October 2015

Volume 45 No.2

The Official Newsletter of the

Gainesville Rose Society Affiliated with the American Rose Society G R S

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How many days of sunshine did we have this month? I remember two. While we do live in the land of “sunshine” this year has been quite a challenge with all the rain around. Our yard, plants, including roses, have suffered greatly with the lack of sunshine and overabundance of rain. By this time, after fall pruning, we should be seeing long stems and large buds. In fact, we are seeing just the opposite, short stems and tiny buds. The usual fall flush for our fall shows does not look too promising. That being said, I must remind myself that this weather condition cannot dampen our spirits. Life throws many things at us and we should be able to enjoy and learn from each and every experience. Ralph and I had a great time in Syracuse at the Fall National Convention and Rose Show. There too the weather had affected their roses so there were not nearly as many entries as you would generally see. The show included arrangements as well as a photo section. Many folks are jumping on the photo bandwagon and showing their talents in photography. The ARS has put together guidelines for photography in an ARS show and they were testing it in Syracuse. I’m sure we will be thrilled when the final product is released. Hopefully we can then include photography in our local show. The fall convention in Valdosta is quickly coming and it is still not too late to register and attend this weekend (October23-25). I spoke with the ladies at the Crescent Garden Center in Valdosta this week. They are so excited about hosting our tour on Sunday October25. This promises to be a nice way to end our weekend in the area. Thanks to Missy Burton for helping us with arranging it as part of our convention. I’m looking forward to our October meeting at Dudley Farms and dinner at Napolitano’s afterwards. We hardly ever have time to just relax together. This will be a time for it. I will keep the business portion brief. We do have a lot to think about as we go into the end of the year and planning for the Mid-Winter meeting in January. Please let’s all keep thinking and looking for items to include on our website. Dan is looking for good articles, Linda is looking for good pictures, Ralph is looking for contacts we may reference as useful to our visitors to the website. Social Media is here to stay. It needs to be our friend. Bring your questions for our consulting Rosarians, we will take a few minutes to answer these. Looking forward to seeing you at Dudley, 2:00 pm.

Jean Stream

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Gainesville Rose Society Elected Officers: President: Jean Stream Vice-President: Lee Kline Secretary: Jean Giesel Treasurer: Dan Mills

Consulting Rosarians: Consulting Rosarians are rose growers who have met ARS qualifications and are able to help you with your rose-growing problems. Our active, local Consulting Rosarians are: Lee Kline 352-214-5466 [email protected] Dan Mills (352) 591-2145 [email protected] Ralph Stream (352) 591-4474 [email protected] John Tucker (352) 591-2145 [email protected]

GRS Website: www.gainesvillerosesociety. com Linda Rengarts, Web Master (352) 641-6225 [email protected]

The Official Newsletter of the Gainesville Rose Society The meeting of the Gainesville Rose Society was called to order by President, Jean Stream, at 2:05 on Sunday, September 6, 2015 with 14 members and the following officers present : Pres. – Jean Stream; V. Pres. – Lee Kline ; Tres. – Dan Mills ; Sect’y – Bob Kline ( pro tem ). Pres. Stream asked how member’s roses did during the summer. Lee Wiegand indicated that the only rose that did well was her Pink Pet; Phil Leilich was not happy with his roses ; Mary Menoski stated that her Old Garden Roses were very good – black spots were minimal and her hybrid teas were very small; Dan Mills pruned his two weeks ago in preparation for the rose show ; Robie Robinson said that his were not as good as usual; Cyd Wade said that their blooms were very good; Jean Stream said that some roses dried up during the two weeks that they were gone and Ralph that the thunder and lightning releases nitrogen which is a natural fertilizer ; Ann Sherwood said that their Veteran’s Honor had nice blooms. Lee Kline made a motion to approve the minutes of the previous meeting. Seconded by Phil Leilich. Motion passed. Money Memorial Ideas was tabled. Lee Kline gave a report on the October 17 & 18 Kanapaha Botanical Garden Fall Festival stating that a table will be set up which will be shared by the Gainesville Garden Club and the Gainesville Rose Society. A “sign-up “ sheet for volunteers to help on Saturday and Sunday was passed around. It will be open from 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. on the 17th and 18th. This booth will be open for information only ( No one pays for entry fees ). Also, the Gainesville Garden Club will be sponsoring a garden tour with lunch and a speaker which will commence at the garden club and include a tour of five homes with exceptional gardens. The cost of this will be $ 25.00 per person. A sign-up sheet was passed around asking for refreshments for the fall meetings. Linda Rengarts made a motion that the society’s October meeting be held at the Dudley Farms for a program after which we will go to Nepolitano’s Restaurant for supper ( supper being paid for by the society ). Meeting and tour will commence at 2:00 P.M. with supper at 4:30 P.M. Seconded by Phil Leilich. Passed. Sunshine : Bob Spangenberg is not doing well; Helen Hardee is having difficulties getting around; Earl Bergadine has difficulties getting around too. Old Business : Website - Cyd said that the facebook needs information. Dan Mills asked that articles be funneled to him for the website. It was suggested that articles on Dudley Farms that are relevant to Dudley Farms and our society be submitted to Dan Mills. Art Wade emphasized the need for us to reach out to and target new audiences, new residents, create propagation and show programs for the younger people, reach out to home schoolers, etc. New Business: Valdosta Convention ; Lee Kline offered to make an raffle basket. The theme for the convention is “ A Toast to Karen “, in honor of Karen Prevatt whose term as District Director will expire. A gift will be purchased for her and various societies have donated over $ 500.00 toward the gift. Linda Rengarts made a motion to have our society donate $ 25.00 for the gift for Karen. Seconded by Cyd Wade. Passed. Lee Kline made a motion that our society’s donation for the convention be $ 50.00. Seconded by Ralph Stream. Passed.

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Ralph Stream stated the trophies were covered. Jean Stream asked for permission to borrow supplies from Gainesville for the convention including clerking supplies. She was given permission to use what is needed. Lee Wiegand offered to host the yard sale – Oct. 14th subject to Lee’s schedule. Lee Kline made a motion that we host the The Mid-Winter meeting - January 15 – 17. Seconded by Ralph Stream. Passed. Linda Rengarts said that she would handle registration. Mary Menoski will assist. Ann Sherwood would work on the theme. The Alligator Creek Garden Club( located in Stark ) requested a speaker from our society. Their meetings are held at the Bradford County Extention on the second Thursday of the month. Art Wade offered Linda Rengarts as the sacrificial lamb and Linda was too dumbfounded to say no. I think that Art Wade was bamboozled into assisting some how. The meeting was adjourned in peace and harmony at 4:45 P.M. Respectfully submitted, Bob Kline - Sect’y ( Pro tem ) GRS Treasurer’s Report (for Oct. 2015 NL) Bank Statement Balance as of 8-31-15 $11,983.58 (reported in Sept. 2015 NL) Sept. deposits: 204.00 $24.00 Sept. raffle $180.00 member dues Sept. checks written: 119.71 $19.71 for NL expenses $25.00 to DSD for Karen’s gift $50.00 to DSD for convention exp. $25.00 to DSD for dues

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Bank Statement Balance as of 9-30-15 $12,067.87 (To be confirmed by Sept. bank statement) REMINDER: Membership dues for 2015-16 are due now! Payment may be made at the October meeting or via the mail. Daniel S. Mills, Treasurer REFRESHMENT LIST Nov - Anita Campbell - Ann & Dan Sherwood Dec. Christmas Party - at Rose Petals Nursery Jan. Cyd & Art Wade - Linda Rengarts Feb. Phil Leilich - Shirley Mullins Mar. Jean Giesel - Missy Burton - Mary Menoski April. Willie Mae Burley - Jean Stream May Picnic June - Ice cream social GRS PROGRAMS PLANNED Nov - Getting Roses Ready for Winter Dec - Christmas party - Rose Petals Nursery January - What should I purchase? Bare root or potted roses February - Pruning & Fertilizing roses March - TBD April - Rose Show May - Picnic - Rose Petals Nursery June - Ice Cream Social

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Gainesville Rose Society. Elected Officers: President: Jean Stream. Vice-President: Lee Kline. Secretary: Jean Giesel. Treasurer: Dan Mills. P a g e 2. Consulting ...

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