November 2015

Volume 45 No.3

The Official Newsletter of the

Gainesville Rose Society Affiliated with the American Rose Society G R S

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How exciting it is to see the fall colors starting to show and the cooler temps coming our way. Seems like this year has been a whir wind from the beginning. Our “A Toast to Karen” weekend in Valdosta was truly fun and I want to thank everyone for helping support this event. Our GRS Raffle basket was really nice. Karen loved her gifts of cut glass that GRS helped to purchase. I’m sorry that more of you were not able to attend. Key players from Gainesville were Cyd & Art as Vendors with their beautiful roses, Dan Mills with his expertise in handling the show awards, Ann and Dan Sherwood with their beautiful Saturday evening table decorations, Bob and Lee Kline with their calligraphy skills, Lee for creating our raffle basket, Mary Maud with Judging, Ralph with transportation of show supplies and layout of the facility and me dealing with the hotel and other odd items. Thanks to each of you for handling these special tasks along with the many, many other jobs you took in stride. The facility was quite small so a lot of shuffling had to be done to make it all come together. As we move into fall we can look forward to spending some fun time together. Our Yard Sale is coming up on the 14th of November. Please drop your items by Lee Wiegand’s on Friday the 13th. Mark them with the price so she won’t have to do this last minute. The hours will be 8:00 am to noon and clean up afterwards. This is a good opportunity for each of us to move out our “white elephants”. Right behind this will be our Christmas party at the Rose Petals Nursery. Our program for the 8th will be “Getting our Roses Ready for Winter”. Please be thinking of any challenges you have in your garden. Solutions may be just a question away. Good preparation for the winter will bring us those nice blooms for our April rose show. As you can see by receiving this newsletter via email, we need help. Linda has requested a break from doing the newsletter and therefore, we need to fill her shoes in the meantime. If you have a small amount of computer skills and a desire to work on this, please give it a try. We don’t need anything fancy, just basic communications. Remember also we talked about getting articles to Dan to be included in the newsletter and on the website. Have you found one yet for us to use? We need to start planning for the Mid-Winter Meeting pretty quickly. Ann has given us the theme “A Sweet Ride with Roses” that we will be using. Our district folks are excited that we are hosting and are looking forward to a weekend in Gainesville. Please be thinking of something we might have a handful of people do on Sunday morning while the CR School is going on. We can make this fun if we pull our ideas together. You can see, life is busy but fun. I’m looking forward to our exciting times together. See you on the 8th at Celebration UMC. Jean Stream

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The Official Newsletter of the Gainesville Rose Society

Gainesville Rose Society Elected Officers:

President Jean Stream called the meeting to order and welcomed Shirly Mullins’ sister Irene, and Robie's wife Gail Robinson. Eighteen were present.


Earl Bergadine moved that the minutes for September be approved with the correction of the yard sale date (Nov) as they appeared in an email from President Jean. Dan Mills seconded the motion which passed. Thanks to Bob Kline for taking the September minutes. The Treasurer’s report, also in the email, was accepted with thanks.

Jean Stream Vice-President: Lee Kline Secretary: Jean Giesel Treasurer: Dan Mills

Vice President Lee Kline announced that the November program will be “Getting Roses Ready for Winter.” Sunshine Chairman Shirley Mullins reported that she has sent several cards and members were happy to see Cleon Jenkins who is recuperating from his recent illness. Linda Rengarts is in Shands after a serious fall. She welcomes visitors.

Consulting Rosarians:

Dan Mills was thanks for fertilizing the beds at Celebration Church.

Consulting Rosarians are rose growers who have met ARS qualifications and are able to help you with your rose-growing problems. Our active, local Consulting Rosarians are:

Lee Kline reported that GRS will join the Gainesville Garden Club at the Kanapaha Gardens Fall Plant Sale with an information and membership booth Oct. 17-18. Jean encouraged members to attend the fall Deep South District Convention is in Valdosta Oct. 23-25. Lee has prepared our raffle basket. Jean thanked GRS for our contribution to out-going director Karen Prevatt’s gift. Joanne Maxheimer selected items to be presented to her.

Lee Kline 352-214-5466 [email protected]

The Midwinter DSD meeting will be Jan. 15-17, 2016, at the Gateway Grand Best Western in Gainesville. Jean requested suggestions for speakers. Cyd will provide some names to Ralph. ARS President Pat Shanley will attend.

Dan Mills (352) 591-2145 [email protected]

The yard sale at Lee Weigand’s will be Nov. 14; rain date, Nov. 21.

Ralph Stream (352) 591-4474 [email protected] John Tucker (352) 591-2145 [email protected]

The Consulting Rosairians suggested that recent problems with roses could be due to too much rain. Check pots for drainage. Art Wade introduced the program, a tour of Dudley Farm. Dinner followed at Napolitano’s. Jean Giesel, Secretary TREASURER's REPORT GRS Treasurer’s Report (for Nov. 2015 NL)

GRS Website:

Bank Statement Balance as of 9-30-15 $12,067.87

www.gainesvillerosesociety. com

(reported in Oct. 2015 NL)

Linda Rengarts, Web Master (352) 641-6225 [email protected]

Oct. deposits: 85.00 $85.00 member dues Oct. checks written: 448.75

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$448.75 to Napolitano’s for member lunches Bank Statement Balance as of 10-31-15 $11,704.12 (To be confirmed by Oct. bank statement) REMINDER: Membership dues for 2015-16 are due now! Payment may be made at the October meeting or via the mail. Please see the attached article that Ralph wrote a few years ago that is good for this time of the year. Refreshments - Anita Campbell and Ann & Dan Sherwood

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Our district folks are excited that we are hosting and are. looking forward to a weekend in Gainesville. Please be thinking of something we might have a handful ...

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