for Monetary Policy

to be based on a common view that choosing a monetary policy is a technical .... group, whom I call borrowers (or dissavers), are also iden- tical and have ...

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cretionary solutions we calculate the permanent deviation of inflation from target that in welfare .... A major attraction of their model is its analytic tractabil- ity.

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supported by the research fellowships of the Japan Society for the Promotion of. Science for young scientists. ... Kyoto University, Japan, Email: [email protected] 1 .... examples of two different banking systems, those of the United States.

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Jul 5, 2003 - increases in food and energy prices, similar impulses from import prices, ... might be said to "work," in the sense that it can always rationalize the facts. .... (My alternative model allows a fairly wide range of neutral rates.

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An alternative strategy could therefore be for monetary policy to target a .... measure of core inflation which excludes food and energy from the CPI is ...... Reserve Bank of New Zealand (1999), 'Minor Technical Change to Inflation Target', News.

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Annual Meeting of the International Banking and Finance Association. The information and ... rate implied by the Taylor rule is well above the actual federal funds rate, starting from ..... taking into account the elasticity of demand for their varie

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count for dynamic demand effects from durable goods, and systematically utilize forward guidance to reduce sectoral volatility. A calibrated model confirms these.

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which we will call CPIX inflation, defined as CPI inflation excluding the interest rate ..... variables, the solutions under commitment and discretion coincide.