Going Round in Circles Jennie Rayment

Tools & Equipment Going round in circles can be so frustrating but if you have the right tools - it’s child’s play. Play with tucks and twiddles, shape and form, be inspired by these ingenious designs, you just must get round to it! Sewing machine and thread to match Fabrics Rotary Cutter 28/45/60 mm Cutting Mat 17 x 23” Acrylic Ruler 24.5 x 6.5” 10 degree Wedge ruler (Sew Easy) Circle & Scallop ruler (Sew Easy) Slash ‘N Circle ruler (Sew Easy) EZ Dresden Plate 25mm Bias binding maker

Circular tablecloth decorated with fabulous flowers sent to me by my aunt Freda Emerson. A lovely thank you gift and much appreciated.

Fabric Products Cassovia F/Qs City F/Qs Wadding/Batting

My pdfs contain brief notes on project construction as a memory aide and are not meant to be full instructions - watch Createandcraft.com 23rd August for the complete demonstrations.

Circular Tablecloth

135 cm (53”) diameter

1. Working parallel to 18”(or thereabouts) side of F/Q place wedge on F/Q aligning end with edge of fabric. Cut along sides of template. Turn template round and repeat four more times making 5 pieces in total. Continue and cut 5 more sections from another 7 different coloured F/Q’s making 40 sections in all. 2. Arrange 8 of these sections in colour order and sew together. Don’t press yet! 3. Make 4 more sections the same. 4. Sew all five sections to form a large circle. Press seams open and flat - take care round centre not to stretch the edge. 5. Draw 16” circle on interfacing/calico or any other oddment of fabric. The Circle & Scallop ruler is an excellent compass. Push drawing pin through centre of backing square. Place hole in ruler over pin point - it spins round a treat! 6. Lay circular cloth on top, pin well. Stitch round raw edge. This extra piece of material will stabilise the centre. 7. Cover the central space with a circle of fabric. Or make a 20 section Dresden Plate: Cut round the entire template. Sew shapes to form a circle. Pin circle to centre. Sew round raw edge of DP using long stitch length. 8. Cut sufficient 1½” wide bias strips to cover Dresden edge. Join to make long length. Press in half. Sew binding round DP edge aligning raw edge of binding to edge of DP. Leave a short length unattached at start - see arrow.


9. Working with short length left unattached at start, fold raw edge over, tuck in end of binding. Sew to original start of stitching.

10. Fold binding over - sew edge in place.

11. Cut 2” wide bias strips. Use 25mm bias binding tool and make binding. Bind over raw edge of cloth. 12. Throw on table!

Consider using this design as centre of a bed quilt or mount on wadding for a really creative wall hanging.


Textured Wheels 1. Mark centre of two 18” circles. Place both circles R/S up. 2. Use Slash ‘N Circle ruler to mark fabric at 30 degree intervals.

3. Use Circle & Scallop ruler and draw 1½” circle in centre.


4. Cut out centre, cut (through both layers) along all degree marks to make twelve sections. Number all light purple sections 1- 12 - write numbers on masking tape. 5. Remove the top layer (light purple) and number all sections underneath (black pattern) 1 - 12.

6. Take all even numbered light purple sections. press these in half.

7. Take #1 & 2 black sections and #2 light purple. Join together to form wedge shape. 8. Repeat with #3 & 4 black and #4 light purple. 9. Continue with 5/6, 7/8, 9/10 & 11/12 black inserting #6, 8, 10, 12 light purple.

10. Press remaining light purple sections in half.

11. Sew all six wedge shaped pieces together to form circle inserting relevant light purple section in each seam. 4

12. Remove masking tape. Press seams open and flat

13. Press each light purple section open and flat over the seam. Bamboo pointer is very useful for helping to flatten the shape.

14. Make centre: Cut circle of card, cut circle of fabric ½”larger. Gather fabric over card. Pin to centre of block. Sew in place.

Remove the card through hole on back. Trim excess fabric.

15. Pin completed circle to another piece of fabric. Sew round raw edge to secure all layers. 16. Bind raw edge.


17. Play with the edges of light purple - bring sides together and hold with stitch, add beads etc.

Finally complete the panel with a border. Mount on wadding and there is a wonderful giant cushion, floor pillow or small quilt. Why not make more panels, change the size of the circles and create a series of panels for a stupendously stunning quilt.

© Jennie Rayment 2015

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