GOVERNMENT OF KERALA Abstract Pension - Implementation of National pensior-r System - Applicability of General

Provident Fund Rules

to the employees under National



Clarifi cation -Orders issued.


No. 8ll20t4/Fin.

Dated, Thiruvananthapu r am 24.02.2014. Read: 1. G.O. (P) No. 2Ot2O13lFin dated Ol ntmrc. 2. G.O. (P) No. 20812013/Fin dated 07.05.20t3. 3. Minutes of the meeting held on 01.01 .2013 by the Hon,ble Chief

Minister with servi c e organ i zatian repre sentat


v e s.

4.Lr. No" FMI/l-512013-141000228 dated 14.06.2at3 fiom the Accountant General (A&E) Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram.


As per the Government Order read as 1't & 2"'l above National Pension System (NPS) has been implemented in the State for

all appointments

made on or after 01.04.2013. This Scheme would apply to all employees to whom Part III Kerala Service Rules would have been applicabte otherwise and to

Public Sector Undertakings where pensionary benefits as per part



Service Rules are granted. Now, as per the letter read above. the Accountant General (A&E) has souglit clarif-rcation as to whether the General provident Fund

Rules are applicable for those employees who have joined the service on or after 01.04.2013 and coming under NPS.

After having examined the matter in detail, Government are pleased to order that the General Provident Fund (Kerala) Rules 201


would be made

applicable to those employees to whom General Provident Fund (Kerala) Rules

would have been made applicable otherwise, who have joined service on or after

01.04.20i3 and come under the purview of National Pension System. The payment of amears of subscription towards General Provident Fund would be exempted for the above category of employees.

By Order of the Governor,

V. SOMASUNDARAN Additional Chief Secretary (Finance) To The Director (Services). Depafirnent of Personnel and Trainirtg, Ministrl' of Persotrnel. PLrblic Grievances and Pension, Government of India, New Delhi' The Principal Accountant General (G&SSA) Kerala. Thiruvanantltapuranr. The Principal Accor-rntant General (A&E), Kerala, Thiruvananthapuranl.

The Accountant General (E&RSA), Kerala,'fhiruvananthapuram. All Heads of Deparlment All Departments and sections of the Secretariat The Director of Treasuries. Thiruvananthapuram The Secretary, Kerala Pubtic Service Commissiotl, Thiruvanantftapuram. The Geleral Manager, Kerala State Road Transpotl Corporation, Thiruvanallthapuranl The Registrar, High Coufi of Kerala, Ernakr.rlam The Registrar, Kerala Administrative Tribunal, Thiruvanatrthapuram The Registrar, University of Kerala / Kochi / Kozhikocle / Maltatma Gandhi/ Kannur The Registrar, Kerala Lok Ayukta, Thiruvanattthapuran-t The Registrar, Kerala AgricultLrral University, Vellanikkara The R'egistrar, Kerala Veterinary and Anintal Sciences LJniversity. Walarlad The Registrar. Sree Sankara Sanskrit Universitl,'. Kalady The Registrar. Kerala Universitl'ol Health and Allied Sciences. Ihrissr,rr The Registrar. Fisheries University', Ernakulam The Secretary, Ombudsman for Local Self Governruent Institutions, Thiruvananthapuram The Advocate General, Kerala, Entakulan-r The Secretary, Kerala State Electriciry Board.'lh i ruvartanthaptrram The Additiottal Secretary to the Chief Secretary to Goverrlllrerlt .



All Additional Chief

Secretariesi Principal Secretaries/ Secretaries/


Secretaries/Additional Secretaries/Joint Secretaries/ Deputy Secretaries/LJnder Secretaries to

Government The Secretary to Covernor, Raj Bhavan. -fhiruvnanthapuranr The Private Secretarv to the Speaker/Deputy Speaker of the Kerala [.egislative Assernblv The Secretarl,, Kerala State Hunran Rights Comrnission, Thiruvanantlripurarn The Secretary, I(erala State wornen's co rn m i ssion, Th i ruvananthapu rarir The Private Secretaries to the chief Minister and other Ministers The Private Secretary to the Leader of Opposition The General Administration (SC) Depafiment (Vide item No. 49.1g ) The Finance (PF) Department. The State E,lectio, Comn-rissiorer, Kerala. Thiruva,anthapurant The chief lntbrrnation comm issiouer, Kerala,'l'h iruvananthapuranr All District Treasury Officers/SLrb Treasury Officers The Director, Infornration and PubIic Relations, Thiruvananthapuram alrle Nodal officer, u]ltl.finar:es=lltale=garlin for publishing on the nebsire. Stock File/Office Copy

Fonvanled Bl'

Section Oflicer

GO(P) No 81-2014-Fin dated 24-02-2014 gpf for national pension ...

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