NOIE: Ihese guderines ond cfieria were sent direclly from the Ofrice of our Regionol Supervisor in /l,lofhemofi'cs lo be included in 2017 Regionol Feslrvol of Talents (RFOT).

I. Sludenis Competilion for Public Junior ond SHS: GAI,IATHLYMPICS, Group Colegory for Grode 9,10,1 I ond 12 Three (3) members per grode level

One (l) grode level sholl declored winner by eoch school, disklcl qnd division


Teochers Competilion for Public Elemenlory ond Secondory: lndividuol Colegory- CONTEXTUATIZED "T-MATH" VIDEO One (l) winner for elemenlory ond one winner (l) for secondory sholl be declored winner by eoch school, dislrict ond division Preose be guided accordingly.

Thankyou, Elizabeth R. Tolentino EPS-



Dote: Your nomes:

l. 2. 2

Leoming gome title:






Criterio The gome design must be deeply engoging - interesting, hooking the interesl of oll types of leorners/oomers, - user friendlv. The gome shows multiple representotions of the conient. The gome hos cleor leorning objectives thot qre merged with

gomeploy. The gome promotes stroteoic thinkino. The gome moiivoies leorners/oomers io chollenoe themselves. The gome includes instructions io guide leorners/gomers tbword oreofer underslondino.



to% 100%


A gorne design musf lo be submifled lo fhe Regional Office.

Pleose be informed of the explonolion on lhe obove crilerio. 1

. Video gome

design refers to plonning, designing, ond creoiing video gomes. Video gome designers will often work closely with olher members of o teom to creoie video gomes for computers ond video gome consoles. Designing video gomes is o very speciolized ond chollenging coreer. A greol leorning gome deeply engoges sludents. Gomes inspire o speciol kind of focus. There's no reoson to use goming in the clossroom insieod of onolher insiructionol medio if the gome doesn't deeply grob students' otteniion. This engogement somelimes tokes ihe form of loud, Ioughing colloboroiion, ond sometimes quiei intensity, but regordless, o greot leorning gome should hove studenls begging to ploy during recess, ofter school, ond ot home. They're invested iniellectuolly ond emotionolly.


A greot leorning gome shows multiple representoiions of ihe conient. lf o studeni ploys with diverse symbols ihey're more likely to understond the concepis underneoth porticulor problems ond 1o tronsfer leorning io situotions oulside the gome world.


A greot


A greot leorning gome promotes strotegic lhinking. Given

leorning gome hos cleor leorning ob.ieciives merged with gomeploy. There should be no disiinclion between leorning the content ond ploying. Mony gomes foil this test becouse lhey olternole between educoiionol ond fun componenis. For exomple, you're chorging through o costle, sword in hond, uniil you're forced io stop ond solve on unreloied orithmetic problem. The moth merely serves os on impediment to exploring the costle, ond ihe resulting bock ond forth is less fun ihon o commerciol gome, less efficient thon o digiiol worksheei, ond sends the messoge thot leorning itself isn't fun. ln conlrost, Drogon Box Algebro, one of our fovoriie moth gomes, is entirely obout simplifying terms ond isoloting x. The leorning ond ploy ore one ond the some. meoningful choices, students con explore diverse outcomes ond leorn to plon severol steps oheod. They'll olso be more engoged becouse their ociions ore driving the experience. This element is where onimoted worksheets con't compete, becouse siudenis don't hove ony choices; they're forced to onswer o fixed series of questions. Complex gomes with diverse ogents con olso teoch studenis sysiems thinking, but even o relotively simple gome wiih uniform pieces such os checkers gives ployen mony choices with long-term consequences.

( A greol leorning gome molivotes studenis to chollenge ihemselves. Gomes ore o noturol medium for developing o growih mindset ond o positive relotionship to chollenge. No siudent expects to win o gome ihe firsi time ihey ploy. While foiling o quiz five iimes in o row would depress

mosl studenis, students expect to lose o gome level five or even fifty times before they finolly win. Losing doesn't hove ihe some negotive impoct on o child's ego becouse it's "just o gome." However, some gomes con lose this motivotionol power wiih overly horsh negoiive feedbock * bright red X's, horsh noises. ond o lock of helpful hints con moke losing feel like flunking. Greot leorning gomes encouroge studenis to keep penisiing through difficult moteriql.

6. A greot leorning gome includes instruction to guide siudents toword greoter underslonding. li should not jusi be o quiz to determine whot o student knows, bui rother o pedogogicol tool. Effective techniques include scoffolding to reduce the complexity of the tosk, offering hints, ond refroming problems.

Develops Creolive (reloiing to or involving the imoginolion or originol ideos, especiolly in the produciion of on ortistic work.


From Definition of Creoie verb cre ote \kr6-'ot, 'kre: to moke or produce (something): io couse (somelhing new) to exist : to couse (o porticulor situotion) to exisl : to produce (someihing new. such os o work of ort) by using

tolenls ond imoginotion.) ond criticol thinking skills of sludents.


Conlexluolized "T-MATH" Video Moleriols lor Teocher

The video moierioi must be interesting, hooking the interesi of oll types of leorners, students friendly ond teocher friendly thot is oligned on Domoins (Conteni Knowledge ond Pedogogy) ond 3 (Diversity of Leorners) of the 1

Philippine Professionol Stondords for Teochers

Domoin 'l



hos the following stronds: (50%)

Conient knowledge ond its opplicoiion within ond ocross curriculum


oreos 2. Reseorch-bosed knowledge ond principles of teoching ond leorning 3. Posiiive use of ICT 4. Strotegies for promoting literocy ond numerocy 5. Stroiegies for developing criticol ond creotive ihinking, os well os HOT Skills

6. Moiher Tongue, Filipino ond English in teoching ond leorning ond 7. Clossroom communicotion skotegies

Domoin 3 focuses on lhe following stronds: (50%) 'l


Leorners' gender, needs, strengths, inlerests ond experiences

2. Leorners' linguistic, culturol, socio-economic ond

3. 4. 5.


bockgrounds Leorners with disobilities, gifiedness, ond lolents Leorners in difficult circumstonces ond Leorners from indigenous groups.


A. The video moteriol musl be conlenf-bosed (expression ihot is bosed on the substonce of the messoge being communicoted, rother thon jusl the monner or method in which the messoge being expressed.) ond culriculum bosed (cuniculum refers io the lessons ond ocodemic content tought in o school or in o specific course or progrom. ln dictionories, curriculum


often defined os the courses offered by o school).

B. The video moteriol will help develop Creotive (reloting io or involving the imoginotion or originol ideos, especiolly in the production of on orlistic work. From Definiiion of Creote yerb cre qte \kre-'ot, 'kre-,\ : to moke or produce (something) : to couse (something new) to exisi : to couse (o porticulor situotion) to exist : to produce (someihing new, such os o work of ori) by using iolents ond imoginotion) ond criticol thinking skills of siudenfs.

1.t Regionol GAn ATHIYMPICS COMPETITION For Grodes 9, I0. & 12


(3 students with Brillionl ideos in Molh ond in l.T)

Chollenge your mind ond skills, Develop lnnovolive Moleriols in Molhemolics lhol con be ulilized of mony sludenls in the clossroom. ploying "Enioy computer gomes while leorning Molh."


thoi will focilitole bosic Mothemoticol leorning using computer os the moin tool in the compeiifion. The Competiiion seeks to promote excellence by encouroging siudenis to undertoke teom projects. lt fosters intensive reseorch thoi improves siudenls' undersionding of ihe volue of scientific study ond leods them to moking decisions in their future coreers in these disciplines. Teom projects foster colloboroiive reseorch efforts, os well os CREATE MATH Gomes

individuol contributions to the colloboroiive endeovor.


A. Enhonce leorner's creoiiviiy ond criiicol thinking ihrough developing bosic mothemoticol gomes using simple progroms/softwore.

B. Develop Mothemoticol concept through progromming. GUIDETINES;


Porticiponts in this competition will be students from Grode 9 to 12 of Public Schools of DepEd, Region 44. 2. Eoch leom will be composed of 3 students who excel in Moih ond computer belonging in ihe some Grode level. 3. Porticiponts will develop Moih Gomes thot will focilitoie bosic Moihemolicol leorning through compuler progroms/softwore. 4. Porticiponis will use progrom or soflwore offered in ihe Junior ond Senior High os stoted in ihe curriculum guide for TLE (such os, Office Sofiwore wiih Publisher, Illuskoior ond AutoCAD, Electronics ond Computer Servicing, Roboiics ond Android Progromming with Gomes, C++, Jovo netbeons, Orocle, ond Nel Progromming, Jovo ond Copstone) to develop the required moth computer gomes. 5. The winner in eoch Division will quolify in the Regionol level. 6. The quolifiers in the Division level will submii their enkies to the Regionol Office on or before Octobet 30,2017 7. The shortlisted teoms will compete during RFOT ond will present their output to o ponel of judges. B. The top 3 teoms will be declored os winners. 9. The decision of the boord of judges is finol ond irrevocoble.


Porticipoting in the mothemotics reseorch-bosed competition for Junior ond Senior High School students in the Region will:

. . .

Expond inquiry-bosed reseorch skills. Chollenge to develop ond creote innovotive moteriols thot enhonce creotivity while leorning ond enjoying mothemoticol concepis. Provide the opporiuniiy to interfoce with olher studenfs who shore inierest in reseorch.

Compeiilion Schedule Comoetition Guidelines ond Forms Posted. . lAll Comoetition Moteriols will be shouldered vJeek t.. llhe school. 17

Santa:vrFrar 1t117 r,l )nd




17,2017 during the RFOT)

Submission of entry is on the first week of the

October 2017 of I't week

iop 10 selected entry will undergo presentoiion of iheir work in the presence of Judges. venue of lhe compelilion will be provided hosl Division for lhe Regionol f eslivol olents {l rt CLASH is ot Bolo The

Sludenl Eligibility

. . .

The competition is open io bonofide Junior ond Senior students of the Region. Studenis musi be in good sionding. Students must be enrolled in Grode levels 9 io 12 during the school yeor. Studenis in the some Grode level musi be the winners of ihe Division level who will compete in the Regionol Festivol of Tolents (RFOT).

Teom projech:

Moy only hove three (3) members ond coming from the lome Grode Ievel. Teom members should come from the some school.

Eoch teom musl designote o ieom leoder who will serve os ihe spoke person during the presentotion of their work. All ieom members must hove octive roles in the design, execulion, ond delivery of results of their outputs submitied io the DepEd, Division/Region.


A. Project Eligibility

Before you begin, you must determine thot your projeci is eligible for the Competition.

. . . . . . . B.

Eoch school con form o teom to compete in ihe Division level. Eoch Division will submit their top winning eniry io ihe Region on the fitst week of the mon'ih of October. Only one compuler gomes output, which will include oll of ihe moieriols mentioned in the Competition Guidelines. Eoch Division computer gomes output must be originolly crofted ond studied by the ieom. lf the teom were o Finolist in o previous Regionol Competition ond intend to submit o previously submitted project, the teom musi be oble io cleorly demonstroie on improvemeni from their previous outpuf. lf o teom were NOT selecied os o Finolist in o previous Division/Regionol Compeiition, the teom moy resubmit Division/Regionol output with no chonges, or moy submii o new outpul in the Division level competition. A moximum 10-poge document, which includes ihe obsirqci, objectives, methodology, design, ond expecied output ond its expected potenliol impoct, should be submitted to lhe orgonizer (Division/Regionol) Ouiputs thot violole ony lows, school or Competiiion regulotions or thot moy potentiolly ploce ony studenl, judge, or observer in donger ore nol eligible.

Oulpul Topics The outpui moy involve projects in the fields of mothemotics focused on the following topics.

. . . . . .

Bosic Moth

lnlermedioie Algebro Advonced Algebro Geometry Siotistics ond Probobiliiy Trigonometry

Note: The integrity of lhe reseorch proposol is lhe responsibility of lhe outhors (students) with thek cooch (Teocher), School Heod, wiih lheir Supervisors. Violoiions of ocodemic inlegrily will result in disquolificolion.


Firsl Phose: Division Level (Nole: some processes should be followed Division)

ol lhe

't nu) will be done in lhe Division on Seleclion of Winners (Chompion, rt RU, oncl 2na lhe second \ reek of SeplemLer. The top winner in lhe Division will compele in lhe region'


tinol Phose: Regionol Level

_o.Firsllound:Allentrieswillbejudgedbyseleclboordofjudgesfromo prestigious Universities/Colleges bosed on the criterio'


judges Wll b. Second round: Holf of the chosen enlries by select boord of


judgei. Followed by the onnouncemeni of ihe fini ploce, second ploce, ond chomPion'

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