Spartan News What did you do for Christmas?

Volume 3 Issue 5 January 2017

What did you get for Christmas?

Krista Brustad—Went to Devils Lake and saw family. Became an aunt on Christmas Day.

Kindergarten Katherine Kroeplin—Magic set

Jana Mehus—Went to Detroit Lakes. Cove Harris—A cookie Kelsey Paurus—Went to Willmar and got stuck there because of snow. Then came back and started working on renovating the entry and basement in our house.

Isaiah Bland—Nerf launcher, Chutes and Ladders, Remote control

Hannah Gullicks—Went to my Grandparents.

Jozie Klosner—American Girl Doll, sill putty, a kitchen for my American Girl Doll

Audrey Gustin—Horse, doll and baby horse

Josh Taghon—Went to Menards. Spent time with family and dogs and Cuda Duval—Nerf guns, remote dug out after the blizzard. control grain digger

Marj Anderson—Went to Crosby Jack Walswick—Billy Bones Boat, and then went to Florida on vacation. Black Bear Layers Max Stromsodt—Had Christmas at our house.

Zachery Fife—Monster trucks, nerf guns and underwear

Ethan Rosnow—Stayed home and watched movies.

Third Grade Jori Jerstad—Aqua beads, dress, blanket, American Girl clothes

Logan Rayner—Went to Arizona. Skyyla Johnson—Went to my aunt and uncles.

Chloe Linster—Emoji pillow Kiaza Carlson—Uggs

Jane Campbell—Went to my parents in Wahpeton.

Sophia Ochoa—MP3 Player 1

Christmas Excitement John Lee showing off his Christmas sweater. The day started with a 3 point shot Skyyla Johnson, Lexi Geier, Payton challenge. Braun, and Rose Anderson play ping Dacotah Bergstrom is pong in the Math room. shooting in the picture below.

Above, Dalton Stein and Doug Geier play WII in the Science room while Maddy Christian, Miss Nelson, Chandra Campbell, and Dacotah Bergstrom color. Below— Cody Moore and Sara StahlBelow, Mr. Stahlboerger, Ryan Tuite, boerger play board games in the and Devon Stahlboerger play Guitar English room. Hero in the Music room.


Movie Time!

Movies were watched by (back row) Jordyn Tuite, Ethan Rosnow, Kyle Jacobson, Max Stromsodt and (front Craft Time! row) Darian Hanson, Kavan Hellums, and Lilly Nahnsen.

The elementary spent the morning in the gym, reading to each other and doing crafts. In the afternoon they watched a movie.

Always laugh when you can—it’s cheap medicine! 3


Where’s your favorite place to read? 4

Eighth grade go to Grafton On January 19, 2017 the 8th graders traveled to Grafton for a Career Fair. This was the 2nd annual Explore NVCTC held at the Grafton Performing Arts Center. There were students attending from 14 different schools in the area of which FinleySharon was one. The day included a motivational speaker. Brooks Harper spoke about their future career endeavors and how important it is to get off to a good start academically regarding grades as an incoming freshman. After the speaker, the students got the opportunity to hear about 4 different careers during their four breakout sessions. It was an exciting day and an opportunity to do some networking!

The Christmas tree in Mrs. Chimbur’s 6th grade room.

Finley-Sharon Teacher In-service at MSU

Saturday, January 28th was the Chinese New Year, also known as Spring Festival in China and it will be the year of the Rooster.

The teachers went to Mayville State University on January 16th for a day of in-service. The morning started with motivational speaker Debbie Silver. In the afternoon a panel answered questions on the impact of drugs in our community and the final speaker was Bob Upgren, another motivational speaker and chalk artist. To the right is the chalk drawing Bob Upgren did. 5

Seniors go to May-Port CG

FSHP Lady Spartans Basketball

The Senior class went to hear Brooks The Lady Spartans are headed into Harper in Mayville at the high school. the final stretch of their season. Upcoming games: Brooks Harper is a career developJanuary 30th @ Mayville ment expert and interview coach. He February 2nd @ Northwood talked to students from local schools February 6th @ Page vs. HCV about being prepared for job interFeb. 13th @ Finley vs. Larimore– views and used his personal experiSenior Recognition between JV and ences to teach students lessons Varsity games. about everyday being an interview All games start at 6pm with Varsity and an opportunity to turn passion to follow! Come out & support your into paychecks. Lady Spartans! Ag Ed IV showing off their wall FSHP Spartan Boys Basketball framing abilities.

The Spartans Boys Basketball team is having a great season so far! They will have lots of upcoming action in the next month. Upcoming games: January 31st @ Midway Feb.3rd vs. Richland @ Page– SR. night February 10th @ Hatton February 11th @ Cavalier February 14th @ Larimore February 23rd @ Hillsboro All games start with JV at 6pm and Varsity to follow. Come & cheer loud for your Spartans!



to meets on Saturday mornings. We hope to gain some new members. You can still join the team anytime-just visit with Mr. Taghon. If there's not enough room in the suburban to fit everyone, we can just take a bus!

By Josh Taghon Yes, there's still a speech team! We have a small team this year, but we're scoring high. Jake Doll (8th grade) received the top novice award for Storytelling in Valley City and scored fifth place in Storytelling in Thompson. Jenna Cameron (12th grade) scored second place in speeches to persuade and entertain and scored fourth place in speech to inform in Thompson. Jake and Jenna are currently working on a humorous duo piece. Cody Moore (9th grade) and Devon Stalboerger (9th grade) are also rehearsing a humorous duo performance. Alex Ramsey (9th grade) has participated in impromptu and extemporaneous speeches. The senior members of the team have been doing a wonderful job teaching our new members and me the rules and regulations of high school speech. We appreciate the support from Mrs. Moore and Mrs. Goplin as we make this transition to a new coach. We also appreciate Mr. Race and Mr. Larson for preparing the suburban for us before we head off

Sphero By Josh Taghon In January, students from grades 5-9 learned how to program and navigate "Spheros," electronic spheres that one can maneuver like a remote-controlled car using an iPad. Students spent several afternoons learning how to program the Spheros to undergo specific commands. They can make the Spheros move in different directions, move at various speeds, and shine lights with different colors. After getting familiar with them, students spent time developing and fine-tuning programs to navigate the spheres through obstacle courses and mazes. Students competed for who had the most accurate program. As students programmed the Spheros, they practiced and developed a combination of creative and critical thinking skills that will benefit them in school and for the rest of their lives. Sadie Doll and Jillian Larson getting ready to compete with their Sphero. Gavin Cutshall is in the background.

Jake and Jenna also ranked at the Barnes County North meet. 7

100th Day of School The Kindergarten and Mrs. Neva celebrating 100 days of school.

Mr. Taghon (dressed as a 100 year old) surprising the elementary with treats!

Left—Grade 2—Rachel Stromsodt and above Mrs. Chimbur (Grade 6) getting in the spirit. 8

Celebrating 100 days of school! Above—Mrs. Dale (Grade 5) Below—Grade 6

Grade 3-above Grade 4—below Below—The Kindergarten class got their pictures photo shopped to show them how they will look when they are 100.


January 17.pdf

Black Bear Layers. Zachery Fife—Monster trucks, nerf. guns and underwear. Third Grade. Jori Jerstad—Aqua beads, dress,. blanket, American Girl clothes.

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