our school. We sit down in our seats, and keep the aisles clear. We use our quiet voices, so our bus driver can hear!

Principal’s Message

Reading Connections…To Real Life Situations January is a wonderful time for new beginnings Parents please encourage your children to read more. An excellent way to promote reading is to demonstrate the importance of reading different types of text in real life situations: every day, adults read road signs, directions, informative articles, and more. Engage your child in helping you read so he or she can become aware of the various types of reading and also practice observation and decoding skills. For example, at the supermarket, point out the aisle signs to your child and have them tell you where to find specific items. Then ask them to find soup or pet food. When driving, ask for help in spotting street signs. Have your child read you the weather forecast from the newspaper to prepare for the day! Reading directions from a recipe or a board game can be a great way to reinforce both reading and following directions. Make it fun AND give your child a chance to be helpful and you will both be winners! Sandra May, St. Andrew School Media Specialist.

Counselor’s Corner As we start the new year, Take time to think about resolutions and new goals to achieve in the coming year. Challenging your child to try new things can be an adventure you can go on together. Make goals achievable. And remember these important tips. 1) Set Specific and realistic goals. Encourage your child to work on one thing at a time. Help them understand what they want to accomplish. Example – read a new book each month. 2) Make it Measurable – Set easy accomplishments for success. 3) Achievable - Make sure their goal challenging and fun. 4) Relevant – Link the goal to something your child can relate to. 5) Timely - Keep it simple. Strive for daily success. 6) Write them down. Hang them somewhere visible as a reminder Happy New Year Ms. Schatz, Guidance Counselor


INFORMATION Student Arrival: 7:30 a.m. Student Drop off: 7:05 a.m. —7:30 a.m. Student Pick up: 2:00 p.m. ALL STUDENTS who are Drop offs and pick ups must enter and exit through the Front Office.

Campbell Soup Labels Please submit your soup labels to your teachers. Then go to: to view additional product labels you can redeem to earn points for St. Andrew School. Box Tops for Education Please remember to send in General Mills, Ziploc and Pillsbury box tops. Winn Dixie also has Box Tops printed along with your receipts. Money received is used for technology for our students and staff. Thank You.

PE TEACHER TALK January 2017 Happy New Year! This month when the weather allows we will be working on our Basketball unit. On colder days we will be inside doing stunts/tumbling.

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