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Group discussion Can we dream of hosting the Olympics? - HR interview questions with answers Part C 1.we can dream of hosting the Olympics. We have hosted CWG in 2010 in New Delhi and FIFA under 19 world cup this year. These type of events show that India is ready to host any mega event. And we can bid for the Olympics 2032. In these 15 years of the span, India would be more developed and sports would be more encouraged. And India has a gigantic followership of sports. But the main problem in organizing these types of mega-events is corruption at large scale. We have witnessed corruption in CWG New Delhi. And it may happen in the Olympics also. Otherwise, we have good infrastructure for sports and in near future, it will be better. So we can definitely dream of hosting the Olympics. 2. Definitely but it will take some time. In the recent times India is showing a remarkable transform among the developing nations and is growing day by day. Conducting an international event like Olympics will definitely help our nation to set a mark among the superpowers. It will introduce new opportunities in the field of employment and infrastructure and will attract foreign companies to invest funds (like sponsors).

And it will be an encouragement for our athletes too. They will get international facilities and training to boost themselves up. Notably we had done achievements recently by hosting commonwealth games and other events like IPL, ISL etc which are quite successful and has helped our nation to meet international facilities. But one suggestion I would say is prior to hosting such a big event India should continuously try to host other major sports events like commonwealth games, asian games and this will surely help in improving the infrastructure and facilities we offer and will make more confident to host the biggest sports event in the world 3. Why not ! but not now. Because India is developing country. There are so many things need to developed. To host Olympics we need some crores of rupees. With that money we can change many issues in the country. After that if we host means that will be better. 4. India can host Olympic games in the future. As we all know the hosts are already decided till 2028 so India may bid for the editions after that. Till that time our per capita income would have increased considerably, GDP would have increased and we have already showed this year that we can be good hosts. No country is corruption free but it's events like this bring joy, wealth and International recognition to a Nation. 2032 is still far away and we can dream of hosting Olympic games around then. Our way of thinking towards our nation could have changed by that time. We have organised every international sports event successfully. Yes a lot need to be done in that regard but yes it is an achievable dream. The preparation for the games are looked after by the Olympics committee and there is very less government intervention in decision making so games management and infrastructure can be put in place in time. If our economy can withstand demonetisation and the 2008 recession then I think we can bare the burden of hosting Olympic games. So many jobs would be created,

world class infrastructure would come up. That will benefit us only. Commonwealth stadiums in New Delhi organise events throughout the year. So yes, India can dream of hosting Olympic games. 5. Just about economic problems. If you spend million of dollar for building up infrastructures and facilities for hosting Olympics and then don't know how to use these things effectively so it's not the big deal. 6. According to me. As we all know India is a developing country and developing day by day. So according to the current scenario we can say that India can host the Olympics. As we all know just a few weeks back India have hosted the under 17 football world cup. On international level. Which is a very successful project. And I think India is ready to host the Olympics. 7. I really don't know if India is really into hosting Olympic. For all the average Indians cricket is still there 'National Game'. Of course launch of ISL has indeed increased the popularity and love for football among us. We don't have much interest or top training centers for Olympic events. So there would still be a little long time for us to host Olympics. As India is a democratic country there would a lots of critics for hosting Olympics. They would prefer to settle other internal concerns of India before hosting an Olympic. On a positive note if India hosts Olympic, It would mark a historic and transitional period for India in the minds of other countries. Olympics would be much more considered in Asia with India hosting it. Hosting Olympics would also prove our capabilities and also make us on of the strongest nation inside the mind of foreigners. So as dream has no limits. I really wish and pray the my INDIA also hosts Olympics in near by future.

8. Definitely, but before that we have to think about our country. Conducting the Olympics is not a big deal. There are many advantages by conducting Olympics games, due to this we can increase our GPD, because many tourism will visit and they will came to know about history of our country, here the minus point is for conducting Olympics we need hug amount. I will support for hosting the Olympics. 9. Why not ? India has always aimed for development and optimism is necessary to achieve it. Olympics can be very well organised in India and this would lead to many advantages for India. @ Increased Recognition amongst other country. @ Better infrastructure and much more. But, India should opt for organizing Olympics maybe in 2028. It is so because the present needs of India is education and not recognition. Indians should be educated about cleanliness, tourism, etc, then only they will be able to respect foreign visitors and foreign players. Also better infrastructure and security system should be developed for success of the event which will take time. 10. we can dream of hosting Olympics as we saw that recently concluded under 17 FIFA world cup attracted a lot of audience. This can further help to boost the confidence for the upcoming players and may also lead in future of India hosting FIFA world cup. These type of events when occur in a country help to increase the tourism which further helps to increase the economy of country. As we saw during commonwealth games in Delhi there was a large infrastructure development, if such an event at large scale occurs is beneficial for a country. Yes India can host such a mega event like Olympics

as India is having the required funds as we have seen many other events which required such a large scale of money for events to be successful is there. Despite these facts corruption is the main hindrance which may prevent such a large scale event, if its overcome it would definitely lead to a huge success of such event and would help economy grow in future. 11. But it only a dream, the Olympics can't be implemented in the India where GDP is very low. It requires money and a planning, seeing the scam in common wealth games, we can't feel that happening of Olympics in India is good for development of India, it will deploy development of India. The man starting from fund generation & to the down in hierarchy is corrupted in the sports department. They spent their mind on how to extract out money from this government fund which was given for Olympics. India's GDP will improve if every officer would not take bribe and thus the money is sufficient to dream a Olympics. 12. India can dream of hosting Olympics. India has adequate resources for hosting Olympics. India has largest youth population in the world. Hosting Olympics will give employment to large number of people. As far as corruption is concerned, we can make sure of no corruption by opting cashless transactions. Hosting Olympics will attract attention of large number of participating countries which will boost tourism and will help in boosting country's economy. We will have strength of huge audience. 13. According to me, we can dream of hosting the Olympics in India, as India has just been through demonetization and hence it's national treasure is right now much better than ever before, also India has regained its economy very well ever than before and also by having allies like America, Russia, France and many other powerful countries it will be a good chance for India to prove its worth. \

14. My opinion is India should host because many Indians are unknown about Olympics and Olympic games. They will be aware of it and in India, there is a lot of hidden talent by this they will get awareness about it. And they will take a step towards sports. 15. In my view, India should dream of hosting Olympics but not now. It must keep in mind that Olympics need too much money and investment as it hosts many countries. India is a country where most of the people are below poverty line, they didn't even get a proper food to eat, didn't have a shelter to sleep peacefully so government must take actions regarding this. All in all it also does not support any sport other than cricket so first of all it must spend in these internal problems to overcome through these. Sportspersons must get proper training so that they can make India proud on their land itself by winning in it. We must support these things. 16. Apparently we must host. India is still emerging in every eye and every citizen of other nations. Indian players are being in news from earlier, last time when we hosted Olympics then India was on the 2nd rank of achieving higher than many other countries. We don't have to look whether India is developed or developing the country. We must think what level we achieve after hosting events. Norway Sudan are a well-developed country, are they going to host every event? Every country must get a chance. We should look beyond hosting the events. We must be thought about things such as if India will host any events then the public and private sector will work good so that investors in India from other countries will also increase this is how we can increase the efficiency of developing India.

17. we can, because India is one of top country, if we are taken chance to hosting Olympic, it's better for our Indian sports people and also our youth will attract towards the Olympic games. 18. India is a devloping country and I think we are not ready to hosting the olympics because olyampic is an international event and for hosting these types of events we have to invest lot of money. I know by these events we make our presence in the global but firstly we have to work on our people for give them a better future. I have a trust after some time we are capable to hosting these events. 19. Why don't you all think like this? If we host the olympics many foreigners and player will come. This will help to get foreign currency to our country. Also many jobless people will get the job at the time of event. Also this will help to people new carrier opportunities in sports. So we should think about hosting the Olympics with the help of youths in India. 20. India has already hosted commonwealth. I believe in future that our country will surely host olympics.

Group discussion Can we dream of hosting the Olympics – Part C Pdf

hosts. No country is corruption free but it's events like this bring joy, wealth ... and there is very less government intervention in decision making so games.

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