FINAL ACCOUNTS KODAI - JOINT WINTER HOLIDAY NETWORKING PROGRAM (JWHNP) Total Amount Recd. From CREAA Total Amount Recd. From COREAA Photo Charges from COREAA Total Gross Amount Collected

170500.00 33500.00 500.00



EXPENSES INCURRED Hill Country Resort CREAA Members COREAA Members

16 x 3350 12 x 2750 10 x 3350

Entertainment @ Resort Other Expenses @ Resort Coffee, Tea, Snacks & Water Photo Charges (Group only) Bus Shuttle Charges (up & down to Resort)

53600.00 33000.00 33500.00


900.00 1500.00 1000.00 3300.00 1500.00


40000.00 1870.00 1800.00


2500.00 4120.00


KPN Bus Charges Bus Expenses Toll Charges Bus Driver & Cleaner Beta Food Expenses Day I (2nd Dec 2011) incl. Tips Day II (4th Dec 2011) incl. Tips Courier Charges by Mr. G. Sreekrishnan


Amount Refunded to Mr.Sakthivel of M/s.Sakthi Realties (Only Resort Charges) (as decided at the 5th Committee Metting)


Total Expenses



Balance on Hand ( Less A - B = C )



Note: The Balance amount to be utalised for a small get-together for the Kodai Program Members alone as decided by the committee of 6th Dec 2011.

final accounts -

Courier Charges by Mr. G. Sreekrishnan. 350.00. Amount Refunded to Mr.Sakthivel of. 3350.00. M/s.Sakthi Realties (Only Resort Charges). (as decided at the ...

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