407/16 (1) Cyngor Cymuned Cegidfa Guilsfield Community Council Minutes of meeting held on Monday 24 October in the Committee Room at the Community Centre Present: Cllr EG Turner (Chairman) Cllr P Harding (Vice Chairman), Cllr J Morgan, Cllr M Jones, Cllr M Webster, Cllr O Williams, Cllr S Rawlings, Cllr E Davies, Cllr M Kneale and Cllr P Gittins In Attendance: Mrs J Hollinshead (Clerk) Visitors: None A minute’s silence was held in memory of Mrs Susan Trevor who had sadly died. Mrs Trevor had acted as the first Clerk to the Council before a permanent Clerk had been appointed. 56/2016 To receive apologies for absence Apologies received from Cllr T Trevor, Cllr P Edwards and County Cllr Jones 57/2016 To receive and confirm minutes of meeting held Thursday 22 September 2016 Council resolved that the minutes were correct and Cllr Turner signed them as a true record. 58/2016 To note information on matters from these Minutes – not otherwise on the agenda a) 128/2016 (b) Cemetery A meeting was held on 10 October with County Cllr D Jones, Cllr G Turner, Nia Hughes from PCC and Jill Hollinshead, Clerk, was in attendance. The trees had been surveyed and due to budgets only the urgent ones needing attention had been removed. Nia Hughes would work out how many graves are available and a review of the cemetery capacity would be carried out in the next 12 months. Hedges in the cemetery are next to be cut. A working party was suggested to remove ivy etc. around gravestones which Nia Hughes said would be permitted. Cllr O Williams would look at the gravestones needing attention as she was concerned that the families needed contacting, and report her findings back at next meeting. Nia Hughes suggested sending a letter to Cllr John Powell regarding the land. A map showing the field to be sent to Nia Hughes. Cllr Turner to look at documents relating to the field. Nia Hughes would also look into the request for a bench by Carol Jones which had been turned down and would report directly to Mrs Jones. b) 128/2016 (7) Montytrax.. A meeting was held on October 18 c) 142/2016 (4) Hedge outside The Square – An email had been sent to County Cllr D Jones informing him that the trimming was still to be completed and also the roses were now overhanging as well. The Ivy on the wall was now spreading across the pavement. Another email to be sent to County Cllr D Jones informing him of this, as action needs to be taken. d) 28/2016 (7) Powys LDP Examination, Notice of Suspension. A progress meeting was held on the 15th September 2016 at the Media Resource Centre, Llandrindod Wells. 38/2016 (70) Pension Regulations. The Clerk doesn’t meet the criteria of earning £833 a month so doesn’t need to set up a pension scheme if not required. A letter to be sent to clerk informing her of the right to join. Clerk needs to complete the declaration of compliance when it comes out. Outstanding from AGM 08/2016 (d) The Burgess Land Trust Committee – Two representatives. Second representative still to be confirmed as Cllr Trevor.

407/16(2) 08/2016 (e) Play Area Inspections – Two representatives. Second representative still to be confirmed as Cllr Kneale. Council resolved to elect Cllr Kneale as the second representative 54/2016 Pre-Application Consultation Gwastad Farm, Guilsfield – A reply had been received back from Chris Taylor stating that if Cllr Trevor is accommodating in principle of a mast then it will be removed from the list of discounted sites and he will put it forward to his client for their further consideration. Councillor Jump was sent the information by mistake and it had been forwarded onto County Cllr D Jones. 52/2016 - Remembrance Service 13 November - Wreathes will be available to collect from Tuesday 25th October. Roy Turner and Mark Hart had agreed to lay the wreathes. Two readings Rev Caroline Rhodes had provided were Old Testament Malachi 4.1-2 and New Testament Luke 21.5-19, these to be emailed to Cllr Gittins and Cllr Rawlings. Stephanie Roscoe, the bugle player had also agreed to play. 59/2016 To note disclosures of interest from Members on current agenda None 60/2016 To receive and action Grant Aid applications – proposed in Council Budget as: Community Centre £2000 The Old School £1200 Jubilee Hut £500 PCC (Church Maintenance) £475 Spotlight Magazine £200 Royal British Legion £75 Council resolved to approve and payment to be made. 61/2016 To receive the Councils Financial report a) To note the Financial Statement HSBC Community Account - £248.51(as of 21September) HSBC Money Manager - £16694.68 (£4066.00 paid in from a precept payment) (as of 21st September) Swansea Building Society £6189.30 (as of 30 June) b) To note and approve payment of accounts due Grant aid payments as approved above Community Centre £2000 The Old School £1200 Jubilee Hut £500 PCC (Church Maintenance) £475 Spotlight Magazine £200 Royal British Legion £75 Mrs J Hollinshead (Salary for October – (Gross £204 Net £163.20) Council resolved to approve and payment to be made.

407/16 (3) 61/2016 To receive, discuss and take appropriate action on correspondence received Appendix 1 1) IDP Powys Local Development Plan 2011 – 2026 Schedule of further focus changes Oct 2016 – Consultation starts 10 October. Representations on these further focus changes must be received by 5pm on 21 November 2016. Nothing to report from our area 2) Shan Mayor a) Montytrax Update – Cllr Kneale reported that there had been a significant number of meetings. There were possibly two routes. One from Lake Vyrnwy via Llanfyllin to Carreghofa. The second possible one would be a small circular walking route to include Guilsfield. The feasibility study hadn’t been published yet but once it had Cllr Kneale would ask for it to be put on the agenda. Cllr Kneale said that Shan Mayor was keen for support from Community Councils and suggested that we continue to show our support. Cllr Turner thanked Cllr Kneale for acting as our representative. The council resolved that a letter of support to be sent Shan Mayor. b )Montytrax Sustrans Meeting - This was being held on 18th October. 3) One Voice Wales a) Montgomery Area Committee Agenda – This arrived on the day of the meeting, which resulted in our representatives being unable to attend. Apologies to be sent and explain the situation of late agenda 4)CSP Development Control a) BT programme of intended Public Payphone Removal b) BT Call Boxes There was only one BT Call box within the Guilsfield area. This was at Groes Llwyd. The Council noted this 62/2016) Receive Information regarding results of Best Kept Village – Results of competition On behalf of the Community Council Cllr Turner and Cllr Gittins attended the results evening. Berriew won the competition with Guilsfield and Llanymynech being shortlisted to the last three. On behalf of the Council Cllr Turner expressed their thanks to Rachel Pritchard and all her helpers for all their hard work and also Cllr Gittins who helped collate all the information. A letter of thanks to be sent to Rachel Pritchard 63/2016 2018 Review of Parliamentary Constituencies in Wales Initial Proposals. Glyn Davies MP was holding a meeting about these proposals. Clerk to inquire if meeting had already been and if so could another be arranged. 64/2016) To review Play Area Matters and to note any maintenance requirements The bark had now been put down. A letter of thanks to be sent to the provider of the bark. On behalf of the Council Cllr Turner expressed gratitude to Cllr Harding for acquiring and delivering the bark and also to Cllr Morgan and Cllr Turner for laying it. Sophy Fearnley-Whittingstall has been asked about grants. They are in the process of setting up the Community Trust fund for Tirgwynt which will probably be next year. Guilsfield is not directly eligible to participate in the fund management for the first five years, but there is nothing stopping us applying for funds through the normal process. She will contact us when the fund is operational. Still waiting to hear back from Powys County Council regarding grants. 65/2016 To consider Highway/Environmental Matters in Community Area a) review Outstanding Matters Laundry Lane blocked drains – This still hasn’t been resolved, Ken Llewellyn had put this back on the system to be looked at again.

407/16(4) Entrance of Mytton Close- On the main highway there are some horrible potholes, and also just before the pedestrian crossing, where services have dug the road up previously, the repair is now sinking. - Ken Llewellyn is looking into this 6 – 22 Dolwen On the green, tree surgery is required due to trees drooping over cars. Ken Llewellyn is looking into this Glyndwr Crescent- trees on land adjacent need looking at. Ken Llewellyn is looking into this Pedestrian Crossing by the Oak the bulb needs replacing Ken Llewellyn is looking into this Dropped Drain (46024) opposite entrance to The Oak – Ken Llewellyn to look into this Dropped Kerbs (45499) – Entrance to Belan Fields, both drop kerbs are too high on entry to road. It is very difficult for small wheeled scooters to turn and cross the road on both sides. The drivers feel they are in danger of tipping over. It was suggested that a small amount of tarmac would help rectify the problem. Kings Head (45858) – The repair in the road from service works, opposite the Kings Head going down towards the church are deteriorating and need repair. b) To receive any new matters Varchoel Lane. Cross Lanes down to Varchoel Hall and as far as Malt House. There are pot holes and too much water lying result in the decay of the road surface 66/2016) To receive and take appropriate action on Planning Applications Matters in the Community area: a) Consultations Received: Ref no: P/2016/0985 – Sarn Meadow, Gwreiddyn Lane, Guilsfield – Outline application for 5 residential dwellings, improvement to existing vehicular access and formation of a pavement. The Council resolved not to support this application due to the following 1) It is outside the LDP 2)It would be an eyesore to the area and extend the village haphazardly outside its natural boundary. 3) The previous application for this address had been rejected 4) There is severe flooding at the bottom of the lane if heavy rain. 5)There is severe flooding on the land if heavy rain Ref no: P/2016/0972 – Land at Twin Oaks, Guilsfield Outline residential development to include formation of new vehicular access and associated works The Council resolved not to support this application due to the following 1) It is outside the LDP 2) Access off Celyn Lane. This lane is far too narrow for any extra vehicles and planning has been rejected previously because of it. There are no pavements making it considerably dangerous for children and adults. The corner at Cross Lanes is very dangerous with numerous accidents occurring. Guilsfield Council have consolidated to reject any future applications until the lane is altered to support the volume of traffic which is extenuated by large vehicles needed to support local farms. b) Planning Reports: If applicable – None Received 67/2016) To note the date of the next Council meeting – Tuesday 22 November 2016 Jill Hollinshead Clerk

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GCC Minutes Oct 16.pdf

September). Swansea Building Society £6189.30 (as of 30 June). b) To note and approve payment of accounts due. Grant aid payments as approved above.

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