Funky Pincushion Directions By Marjory Peck

©2011 Marjory A Peck


Materials 10 1 ¼ 10” 1 1 1


4”x6” Orange Fabric Or Fat Quarter Orange Fabric Yard Fusible Sheer weight Interfacing Square Green Fabric 10”x6” Cotton Batting 5/8” Shank Brown Button 5/8” Flat Brown Button Thread to match Green and Orange Fabric Extra Strength Nylon Thread (best match) Pound Crushed Walnut Shells

Directions Make a second copy of the pattern. Cut out pattern pieces from the second copy. All seam allowances are included so cut right on the line. If stronger pattern pieces are desired, trace pattern pieces onto template plastic. Cut out on the line. Cut out 10 4”x6” pieces of interfacing. Following fusing directions from the manufacturer, fuse interfacing to the wrong side your orange pumpkin fabrics. It would be easier to cut out you orange fabrics after fusing the interfacing on. If using only one orange fabric, fuse interfacing all at once.

Trace Pumpkin pattern piece onto interfaced fabrics. Remember you will need 5 fabrics traced with the front of the pattern piece face up and another 5 with the backside of the pattern facing up. Cut out traced fabrics on the traced line. If using only one fabric, just fold fabric with right sides together and trace 5 pumpkin pattern pieces.

©2011 Marjory A Peck


With right sides together sew the 5 sections together using a 1/8” seam allowance on the inside curve. It is best to use a slightly shortened stitch length. This will help the stitching to not rip during stuffing. The second trick is to stitch all seams twice. There is no need to clip curves or pressing seam allowances open.

With right sides together pin 2 sections together on one side only. Sew together with shortened stitch. Starting and stopping at previous seam lines. Re-stitch for strength. Attach remaining 3 sections manner. Now it is time to close this pumpkin. Pin the 5th and 1st sections together. Sew together leaving a 1/2” opening. Backstitch at this opening.

Turn right side out through opening. Don’t worry if the top or bottom looks rough. These areas will be covered with the sepal. It may be necessary to take a few stitches in the bottom to keep the stuffing from falling out. Do that now.

©2011 Marjory A Peck


Using a small funnel stuff with crushed walnut shells. Stuff firmly, using a small stick or chop stick to push the shells into individual sections. If it isn’t firm it will be necessary to stuff it more. You should not be able to pinch the fabric at all. Just keep pushing the shells down and stuffing more. This pertains to fiberfill stuffing also. Always stuff into the middle, pushing the fiberfill to the sides. If you think it has enough, put more in. The seams should be firm and round not puffy in any way. Slipstitch opening closed. Be as neat as possible but this area will be covered by the sepal. Squese Pumpkin in the middle and it will reshape.

Leaf and Sepal Cut the 10” square of green fabric in half making 2 - 5”x10” pieces. Place green pieces with right sides together. Trace pattern pieces for 1 leaf and 2 sepals onto wrong side of fabric. Make sure to leave ½” between each pattern piece. Mark a ½” opening at bottom of leaf for starting and stopping sewing. Place cut batting onto the underside of this sandwich. Sew on drawn lines through all 3 layers. Stopping and starting on marks for the leaf. Sew a second time for strength. Cut out pattern pieces leaving 1/8” seam allowance. Clip inside points and cut off outside points. Cut to sewn thread but not through it.

©2011 Marjory A Peck


Turn leaf right side out. Pushing points out as best as can be done. Press entire leaf flat, turning in seam allowance at bottom of leaf. Mark quilting line onto top of leaf. Quilt on lines. This does not need to be free motion quilting.

Fold leaf in half lengthwise. Place a pin about 1” up fold from bottom of leaf. Sew a small dart starting at ¼” from fold at the bottom of the leaf. Stopping at a point where pin is inserted. No need to double stitch this dart. Clip dart to 1/8” seam allowance. This dart makes the leaf curl and creates more 3D effect. Set leaf aside.

©2011 Marjory A Peck


Sepal: Very carefully pull top fabric away from lower fabrics. Pinch and snip a small cut in center of sepal. Making sure to cut the top fabric only. Do not cut the batting side. Slightly enlarge opening making opening large enough to turn sepal right side out. Turn right side out, pushing points out as much as possible without tearing fabric. Press sepal flat. Whipstitch opening closed. Repeat for second sepal.

Using Nylon Thread and a large eye needle take an anchor stitch in the bottom of the Pumpkin. Then through the bottom of the sepal where slit is up to the top of the sepal. From the top of the sepal take an another anchoring stitch back through the sepal and pumpkin. Ending at the top of sepal. Place needle through a hole in the bottom of the flat button. Continue to sew in place going through both the sepal and pumpkin as much as possible. To end off stop when thread is on the bottom of the sepal. Take an anchoring stitch into pumpkin. Knot off. Hide tread tail by taking inserting needle as close to knot as possible and coming out pumpkin about 1” away. Cut thread close to pumpkin.

©2011 Marjory A Peck


Attach the second sepal to the top of the pumpkin in the same manner as for the bottom. Stop when thread is on the top of the sepal after taking the anchor stitch. Bring needle through the bottom of the leaf where dart starts. Take several stitches to anchor leaf to sepal, keeping the stitches only on the bottom edge of sepal. This will be hidden under the button.

End by pulling the needle through sepal about ¼” from edge of leaf. Thread button on. Take 3-4 anchoring stitches through leaf and pumpkin. Knot off as for bottom sepal. It may be necessary to tack the bottom of the leaf to the sepal to keep leaf in place and hide raw edges of leaf. Do this using green thread. Hide knot close to the leaf dart. Tack until satisfied. Bring thread to bottom under sepal. Knot off same as for sepals.

©2011 Marjory A Peck


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