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p niliunPu/rtuilUnwn $utiunal !{'drrutisnuf (Affiliated to Indian NationalTradeUnion Congress) (Affiliatedto lnternationalTransportWorkers'Federation(lTF)London) 3, CHELMSFORD ROAD.NEWDELH]- 11O055

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ShriVinayMittal, Chairman, RailwayBoard, New Delhi.


Sub: Functioningof VigitanceControl Devicefitted in locomotives- reg. Ref:

NFIR's letter No.ll134/6 dated3010512012 addressedto Chairman,Railwav Board.



Though NFIR vide its letter quoted under referencehad made sufficiently good and valuablesuggestions for bringing our some improvementson the functioningoi Vigilunr. ControlDevicefitted in the locomotives, thereis no responsefrom RailwayB-oardregarding adaptability/feasibility of suggestions. While writing suggestions to CRB, same were also uploadedon the websiteof NFIR for obtainingviewsof the staff.In this connection, NFIR has receivedfollowing additional suggestions/drawbacks requiring considerationand taking corrective action:'

Long hoursof duty performedby the Loco RunningStaff,invariablyforcin E loco crew to get them engaged/awaken after8 hoursand is a valid reasonfoi generation of fatiguebodyconditions. o In supportof abovecontention,NFIR wishesto statethat the Loco pilots at Panki - Kanpur (N.c.Railway) that rammed into prayag Raj Expresswere beingutilizedfor over 12 hours(13.25hours),which can not lieid iustifiedbv any standards. r VCDs fitted in all the locomotivesarenot functioningproperlyin as muchas on applicationof brakesits not disablingautomaticallywhich can create imbalance to the locoduringrun. o Soundof Alerterfittedwith VigilanceControlDeviceis very low and is not audible during run, which again is seriousand needsto be looked at thoroughlyfor correctionwithoutdelayso as to attractattentionof ALp.

, jt . ""il

//2// NFIR, therefore,requeststhe Railway Board to go through the suggestionsin the constructiveway to get the defectsremoved to ensuretf,at the vCDs are utilized for the purposefor which thesehave beeninstalledin the locomotives. The other importantaspectof excessiveworking hours of the Loco Running Staff also needs to be paid g..ut.. attention speciallydue to introductionof high speedt.uin, on almostall the trunk routesand on all the zonesto ensuresafetyof travelingpublic. It is also mentioned that NFIR is alwaysavailableto have discussionson the importantissueof safety and expects positive responsefrom the RailwayBoardin this direction.

Yoursfaithfully, r



(M.Raghavaiurf,\ GeneralSecretary Copyto MemberMechanical,RailwayBoard,New Delhi. Copyto MemberElectrical, RailwayBoard,New Delhi. Copyto MemberStaff,RailwayBoard,New Delhi. Cjpy to Adviser(Safety),RailwayBoard,New Delhi. veopyto GeneralSecretaries of AffiliatedUnionsof NFIR. Copyto NFIR MediaCentre.

Functioning of Vigilance Control Device.PDF

Page 2 of 2. //2//. NFIR, therefore, requests the Railway Board to go through the suggestions in the constructive way to get the defects removed to ensure tf,at the ...

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