Bulletin number 20

December 2014

Dear Reader The Healthwatch Brent bulletin is published at the end of each month and has feedback on recent events and information about events coming up as well as news about health and social care issues. Healthwatch Brent also publishes factsheets about issues raised by Healthwatch Brent members and the public. You can find all the back copies of bulletins and factsheets on our website. Healthwatch Brent is a community interest company and we welcome new members to contribute in many different ways. If you are passionate about health and social care issues and would like to help make health and social care in Brent better find out about becoming a member (see contacts below). We have a leaflet that patients can use to let us know what is good and what needs to be better about the health and social care services they use. We need your help to distribute these as widely as possible so that we can hear from as many people as possible. If you can make sure that your local GP displays them (or any other services you know) that would be a great help. Please let our Co-ordinator, Ian Niven, know if you can help by calling 020 8451 5278 or emailing: [email protected] We always welcome your feedback and suggestions about this bulletin and Healthwatch Brent and are pleased to include information about any meetings or groups in the fields of health and social care. If you would like our outreach worker, Elaine Fletcher, to come and talk to your group send an email to: [email protected] This is how you can contact Healthwatch Brent - email: [email protected] website: www.healthwatchbrent.co.uk or freephone 0800 9961 839 (24 hours) Season’s greetings to all of you and a healthy new year!



Healthwatch England Special Inquiry Healthwatch England is to produce three briefings, one for each of the target groups. Release dates are: Mental health briefing: week starting 15 December Homelessness and older people briefings: week starting 19 January Each of the briefings will be shared with a number of key stakeholders to get further evidence of relevance and to understand where best practice and policy change is needed. The briefings will also be made available on the website: http://www.healthwatch.co.uk/

NHS England published independent report into the future care of people with learning disabilities NHS England (NHSE) had asked Sir Stephen Bubb, chief executive (CEO) of ACEVO (Association of CEOs of voluntary organisations) to chair an independent review. This review looked into how a new national framework of support might be delivered locally. This would enable people with learning disabilities to move out of inappropriate institutional care and live in the community with support and often costing much less. Over 3 years after the abuse of people with learning disabilities at Winterbourne View that was exposed by Panorama and the subsequent failure of meeting the target to move people out of such treatment and assessment units – more people are actually admitted than discharged - NHSE has now published another review ‘Winterbourne View – Time for Change’. The top recommendations are:    

 

To urgently close inappropriate in-patient care institutions A Charter of Rights for people with learning disabilities and/or autism and their families To give people with learning disabilities and their families a ‘right to challenge’ decisions and the right to request a personal budget A requirement for local decision-makers to follow a mandatory framework that sets out who is responsible, for which services and how they will be held to account, including improved data collection and publication Improved training and education for NHS, local government and provider staff To start a social investment fund to build capacity in community-based services, to enable them to provide alternative support and empowering people with learning disabilities by giving them the rights they deserve in determining their care.

Simon Stevens, NHSE chief executive, said: “NHS England’s recent work with people with learning disabilities, and this new report, all now prove that radical changes are needed in NHS and social care, so that people with learning disabilities and their families increasingly take control of how the services they want and need are provided.” 2

Care and Support Minister Norman Lamb said: “It is unacceptable for people with learning disabilities and autism to be left in institutions if they can live in their own home or in the community.” Gary Bourlet, founder of People First England, who has a learning disability: “The report is full of good words. But there’s not much here that hasn’t been said before. For more information and the full report click here: https://www.acevo.org.uk/news/winterbourne-view http://www.england.nhs.uk/2014/11/26/learning-disabilities-action/ http://www.theguardian.com/social-care-network/2014/nov/26/winterbourne-view-bubbreport-learning-disability

Care Quality Commission [CQC]


The job of the Care Quality Commission (CQC in short) is to check that people get good, safe health and social care in England. They make sure that hospitals, care homes and care services meet the rules set by Government. The CQC publishes what it finds to help people choose care.

Mental Health Trusts to be inspected according to risk Mental Health NHS trusts care for people with serious mental health problems and offer services, such as counselling and other psychological therapies, community and family support, and general health screening. For the first time the CQC has published information on every Mental Health NHS trust in England to show the public how it decides which services it will inspect next and what it will focus on. The CQC looked at 59 different sources of evidence, ranging from concerns raised by healthcare staff, bed occupancy rates, to staff and patient surveys. CQC collects this evidence to help plan its inspection activities. The collected information shows that the majority of Mental Health NHS trusts in England appear to be of low concern. From April the CQC will use this information to guide its inspections. CQC can only judge the performance of a mental health NHS trusts once it has carried out an inspection of whether its services are safe, caring, effective, responsive to people’s needs and well-led. Of the 57 Mental Health NHS Trusts in England, CQC has placed 40 of these into bands from one to four (highest perceived risk to lowest perceived risk). Of the 40 trusts within these bands, over a third (15) of the trusts is in band four. Five are in band one. The full list of Mental Health NHS trusts that CQC will inspect from April will be announced shortly. 3

Dr Katherine Rake OBE, Chief Executive of Healthwatch England said: “Five of the country’s mental health trusts fall into the CQC’s highest risk category and action must be taken now to ensure that patients of these facilities in question are accessing quality care.”

Inspections of general practices based on best available data The CQC looks at information that it has collected on every general practice in England when it decides which surgeries it will inspect first and what it will focus on. The CQC recently published this ‘intelligent monitoring’ of general practices. This is made up of different types of evidence on patient experience, care and treatment, based on sources including surveys and official statistics. It is part of CQC’s new regulatory approach that features specialist inspection teams, including GPs or practice nurses and trained members of the public who inspect services against what matters most to people who use them. This new information shows that almost eight out of ten general practices in England appear to be of low concern, based on the available data and almost 3,800 are in the lowest category. Within the next two years, the CQC will have inspected and rated every general practice in England as Outstanding, Good, Requires Improvement and Inadequate to help people make informed choices about their care and encourage improvement in quality. For further information click here: http://www.cqc.org.uk/content/our-intelligent-monitoringgp-practices

Dental survey The consumer body Which? are researching people's experiences of dental services in England, with a focus on charging. As part of their research, they are running a survey to find out more about people's experiences. Click here for the survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Healthwatchdentistry

Local Brent CCG Commissioning Intentions 2015/16 Brent Clinical Commissioning Group [CCG] has published its plans for commissioning (buying) health services for the years 2015/16. A draft of these plans with an easy read version is on the CCG website. Click here to read the plans: 4


Brent CCG Equality, Diversity and Engagement strategy review Brent CCG has now published the independent review into its equality, diversity and engagement strategy. This not only includes the EDEn (equality, diversity and engagement network) committee consisting of people representing a wide range of community representatives, but also the LPPGs (locality patient participation groups). It seems that Brent CCG has accepted all 12 recommendations made in the report at its recent meeting of the Governing Body (GB). Some people felt that there had not been enough time given to allow stakeholders to read the 70+ page report before that meeting in order to comment on it. The following were the main structural changes that the GB was asked to adopt:       

Removing the EDEn Strategy from the constitution Closing of the EDEn Committee Closing of the Locality Patient Participation Groups Forming a Public and Patient Engagement Subcommittee Revising the Quality Committee to be an Integrated Governance Committee Reviewing Terms of Reference of other committees and subcommittees to identify where lay membership would be relevant, and revising where necessary. Updating the governance structure diagrams.

For more information click here: http://brentccg.nhs.uk/en/news/246-engagement-review-findings-accepted

Volunteer Diabetes Community Champion 7.8% of Brent’s population have Type 2 diabetes (23,030). This is more than any other London borough. The risk of developing Type 2 diabetes can be reduced by changes in lifestyle. Brent Council is working in partnership with Diabetes UK on a new project. They are looking to recruit and train 15 Brent residents as volunteer diabetes community champions. The champions will learn about the signs, symptoms and risk factors of Type 2 diabetes and how individuals can reduce their risk. They will also raise awareness at local events, amongst friends, family and the local community and signpost to local Brent services. If you are looking to improve your skills and gain experience in a health promotion role, do get in touch. Out of pocket expenses will be provided. 5

Come along to the Welcome Workshop on 21st January. For further information or an application form contact: Casey Collyer, tel: 07595201990 or email: [email protected]

BAS4IL - Brent Disability Service 4 Independent Lives BAS4IL is a new signposting, information and advice service for people living in Brent. It is for people who are over 18 years old and disabled and anyone over the age of 65. You can get information links and email addresses on BAS4IL to lots of agencies in Brent who can help with your issue. The best place to look is on their website: www.bas4il.org.uk. You can email the service: [email protected] There is also a telephone advice line where you can ring and speak to a trained Volunteers Advice Navigator: 020 8965 7711 from 9am - 5pm. When you ring the advice line Volunteer Advice Navigators will signpost you to the best agency to deal with your issue. They will encourage you to deal with your issue yourself if possible. They may be able to set up an advice session with a BAS4IL adviser if your issue is complex and further help is needed. BAS4IL is a working partnership with Age UK Brent and Brent Mencap for Brent Council.

Feedback from local meetings Update on A&E at Northwick Park Hospital from the Health Partners Forum 19th November Ian Niven, Healthwatch Brent co-ordinator writes: Peter Latham, the chair of Willesden Patient Participation Group (PPG), raised the serious concern about waiting times at A&E at Northwick Park Hospital. In recent weeks, response times at A&E at Northwick Park have been the worst in England. Peter wrote to Simon Crawford, Senior Responsible Officer of the Hospital Merger Programme, asking what is the situation now, and what is being done. Simon replied saying that at the end of October 66% of people were seen within 4 hours. At the start of November 78% of people were seen within 4 hours – that means that 568 people were not seen in good time. The target for all A&E is that 95% of people will be seen within 4 hours. Simon said that the bottleneck was a lack of beds. Simon said the problem was not caused by a lack of staff or funding. He said that a further 18 beds are being made available with further beds becoming available in stages through to February 2015 to make a total increase of 70 beds. This will reduce the number of people waiting over 4 hours, but there will still be 448 people still waiting longer than 4 hours. 6

At the forum, Robin Sharp, chair of Kilburn PPG, asked if this was just a spike in cases, or a consequence of the changes made by Shaping a Healthier Future – this is the plan that closed A&E at Central Middlesex Hospital. Professor Ursula Gallagher of Brent Clinical Commissioning Group said that their modelling was not significantly wrong – referring to the number of additional people using Northwick Park after Central Middlesex closed. Many more people have in fact been coming from Harrow. The delays are caused by a spike in the use of A&E since August, and no one really understands why this has happened. She also said that all of the hospital trusts in NW London are working on a daily basis to find capacity. Many people get an initial response very quickly at A&E. The longer waits are due to the problem with beds and a plan is in place. Rehab beds and home support also need to be in place and operating well. Although NHS England is going to conduct a review of this problem it is clearly not going to be solved immediately. Healthwatch Brent hopes to visit the A&E department at Northwick Park in December to hear about patients’ experiences – to personalise these statistics. Healthwatch Brent acknowledges the concerns some people have expressed about the closure and the consequences. If you have used this service please share your views with Charles Morris, [email protected] or telephone 0800 9961 839.

Feedback from some Healthwatch Brent members about the Health Partners Forum It was interesting, especially the talk about Diabetes, but there was too much content delivered much too fast making it hard to follow for a lay person. Not enough time was allowed for discussion and questions. Some of the presentations were poor with too much small writing on the slides and impossible to read. Slides should be an aid to any presentation.

Report from Ann O’Neill, a Healthwatch Brent (HWB) Director, re Strategic meetings attended October- November 2014 Quality, Safety, Clinical Risk and Research Committee 1October 2014 As I have said before this group looks how the CCG is managing risks, quality and safety. We look briefly at papers such as updates, annual reports on services, performance reports from provider trusts, serious incidents etc. It is only a 2 hour meeting and some items are only discussed briefly. At this meeting the CCG Draft quality strategy was discussed. HWB suggested the draft should be circulated to partners for comments back by 17 October. The Commissioning Support Unit is now part of the Brent, Harrow and Hillingdon group of CCGs - I’m not sure if it is called a federation or not. They do a lot of the checking and hold 7

contract management meetings with the trusts. This meeting thought that the Deputy Director of Contracts should come to this meeting. There was also a discussion about which CCG leads on the bigger local contracts with trusts. Harrow CCG is leading on the Mental Health contract with Central and Northwest London Mental Health Trust. Brent CCG leads on the London Northwest Hospitals contract, that is Northwick Park, Central Middlesex and Ealing Hospitals. They have been renamed. There is another regular monitoring meeting held with the hospitals called the CQG which I think stands for Contract Quality Group that will report back to this meeting. There are lots of acronyms and groups. It’s hard for an outsider to understand what they all do and how they link up. It sounds as if they look quite closely and regularly at different areas of performance or underperformance and then monitor any action plans that are agreed. The meeting looked at the “never” incidents report. This is an incident that should never happen. These are increasing. This may be due to better reporting. The minutes from this meeting are attached to the CCG Board agenda once agreed.

Brent Safeguarding Adults Board 30th October 2014 The board has recruited a new Independent Chair. She is Fiona Bateman, who is also the independent Chair for Southampton Council. She also used to be a solicitor for Brent Adult Social Care so she knows Brent well. I was part of the interview panel. This was her first meeting as Chair. There is now a bit more detail on the Brent Council website about the Board and some annual reports are here: http://brent.gov.uk/services-for-residents/health-and-socialcare/adult-social-services/preventing-and-reporting-abuse/safeguarding-adults-board-andannual-reports/ I have reminded them that they promised to upload all the papers a while ago and I have asked for a deadline to be published. The agenda included the following: Structure of the Board and Subgroups Matters arising from last meeting LIFT Project – identifying outcomes Winterbourne View Community MARAC (Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference) Annual Report Statutory Agencies Audit Tool Establishment Concern Update Performance and Audit Subgroup Update There were updates and discussions about the various items. The new Community MARAC Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference presentation was interesting. 8

“The Brent Community MARAC (Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference) is a process where professionals share information on high risk cases of vulnerable individuals whose personal safety is at risk and put in place a risk management plan. The aim of the process is to address the safety and protection of the individual and to review and co-ordinate a case management plan. Examples of vulnerable individuals that can be referred to the panel are those who are victims of ASB, victims of hate crime, those at risk of fire related incidents and those at risk of financial abuse/fraud.” The co-ordinator Justin Ho is willing to visit community groups to explain more about what they do. Justin Ho, ASB and Crime Manager, Community Safety and Emergency Planning, Brent Council, email: [email protected], telephone: 020 8937 3863, mobile: 07920 470 430 The Board is currently producing its annual report for 2013 - 14. It is going to be more accessible and less formal than previous reports with more case studies. There will be some statistics and graphs in it but most of the statistics and more detail will be available on the website for those people who want more information. I have been asked to be part of a serious case review panel that the Brent Safeguarding Adults Board has set up. The different providers involved in the case have been asked to send in their reports. An independent person will look at all the reports, ask further questions and produce a draft report in early 2015. The Panel will then review it and ask for more information or clarification and it will then be published.

Health and Wellbeing Board 18th November 2014 This was the first of the new style meetings. The first 2 hours concentrated on looking at Dementia in Brent. There were “interviews” with a young sufferer of dementia, and a carer of a parent with dementia, talking about how dementia had affected them and their relatives. We then discussed what else was needed in Brent to make it a Dementia friendly borough and how the Dementia Alliance could develop. In the morning I met with an external consultant to discuss the Health and Wellbeing Board and how it could be developed further. The actual Business part of the meeting took place for 40 minutes afterwards. We briefly discussed the Better Care Fund, the Public Health annual Report and the refreshed Joint Strategic Needs Assessment, the Pharmaceutical Needs assessment consultation. We agreed to meet 2 monthly for the next few months. The next open part of the meeting will look at services for under 5 year olds.

Healthy Brent 25th October 2014 William Gemegah, a Healthwatch Brent member writes: CHAT’s (Community Health Action Trust) community health promotion interventions on HIV prevention and care enable the organisation to identify health related gaps in the London Borough of Brent. The event addressed some of the key gaps and was organised by CHAT in collaboration with RAFFA International, Brent CCG and London Sustainability Exchange. The event started with a presentation on Prostate Cancer. This proved to be the most thought provoking presentation of the event as it introduced the male issues concerning the prostate gland to an audience who hadn’t received much information on the topic. 9

Key Points:      

Prostate Cancer affects the Black / Afro – Caribbean disproportionately. Black men are Increasingly getting prostate cancer at earlier ages Sub – 50 If men believe they have health issues which may be connected to prostate problems they should contact their GP’s and medical experts within this area as soon as possible. Screening for prostate cancer should statutorily be changed to 40, in order to increase early diagnoses and reduce the mortality rate of suffers. We should explore methods of communicating information about Prostate Cancer, in order to reach out to different members of society. Women should also be educated within this areas, as within heterosexual monogamous relations they a major role in the health care of the couple and family.

Men should be empowered to act proactively in seeking information and advice about any concerns whether this be seeking a second opinion in regards to diagnosis or asking for tests before being instructed to do so. Following this Ben Hudson from the London Sustainability Exchange spoke about climate change. Ben went through the history of the earth’s climate and how the developments in industry and technology have profound effects on the Earth. He went into explaining how the greenhouse theory of global warming works and also the difference between Climate Change and Global Warming. In all Ben Hudson’s message was to inform people that although Climate Change is a global issue, every single individual can contribute to reduce the global carbon footprint and live more sustainably. Questions/ Points Raised:  

“When will local councils start providing recycling facilities for organic waste” “If you take the green bin, that only half the borough have, it cost us [the council] £88.00 a ton just to process it. We don’t make money out of it. We also have to transport it. We have to collect it. I don’t actually think that’s very green, do you? “ Keith Perrin – Northwick Park Councillor

Badru Male from Community Health Action Trust presented on HIV & Aging. The presentation provided information on HIV on a local and national level. He also went to discuss the medical complications which occur with older people who suffer from HIV. The general message of the presentation was that there needs to be more collaborative work in insuring the needs of those who are aging with HIV are catered for. Key Points 

HIV was discovered within the 1980’s and during this decade there was an epidemic of sufferers dying very quickly. Since several major advancements in the treatment of HIV, people are now able to live comfortable lives with the virus. People are living with HIV for longer than before. This brings new problems for sufferers of HIV as this is the first time sufferers are living to these ages. More


research needs to be put in place in order to understand fully the health complications sufferers may face Although sufferers may look healthy and normal, their immune systems are actually working harder than non-sufferers. Thus making them prone to obtaining other illnesses which are associated with old age.

More people need to be educated about the virus to prevent them from obtaining it and also increasing awareness amongst the general public. Kay Ollivierre from the Clinical Commissioning Group delivered a presentation about what the CCG does and also how they aim to work within the community. Key Points   

 

The role of the CCG is to assess the needs of Brent residents and allocate funds for the necessary services to be provided. There is a need for Health Care services to work together in a collaborative effort to better services for patients It is important for residents to make their views and issues known; this can be facilitated through discussion like this event or by contacting the relevant organizations, such as the CCG, directly. The CCG through its projects and planning are continually trying to maintain the quality of healthcare services and make sure they are accessible to all. Although it is vital that healthcare services are provided, it is also equally important that individuals take measures to stay healthy. Changes in lifestyle and habits could have positive effects on the wellbeing of a person thus preventing the need of accessing care and decreasing pressures on such services.

Gathering Views Gathering Views Small Grants Health Watch Brent are awarding grants of up to £200 to local organisations and community groups to assist with Gathering Views on key areas for health and social care in Brent. These small awards can be used as a contribution towards the cost of an event or session. This could include funding room hire, printing, or even covering volunteer expenses at drop-in sessions. The objective of Gathering Views is to encourage people to share their views by completion of our Healthwatch survey. Please complete the EOI form to express your interest http://goo.gl/Kq20DM. For any further information, please contact [email protected] / 07825 215 652


Views gathered by Healthwatch Brent Healthwatch Brent gathered 180 views: 93% came from members of the public 2% came from organisations 2% came from members of Healthwatch Brent 64% came from meeting people at health and social care services 21% through the enquiries email and telephone 15% by our reply mailers that we leave at health and social care services Most people commented on GP Services Hospital Mental health Children & young people’s health services Dentist A&E A wide range of other services (1% per service)

34% 20% 7% 5% 5% 4% 25%

Type of comments: Complaint Concern Compliment Comment Questions

45% 20% 18% 11% 6%

Quotes: GP – “My concern is that it is difficult to get an appointment. I'm told to book online. I've to wait along time to get an appointment." “I'm happy with the service at Tanfield Avenue Medical Centre. I can usually get an appointment within 2-3 days. "I'm pleased with the service given. Dr. Tate [Kilburn Park Medical Centre] is very good so there is usually a waiting list to see him." HWB response – The CCG is trialling GP Hub appointments to make it easier to get an appointment. We sent out a survey about this to all of our individual contacts including over 200 local organisations. In December we will let Brent Council’s Scrutiny Committee know what people said. We are carrying out surveys and producing a report to further explore GP services. 12

Hospital - "There are communication problems, mostly with admin staff [at CMH]. They need to be more efficient. I rang up to make an appointment, I gave my name and address and I was told that I had been discharged because the records show that I had died" HWB response We wrote to the relevant manager of 4 services to raise concerns and made direct contact possible for patients and their families to get a response, including Willesden Centre for Health and Care and Park Royal Centre for Mental Health. Children – “It is good to have someone to talk to [at CAMHS]. However, to be better it would be good to have more things like Brent User Network.” HWB response We will undertake a fuller survey of young people to hear about their mental health services. We will produce a report on this early in 2015. Dentist – Concern was raised by a number of people about a lack of dental treatment in Brent for people with learning disabilities. This related to a lack of communication about changes to services and that people now need to travel out of the borough for most treatment. HWB response – This has been constantly raised at the old Primary Care Trust, the Learning Disability Partnership Board and Brent CCG, without any improvement. We will now take this to Healthwatch England. A&E - I was kept in A&E for 10hrs, without a diagnosis. I felt dreadful. I later found out that I have an over active thyroid- I don't have any faith in the medical service". HWB response We will be visiting A&E at Northwick Park in December to get the views of patients. We will give this information to Brent Council’s Health and Wellbeing Board. What else we did in response to your views We signposted people to the correct complaints procedure, and to Voiceability if they needed support. We met with CQC to start exploring how we share information about the concerns raised by people in Brent. We trained 8 volunteers to make Enter and View visits to services that we have received concerns about. We offered small grants to small organisations to gather views from their communities, so that we hear from as wide a range of people in Brent. We would like to receive more views and information about services from members. We will let you know when new views and reports are available.


Views gathered on GP services – Healthwatch Brent – November 2014 Nature of comment

Number %

People giving views


Total number of comments Negative comments

64 46

34% of all views gathered by HWB 100% 72%

Too long to get an appointment



Unhappy with diagnosis or referral Not enough time with GP Poor physical environment Not seeing the same GP Rude receptionist Poor communication with people with learning disabilities Long waiting time in reception Individual concerns Positive comments

11 6 5 4 3 2

17% 9% 8% 6% 5% 3%

2 3 15

3% 5% 23%

Good / helpful service Easy to get appointments Physical environment Neutral comments

9 5 1 3

14% 8% 1% 5%

Some staff good, others not good



EVENTS International day for disabled people Brent Council and Brent Housing Partnership invite all residents to a free event to celebrate International Day for Disabled People. There will be entertainment and refreshments as well as workshops and information stalls on: housing, transport, employment, health, leisure For more information, to book a place or any special access requirements, please email [email protected] or call 020 8937 1190. When:

Wednesday, 3 December, 11am to 2pm


Grand Hall, Brent Civic Centre


World Aids Day The NHS Community of HIV Practice in Brent are holding a half-day educational World Aids Day event. The event is aimed at healthcare professionals from around Brent and beyond; carers, as well as people living with or otherwise affected by HIV. When:

Wednesday, 3 December


Bridge Park Community Leisure Centre, Brentfield, Harrow Road, Stonebridge, London NW10 0RG

If you are interested please email: [email protected]

Patient Participation Groups (PPG) Many of the GP practices in Brent have patient participation groups which meet regularly to discuss issues important to patients at that practice. Many surgeries also have virtual patient participation groups, so you have the option of contributing electronically as well as attending meetings. From time to time, they run consultations on their proposals. They also publish details of national consultations that may seek your opinion. The locality PPG meetings have been delayed until January to allow for review and reaction to what the CCG is doing to EDEN and the PPGs. (see paragraph about review above)

Brent Mencap Health Focus Group This session is for people with learning disabilities and their carers When: Where:

Tuesday 9th December, 3.30 pm – 5 pm Brent Mencap, 379-381 High Road, Willesden NW10 2JR

Topic: Joint Health and Social Care Self Assessment Framework (Refreshments available)

Pan London Mobility Forum meeting When:

Friday 5 December, 1.30 – 5pm


Friends Meeting House, 173 Euston Road, London NW1 2BJ

The panel discussion will focus on vehicle access design. They will also look at plans for the new Crossrail. 15

The forum will also feature a ‘borough round-up’ where representatives from across London report back on the current news and issues that they face in their area You must register for this event: http://bit.ly/1s55OTv

Research proposals wanted The National Institute for Health Research Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (NIHR CLAHRC Northwest London) is inviting research driven project proposals across three work streams with total funding of £660,000 available Research driven improvement projects - CLAHRC Northwest London is seeking bids for projects which implement an evidence based intervention into practice for the benefit of patients. Projects will be supported to adopt the CLAHRC Northwest London systematic approach to quality improvement and research. CLAHRC Northwest London will aim to fund 3-6 projects up to £100k each over an 18 month period. Projects will be match funded from partner organisations. Deadlines: Registration of Interest – 13 February 2015. Full applications – 27 March 2015. Please click here for further information or contact [email protected] Improvement leaders fellowship - The aim of this programme is to develop future leaders in innovation, quality improvement and research. The fellowship programme is open to Northwest London NHS partner organisation staff and others with a role in health and healthcare including patients and carers. The programme provides a range of mentoring support, monthly shared learning meetings, an international study visit and a work based project. There are 12 places available for new fellows. The bursary for the fellowship is £7.500, for fellows within partner organisations this bursary is march funded by the organisation. Deadlines: Applications – 12th December 2014. Interviews - week commencing 19th January 2015 Please click here for further information or contact [email protected] eHealth projects - This call is for technology driven projects which aim to improve capacity in quality improvement across Northwest London. Funding will be awarded to projects which encourage, support and promote innovation within the sector. Bids are invited from organisations and partnership consortia for up to £12,000 for each project. The aim is to fund 6 projects. Deadlines: Applications - 9th January 2015. Projects commence – 31st March 2015. Please click here for further information or contact [email protected]

Taster sessions - further engagement opportunities for project teams and organisations will be held on: 5th December 2014 - 09:30am - 12:30pm Seminar Room 8, Postgraduate Medical Centre, Northwick Park Hospital 15th January 2015 - 09:30am - 12:30pm; Board Room, St Charles Hospital To register for one of the taster sessions please email: [email protected] 16

HWB Bulletin (20) December 2014.pdf

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Page 1 of 2. FIRST SUNDAY OF ADVENT. MASS INTENTIONS: 5:30 p.m. Saturday, December 2. Betty Merry (85th Birthday) (C.W.C.). 8:00 a.m. Sunday, December 3. + Joe & Marion Brady (Bob & Ellen Schopis). 10:00 a.m. Sunday, December 3. For the People. 5:30

MS Weekly Bulletin Aug 20 to 27.pdf
Home of the Panthers! Weekly Bulletin ... Thank you again for your continued support of Pioneer Middle School. Jamie Rogers,. Principal .... Cara Penawaran: Melalui Aplikasi Lelang Internet cara .... MS Weekly Bulletin Aug 20 to 27.pdf.