NAME: __________________________________ Lab Objective: Measure the impulse applied by a dynamics cart two ways. Materials:  Lab Quest  Dynamics Cart  Force Sensor  Spring  Motion Sensor Procedure and Laboratory Setup: SPRING LAUNCHER


 


Cardboard Target Scale



1. Gather all materials 2. Record the mass of the dynamics cart. 3. Plug in both the motion detector and force sensor into the Lab Quest device. 4. Check that each device is working. 5. Secure Motion Detector to ring stand 6. Install spring launching device into dynamics cart 7. Align spring launching device with force sensor 8. Attach cardboard target to the dynamics cart on the opposite side of the spring launcher 9. Align motion sensor with target cardboard. Data: Trial

1 2 3 4 5

Mass of Cart (Kg)

Additional Mass (Kg)

10. Set motion sensor to record in cart mode. 11. Begin recording force and motion data with the lab quest 12. Using the spring launcher, launch the dynamics cart. 13. Stop recording the force and motion data. 14. Record the calculated impulse given by the LabQuest using the force data. 15. Record the maximum velocity given by the motion detector. 16. Repeat steps 9-15 adding additional mass to the dynamics cart 4 times. 17. Clean up lab stations and put away all materials.

Calculated Impulse from Force Sensor P (kg m/s)

Maximum Velocity (m/s)

Analysis: 1. Calculate the impulse for each trail using the measured maximum velocity and assuming the cart started from rest. Calculated Trial Impulse 1 2 3 4 5 2. Calculate the percent error between the measured impulse using the force sensor and the calculated impulse from the previous problem. Assume the measured impulse to be the actual impulse. % Error Trial 1 2 3 4 5 3. How does increasing the mass affect the impulse applied to the cart? Justify your response referencing data from your lab.

Conclusion: What did you do? What did you learn from this lab? What data is important? What errors could have caused issues with your data?

Impulse Lab.pdf

Calculated Impulse from Force Sensor. P (kg m/s). Maximum Velocity. (m/s). 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. RING STAND. FORCE SENSOR. DYNAMICS CART SPRING ...

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