Firebase Cloud Messaging for Web & Settle Up   

Web notifications: an easy, reliable, unified solution    Company  Settle Up is a fast-growing startup used by hundreds of thousands of people to keep  track of shared bills and expenses.     Challenges  One of the top user feature requests was to receive notifications whenever there were  updates for a payment group that the user was part of, such as when a bill was added,  changed, deleted, or settled. Users already received these notifications in the app, but  Settle Up wanted their web users to have the same experience. They also wanted a  unified solution that they would be able to use across all of their supported platforms.  Dealing with different documentation and integrations for different notifications  solutions for each platform was so painful that the team did not have notifications for  their iOS app. On top of this, the team had a full plate and wanted a solution that would  be quick and easy to implement.     Solution  After considering different options, the team decided to use Firebase Cloud  Messaging (FCM) for Web, because Settle Up was already using several other Firebase  features, including Analytics, Crash Reporting, Hosting, and Test Lab. Within a day’s  work, the Settle Up team had FCM for Web notifications working as expected without  any problems, and also integrated seamlessly with the other Firebase products.  Moreover, with FCM as a unified solution, the team was able to use one POST request  to send notifications to multiple platforms. 

    SETTLE UP    37% higher engagement for  users who receive web  notifications  

  “The initial implementation  was very easy - really a  one-day job.”   - Filip Procházka,   Developer     




Learn more at: se/fcmweb 

Firebase Cloud Messaging for Web & Settle Up

Users already received these notifications in the app, but. Settle Up wanted their web users to have the same experience. They also wanted a unified solution ...

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