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National Museum of Natural History POSTER MAKING COMPETITION Theme: "Harit Diwali Swasth Diwali"



(I) Class 3'1 — 5th (II) Class 61 ' - to'" — graduation (III) Class (Final year)

First: Rs. 10,000/- , certificate & trophy Second: Rs. 7,000/- , certificate & trophy Third: Rs. 5,000/- , certificate & trophy

Participants may send their enures on the theme on a drawing sheet of size: 22 x 15 inches

along with 200 words writeup about the theme of the poster to the National Museum of Natural History, Block - 3, eh floor, CGO Complex, New Delhi-110003, through Speed post or Courier, Write your Name, Address, Contact phone No., valid email ID on the backside of the drawing sheet in block letters. Poster with proof of date of birth (copy of Birth certificate/school certificate), Identity (copy of Aadhar card) and certificate (authenticity of the work attested by Head of School / Institution / Gazetted officer) should reach the above address on or before 4 pm on 05/09/2017. For details please visit www.moetnicin or contact at E-mail: [email protected] Phone 01124367992


Government of India Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change NATIONAL MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY New Delhi Entries invited for Poster Making Competition On the Theme "Harit Diwali — Swasth Diwali" 1. The competition will be organized in three categories: Class 3rd — 5th I. II. Class 6th — 10th III. Class 11th — Graduation (Final Year) 2. The participants can prepare and send their Posters on a drawing sheet of size: 22 x 15 inch along with 200 words write-up about the theme of the poster to the following address through Speed post or Courier. There will be no registration fee. Do not forget to write your Name, Address, Contact Phone No., valid e-mail ID on the backside of the drawing sheet. 3. Poster with proof of date of birth (copy of Birth certificate/school certificate), Identity (copy of Aadhaar card) and certificate (authenticity of the work attested by Head of School / Institute / Gazetted officer) should reach the following address on or before 4 pm on 05-09-2017: "National Museum of Natural History, Block-3, 4th Floor, CGO Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003." 4. A Committee of Experts will scrutinize the entries to select the best entry. 5. NMNH is not responsible for any delay in postal / courier services and entries received after the last date, i.e., 05-09-2017 (4:00 pm) will not be considered. 6. Judgment of the entries by expert committee will be done on .8.-09-2017. 7. The results will be announced on 11.-09-2017 and will be made available on the website: \ \ WW. moef.nic.in 8. All the received entries will be scrutinized to select three best entries for First, Second and Third prizes in each category. 9. Prizes in each category: a) First Prize worth Rs. 10,000/-, certificate and trophy b) Second Prize worth Rs. 7,000/-, certificate and trophy c) Third Prize worth Rs. 5,000/-, certificate and trophy 10. For any other queries/information contact by E-mail: nmnh.edu5678(a)gmail.com ; Phone: 011-24367992, 24360576

Hant diwali swasth diwali.jpg


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7311151 : 011-24367992, 24360576


: nmnh:[email protected];

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