University Senate Full Meeting Minutes October 27, 2015 MSC 315 3:20-4:22 Present: David Joiner, Craig Donovan, Dave Farrokh, Linda Bradbury, Joy Prescott, Frances Stavola Daly, Patrick McManimon, James Capone, Shing Yoh, Martin Shulman, Jessica Adams, Yehoshua (Josh) Palgi, Patrick Ippolito, Cathleen Londino, Brian Baldwin, Barbara Lee, Emily Filardo, Melodie Toby, Fred Fitch, Linda Cahir, Frank Esposito Absent: Judy April, Carol Goodman, Roxie James, Maria Perez, Melissa Tomich, Mary Bridget White, Melanie Flores, Lynn Schraer Joiner, Patrick Field, Daniela Shebitz,

Guests: Lillian Kartischko, Jennifer Daro, Susan Polirstok, Joy Moskovitz, Ada Morell, Jennifer Gentile

Minutes: October 13, 2015 Approved unanimously A. Chair comments /Announcements: 1. Ana Zsak will meet with the Senate Executive Committee to address list of questions/concerns. 2. Corey Vigdor will meet with the Senate Executive Committee to deal with distance learning issues 3. Small group will meet with Sophie Howlett to express scheduling concerns. B. WKU campus announcements-Report from WKU Ad-Hoc committee: Report distributed to full senate. Since John Prince was unavailable to present the report, Dr. Joiner addressed the two majors concerns of scheduling and transportation: 1. Scheduling without input from faculty resulted in untenable schedules, incompatibility with food service schedule resulting in missed meals for faculty and students, and incompatibility with local transportation to and from campus. 2. Suggest that Holgar Henke be made aware of scheduling guidelines in effect at KeanUSA. Response from Joy Moskovitz: Administration is aware and working on it. Unfinished Business: A. Where to go for academic technology support. -Email response from Susan Gannon on Qualtrics support distributed to full senate: “There is no one in my area to provide training.” Followed by a list of support services offered by Qualtrics and helpful websites. -Concerns for a plan for long term support: Who updates and maintains the sites.

-Concern that OCIS does not offer any support for BlackBoard and the referred site is unhelpful either in a timely manner or not at all. Response from Joy Mokovitz: -

Susan Kane responded to Maria Perez’s inquiry: There is a plan to transition Google sites to Kean website.


Addressed Melissa Tomich’s concerns and indicated there is outreach from University Relations and an offer to explore other options.


The university web page is branded. Plan is to incorporate other sites into Kean. Issues will be addressed at a meeting with Susan Kane and David Joiner.

B. Campus security resources and emergency plan: -Roll out of new alert system involving a mobile phone app that students can use to report an incident and to request a virtual escort on campus. -Information released through the Cougar’s Byte and not to the general campus community -Concerns addressed at last meeting reiterated and expectation of more information from Ana Zsak who will meet soon with the Senate Exec. C. Counseling Center Follow Up: -Email from Janice Murray-Laury distributed to full Senate. -Senate expressed concerns on Counseling/Health Services and staffing: Lack of staffing and no clear indication of when or if students can be seen and what services are they offered. Are they seen locally or referred elsewhere. What are the numbers of students requesting services compared with those handled? Need to know the larger picture of who is staffing multiple offices and a comparison of where Kean University vs. other state institutions with similar student populations. Dr. Joiner’s requested from Faruque Chowhurry for a report on staffing for student services. Mr. Chowdhury responded that Dr. Joiner should go through OPRA to find out. The Senate as representative of the university is entitled to that information and should not be told to OPRA the request. -Senate concern with lack of respect for a collegial exchange of ideas between faculty and the administration. There is a long established pattern of invited administrators repeatedly declining to meet with the Senate. No VPAA since Mark Lender has met with the Senate. -A request to Ada Morell to inform the Board of Trustees of the concern for the lack of cooperation and shared governance at the university. -A reminder that Middle States will expect a progress report in 2017. Response from Joy Moskovitz:

-She is the unofficial liaison to President Farahi and the representative for the office of theVice President for Academic Affairs. Recognition that Joy Moskovitz has been very helpful in a wide variety of representative roles. Still a strong concern that there is a lack of in-person exchange between the Senate and individual administrators who have been invited to the Senate and declined to appear.

Adjournment: 4:22pm

Respectfully submitted, Cathleen Londino, Faculty Senate Secretary


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