Radio Setup Instructions for FT-817 & FT-8x7 Bluetooth adapters 1. Plug the adapter into the 8 pin ACC port on the FT-817, the CAT/Tuner port on the FT-857 or FT-897, or the pigtail on the FT-100D. If it is the red FT-817 adapter, make sure the pins are in the bottom two rows of the connector on the radio. If the radio is an FT-817, your adapter is always on. If the radio is an FT-100D, FT-857, or FT-897, the adapter is off when the radio is off. 2. Confirm the settings on the radio are set to match the baud rate of the adapter, and that the port is configured to the correct mode. The default baud rate for these adapters is 38400 baud, unless an FT-100D variant was ordered. FT-817 & FT-817ND Menu #14, and rotate the knob until the correct baud rate is selected. This radio always has this port in the correct mode.

FT-857 & FT-897 Menu #19 – rotate the knob until the CAT rate matches the baud rate of the adapter. Menu #20 – Make sure this says “CAT”

FT-100D The internal connection to this must be on it’s default of CAT/Tuner. See page 19 of your radio’s operating manual.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USING THE ADAPTER ANDROID 6.0+ 1. Make sure your phone can install applications manually. Go in to your phone settings, and go to Security. (This may be labeled Fingerprints & security if your device as a fingerprint reader). Make sure Unknown sources is ON. You can turn this off after installing the application if you would like. 2. While still in Settings, go to Bluetooth, and select the adapter. If/when prompted, enter the pin for your adapter. 3. Download the experimental version of pRxTx from Next to the image, below the red text, there’s a link to download that version. Note that the version currently on the Play Store is NOT compatible with these versions of Android. There is also a manual for the application on that same site. If when selecting it from your notifications after it downloads, it doesn’t prompt for you to install it, navigate to the “downloads” folder in your phone’s file browser, and tap on pocketrxtx. You should then be prompted if you want to install it or go to the play store. Make sure to choose to install it. 4. After PocketRxTx is installed, when you first open it, you will get two options – DirectCAT or WebSDR. Select DirectCAT. Then select your radio from the list. You can select which configuration for the interface you would like in the 3rd wheel. Then click LOAD. You need to be online the first time you do this. If you click OK when prompted to save the radio locally, you won’t need to be online in the future. 5. Next, tap Bluetooth at the top, and then the orange Start button. The screen will change significantly. Press and hold the power button on screen for a second, and another screen should pop up. If this is the first time, it may request some permissions that you need to allow. It may take a few moments while it searches for paired devices in range. Once you select the adapter, the controls on screen should control your radio. For more detailed information on the controls on screen, see the manual for the software.

instructions for using the adapter android 6.0+

your radio's operating manual. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USING THE ADAPTER. ANDROID 6.0+. 1. Make sure your phone can install applications manually. Go in to your phone settings, and go to Security. (This may be labeled Fingerprints & security if your device as a fingerprint reader). Make sure Unknown sources is ON.

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