404/16 (1) Cyngor Cymuned Cegidfa Guilsfield Community Council Minutes of Guilsfield Community Council Meeting held on Monday 20th June. Present: Cllr EG Turner (Chairman) Cllr P Harding (Vice Chairman), Cllr J Morgan, Cllr P Edwards, Cllr M Webster, Cllr M Kneale, Cllr M Jones, Cllr Trevor, Cllr E Davies, Cllr O Williams In Attendance: Mrs J Hollinshead (Clerk) Visitors: None Agenda 23/2016 To receive apologies for absence Apologies received from Cllr S Rawlings, Cllr P Gittins and County Cllr Jones 24/2016 To receive and confirm Minutes of meeting held Thursday 19th May 2016 Council resolved that the minutes were correct and Cllr Turner signed them as a true record. 25/2016 Note information on matters from these Minutes not otherwise on the agenda. a) 128/2016 (b) Cemetery The proposed meeting with County Cllr D Jones, representatives from Powys CC and Cllr Turner was still outstanding b) 128/2016 (7) Montytrax. Cllr Kneale reported that the main route wouldn’t come to Guilsfield but would go via Four Crosses. He would still be our liaison as they were keen to keep adjoining villages on board. c) 142/2016 (4) Hedge outside The Square – Email to be sent to County Cllr D Jones informing him that the trimming of it had been started but it was still to be completed. d) 142/2016 (17d) Model Financial Regulations. These have not been reissued yet, and will be put on the agenda once they have been. 26/2016 To note disclosures of interest from Members on current agenda None 27/2016 To receive the Council’s Financial report a) To note the Financial Statement • Community Account £573.71 credit • Business Money Manager Account £13127.01 credit - includes Gross interest of £1.44 and £161.00 from HMRC VAT • Swansea Building Society £6158.51 b) To note and approve payment of accounts due • Mrs J Hollinshead 163.20 Salary for June (Gross £204) (Cheque no 101135) • HMRC PAYE Tax £122.40 (Cheque no 101136)

404/16 (2) Council resolved to approve and payments to be made. 28/2016 To receive, discuss and take appropriate action on correspondence received Correspondence received by email and forwarded to Councillors on receipt. Members duly observed correspondence and matters noted and actioned as appropriate. 1. Planning Aid Wales – How to respond effectively to Planning Application’s 2. One Voice Wales – 2016-2018 National Pay Agreement. A copy of this to be kept in the Clerks file. 3. One Voice Wales – Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales. The form to be emailed as a Nil return. A copy to be put on the notice board and the website. 4. One Voice Wales – Upcoming Training 5. One Voice Wales – Training Overviews 6. Powys County Council – Digital Newsletter, Powys News Line 7. Powys County Council – Powys LDP Examination, Notice of Suspension I. It is anticipated that the Examination will resume in November 2016. 8. Wales Community Health -Powys Community Health Council meeting Schedule 2016/2017 9. Play Wales – Speakers Announced Spirit 2016 10. One Voice Wales – Last Chance Chairing Skill Training 11. Powys Cab – Citizens Advice Powys Newsletter May 2016 12. Joe Aldworth – Campaign Group and Governor Consultation Responses 13. Powys County council – Planning Decision Notice Notification 14. One Voice Wales – Heritage Lottery Fund Committee for Wales 15. Kompan – New Outdoor Fitness Concept 16. Sutcliffe Pay – Designed to let a child’s imagination run wild 17. Cllr Jill Kibble – Garden Waste Collection Points. The Council resolved that an email be sent to County Cllr Jones asking for his comments on this matter. 18. Wales Community Health – Advert to appoint members 19. Powys County Council – New Planning Application Notification P/2016/0372 20. One Voice Wales – Local Government Finance Advanced Training 21. Michael Limbrey – Invitation to Montgomery Canal forum 22. Powys County Council – Plastic Film Update. A copy of this to be put on the website and notice board. 23. Powys County Council – Reception to be held at the Royal Welsh Agricultural Show 2016. The Committee were asked if anyone would like to attend no one did. 24. Powys County Council – Wales Rural Network Funding Roadshows 2016 25. PAVO – Pavo Members E briefing June 2016 26. Play Wales – Play Wales e Bulletin June 2016 27. Planning Aid Wales – Annual General Meeting 28. PAVO – Future of Youth Services in Wales 29. Powys County Archives – Powys Archives Summer Newsletter 30. One Voice Wales – Community Energy Wales Update 31. Wales Community Health – Survey – Putting Things Right Leaflet

404/16 (3) 32. One Voice Wales – Code of Conduct Training 33. Proludic – UK Euro Offer 34. Cognitive Publishing – Delivering devolution 35. Pavo – Pavo job vacancies Senior Officer 36. HMRC – HMRC and HSE joint webinar 37. Powys County Council - Planning Decisions Notifications 38. Sfw Communications – Press release Trial run for Tirgwynt turbine deliveries 39. Play Wales – Empty Classrooms 40. Sutcliffe Play – Playback 11 41. One Voice Wales – Annual Report 2015-2016 42. Powys.gov.uk – Powys War Memorial Project. The War Memorial had already been cleaned last year using a grant and council donation. 43. Russel George – June Newsletter 44. Kompan – Play Equipment Price Reduction 45. Bandschains – B & S Chains Factory shutdown 46. One Voice Wales – Official Appointment of Members to Arts Council 47. One Voice Wales – Larger Councils Conference 48. Highways PCC – Reply to letter regarding area outside the Spa 49. Awel Newydd – Tirgwynt wind farm deliveries (Received by post and distributed at meeting). Cllr Kneale requested Council to advise them of Guilsfield Show. Council had already advised them and would advise of any other events if need arises. 50. One Voice Wales – National Assets Work Group 51. Wales SCH – Powys Community Health Council Annual General Meeting 52. One voice Wales – Code of Conduct Training 29/2016 To receive and take appropriate action on Planning Applications/Matters in the Guilsfield Community Consultations Received – Application Ref: P/2016/0372 Erection of agricultural building and extension to existing building at Caetraws, Guilsfield.. The Council resolved to support the application. Email of support to be sent. Reports Received – P/2016/0172 and P/2016/0170 HOUS – White Ash, Guilsfield – Consent Granted P/2015/1129 FULL – Barns at Burgedin Hall, Pool Quay – Conversion to two dwellings – Consent Granted P/2016/0180 FULL – Lower Varchoel Farm, Guilsfield – Erection of general purpose agricultural building – Consent Granted. P/2016/0490 – Land at Guilsfield Football Club and Community Playing Fields. Erection of 2no grandstands – Conditional Consent Granted

404/16 (4) 30/2016 To review play area matters Fortnightly inspection reports are displayed with correspondence at meeting. Cllr Morgan said there was nothing new to report. Park Road Cllr Morgan said that the plywood platform on the big slide at Park Road had been replaced with oak. Council thanked him and Cllr Kneale for their hard work. The bark will be topped up when weather improves. Cllr Harding to liaise with four Council members when ready to tip the bark. The Wobbly Log quotation is still outstanding. 31/2016 To consider Highway/Environmental Matters in the Community Area Review Outstanding matters a) Acrefield Avenue right of the junction towards Arddleen. – The verge had been cut and visibility was better. b) Repair Job at Spar roadway parking area. A letter had been sent and a reply received. A highway supervisor would be inspecting the works and assess it for remedial work. Remedial works would then be programmed based on priority of risk and actioned as resources become available. Received New Matters None given. 32/16 Date and time of next meeting Tuesday 26 July at 8pm The meeting closed at 7.53pm Mrs Jill Hollinshead - Clerk

GCC June 2016 Minutes.pdf

Sfw Communications – Press release Trial run for Tirgwynt turbine deliveries. 39.Play Wales – Empty Classrooms. 40.Sutcliffe Play – Playback 11. 41.One Voice ...

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