SE RV IA M G I R L S AC A D E M Y 2015-2016 A N N U A L R E P O RT

E d u c a t i n g ,

I n s p i r i n g ,

T r a n s f o r m i n g

MISSION Serviam Girls Academy is a tuition-free, independent Catholic middle school in the ursuline tradition for young women of all faiths from lowincome families. Serviam empowers students to succeed in high school and become leaders who serve their families and the needs of society through a dynamic academic program and the development of the whole person in an atmosphere of respect and responsibility.

CORE VALUES In the tradition of the NativityMiguel schools and St. Angela Merici, founder of the ursuline Sisters, Serviam Girls Academy holds true: • • •

• •

• •

Respect for each person as a gift from God. Promotion of the development of the whole person in a caring, Christian community. Student engagement in a dynamic and supportive academic and enrichment program that motivates graduates to succeed in high school and to pursue higher education. The development of higher order thinking skills, especially critical and creative thought, to solve problems in an increasingly global world. A strong school community built by a partnership among students, faculty, family, community members, and organizations to provide a holistic education. The Gospel call to discipleship and service to the broader community. Student empowerment to be leaders and a voice for justice and compassionate change.


Letter From The President Dear Friends, Educating, Inspiring, Transforming . . .this early identified vision and purpose, nine years later, still serves as the hallmark of our collective efforts at Serviam Girls Academy. The following pages offer a snapshot of this vision at work. The effectiveness of Serviam’s educational program is evident in the remarkable progress students make while at Serviam (see test scores, p. 4), which ultimately inspires our graduates to continued success through high school and college (see p. 6). We firmly believe that Serviam’s holistic approach to education supports and challenges the body, mind, heart and spirit, forms and strengthens bonds of sisterhood, and nurtures faith in God who loves, forgives and transforms. You keep this vision alive through your overwhelmingly generous support of time, talent and treasure. Thank you. I trust that, like myself and my staff, your involvement with Serviam Girls Academy serves to educate, inspire and transform your own lives as well. How blest we are! In gratitude,

Peggy Prevoznik Heins President, Serviam Girls Academy

The Board 2016-2017 Board of Directors Michael Arnold, Chair Barbara Andrisani, Vice Chair Michelle Schwandt, Vice Chair Rachana Bhatt Peter Crivelli Donna Desien, oSF Tina DiSabatino Robert Kirkwood Robert LaMantia Marion Lynch, o.S.u. Todd D. Marvin Kristen Pearce John J. Quinn, III Genelle Trader Jen Wilson

Board Of Members Sr. Mildred Haipt, oSu, Chair Barbara Andrisani Michelle Hogan Betty McAdams, oSu Joseph Morrissey, oSFS

Advisory Board Stacey Bacchieri Karen Buckley Cindy Gardner Sally Gore Michelle Granger Martina Hayward Cynthia D. Hewitt Terry Kelly Ellen Kullman Rosemary Lassiter Cindy Pettinaro-Wilkinson Sheriden QuarlessKingsberry Wendie Stabler



Student Performance Math Language Arts Reading

12.0 11.7

11.0 10.9 7.7 7.7 6.6




10.3 8.9

8.7 7.6

7.6 Grade Equivalency

8.6 Grade Equivalency

Grade Equivalency

Grade Equivalency

Class of 2017 6th Grade 7th Grade 2015


Class of 2016 8th Grade 7th Grade 2015


Serviam class of 2016 Graduated from 8th grade performing at a 10th grade level in math.


has inspired me to do my best, never give up and always smile. I am more humble “ Serviam and grateful for life. ” Treasure Wright, 7th Grade


Student Profile Ethnicity

Area of Residence

4% 2%

2% 2% 2%


Participation in National lunch Program


10% 21%




80% African-American Caucasian Hispanic Other

Wilmington New Castle Christiana/Newark Claymont Bear Elkton

Free Reduced Paid




93 %




Serviam’s 11 member Class of 2016 received over $175,000 from 9 full scholarships and 5 partial scholarships and aid to area area private schools including Padua Academy, St. Mark’s High School, Tatnall School, Ursuline Academy, and Wilmington Christian School.


Yani Williams 2011: Empowered to Succeed Serviam Girls Academy’s first graduating class of 2011 includes alumna Yani Williams who is taking the fruits of her Serviam education into the collegiate world. After completing her eighth grade year, Yani attended high school at the prestigious Sanford School in Hockessin, Delaware where she continued to take advantage of the academic opportunities afforded to her, including traveling to Nicaragua to volunteer at the Center for Development in Central America. Today, Yani is a sophomore at Albright College in Reading, Pennsylvania, where she is co-majoring in Child Development Psychology and Spanish. She plans to study abroad to broaden her horizons and apply her experiences to a career as a teacher or counselor. In addition to her successful academic career, Yani has long enjoyed being involved with the DuPont Environmental Education Center (DEEC), first as a volunteer and then as a summer employee. Yani was first introduced to the DEEC during a 7th grade field trip with Serviam, after which she volunteered as a camp counselor every summer until her junior year when she was hired as an Education Intern. In 2015 Yani was hired as a Teacher Naturalist. This summer Yani assumed the position of Senior Education Intern, which required her to prepare for camps, teach programs, and run her own week-long camp. Yani credits Serviam for preparing her for her future with a rigorous workload, extracurricular activities, and small class sizes. She says: “Without Serviam, I may not have had the opportunities and experiences that I have had.”

Alumnae High Schools

Alumnae Colleges/Universities

Archmere Academy Centreville-Layton Preparatory School Christiana High School Concord High School Delcastle Technical High School Design Lab School Early College High School Hodgson Technical High School Howard Technical High School Padua Academy Randallstown High School (Maryland) Sanford School St. Elizabeth’s High School St. Mark’s High School Tatnall School Ursuline Academy William Penn High School Wilmington Christian School

Albright College Delaware State University Delaware Technical Community College LIM College Moore College of Art & Design Penn State University University of the Arts University of Delaware

When I think of Serviam, I think of how much it has prepared me for high school.

Katiana Jones, SGA ‘11, Wilmington Christian ‘15, Delaware Technical College, Seed Program



Multi-cultural night at Serviam The students at Serviam Girls Academy embarked on a worldwide journey during the mandatory Summer Program this July. Divided into small groups, the girls enthusiastically delved into researching a country of their choice, stretching their travels from oceania to South America, from Europe to Asia.The girls’ voyage culminated during Serviam’s inaugural “Multi-cultural Night,” during which the students showcased their countries with fact boards and interactive displays, performances of native dances and folk tale plays, demonstrations of origami and Chinese alphabet writing, and samples of foods from around the world. With families, friends, and teachers traversing the girls’ interactive global exhibit, the entire Serviam community was able to experience the fruits of the students’ hard work and travels. As a mere middle school gymnasium expanded into a sprawling worldsfair, Serviam’s students displayed their creativity and broadened global perspectives, reveling in the incredible diversity and vastness of the newly discovered world around them.

* indicates that the donor has consistently contributed for the past three or more years. BOLD indicates that the donor has contributed every year that the school has been in operation.


Donors Jill & Richard Abbott Francis & Margaret Abessinio Frank & Marcella Albero Richard & Judith Allen * Michael & Becky Allen Tom & Mary Lou Ambro John & Kristy Ambrogi Barbra Andrisani Damian & Jennifer Andrisani * Nate and Allyson Andrisani * Joan Angiullo Richard Angiullo & Holly Lissner Carl & Lonnie Angstadt David & Tish Anshen Cliff and Collette Anzilotti * Michael & Charlotte Arnold Ken Arnold Tony Lopez & Mary Arnold Deborah M. Ashley John & Susan Trzuskowski Atkinson Gregg & Stacey Bacchieri Stephanie Hood & Tom Bacon Richard & Elizabeth Bacon Jacques and Lois Baillargeon Ruth Balick Jeremiah Barrett Constance Urciolo Battle Bryan & Martha Bayer * Janice Tigani & David Baylor Daniel & Stephanie Bazylewicz Theresa and Sean Beach Patricia Donovan Bennett Joseph W Benson Robert & Rebecca Beste Erin Bickley Melissa & John Bilek Richard Borish Martha Boston & Christopher McKenney Thomas & Elaine Boyle * Tom Brady and Deborah Smith * Becky Brewer and Greg Pfister * Agnes Brien Bob & Karen Buckley * Anne & Jerry Buckley Amanda and Joe Calabro Joseph & Beverly Cannon * Tony & Rosemary Cardinal * Ann Marie Carney Linda Carpenter Sen Thomas & Martha Carper * Sr. Jeanne F. Cashman, OSU W. Timothy Cashman II, The Free Enterprise Education Fund Michael & Jane Castle * Gwen & Alonzo Cavin * Barbara & Samuel C. Chamberlain * James & Mary Jo Chandler Cynthia and Mark Chubb Susan & Blake Cleary Geraldine Cochran Claire Coggins and Dan Leun Josephine Cole Mark and Rebecca Collins Deborah L. Concavage Margarita & Berkley Cone

through your generous lives are transformed. Karen C. Conlin, D.D.S. * Sallie Ann Conner Joan Connolly * Colm & Anne Connolly * Mary Cool * Frederick & Marian Cottrell Jay & Rebecca Coughenour Michael Coughlin & Ann Hriciga Michelle & Steve Coulter Paula Cranston Emily Cranston Christopher Crawford * Kenneth Cresci * Peter & Diane Crivelli * Jane and Rob Crowe * Gregory Crump Robert & Kathy Curry Vincent and Melanie Daniels * Greg & Juliet Dee * Heidi & Damian Dell’Oso Steve and Jayne Dellose Jean DeSantis Joseph and Marie-Eve DeSantis * Sr. Joanne Desmond, OSU * Joe & Patricia DiPinto James Dipinto Michael and Cassie DiSabatino * Cristina and Kevin DiSabatino * Lindsey DiSabatino Kimberly Dorman Bill & Carolyn Doyle John & Paula Dudley Henry B. duPont, IV, Nor’Easter Foundation Deborah A. Elam Jim & Gail Everett * Carmen and Marisa Facciolo Joseph & Patricia Farnan * Joan and Joseph Fassano Kerry Ann Erickson-Felps Geraldine W. Few Clairmarie and Robert Field, Huisking Foundation * Frank and Mary Fiorenza Michael & Christy Fleming * Anne Marie Fletcher Lea Fletcher Mary Lou & John Flynn * Kristyn Forrester Michael & Carol Fortunato Jay Freebery Lossie Freeman and Stephen Ross Joel Friedlander & Julie Ann Sandler Robert Fromuth and Michelle Wolfe * Stephen & Maryellen Gallagher Whitfield & Cynthia Gardner * Lou & Rhonda Gatti * JoAnne & David Geiszler * Jill and Tommy Gessler Michael & Bernadette Gilmore Michelle & George Gioffre Martin & Kathleen Glogowski Stephen & Carol Goett * Hevandro & Marguerite Gomes * Susan Gordon Sally Gore Barry & Michelle Granger *

support, the people and businesses in the greater Wilmington community, girls are educated and Jim & Patricia Grant Kenneth & Joanne Gray Mary Jane Strattner Gregory Robert & Jean Gross Diane & Edward Gulyas * Ann Hagerty * Sister Milderd Haipt, OSU Jean Halloran Nancy Hanna * Thomas & Lexie Hanna Roland & Penny Harbin Susan & Edward Harron Denison & Wendy Hatch Patty Haughton Donald & Althea Hayes Pierre DuPont & Tina Hayward * Kara & John Hebert Andrew & Katie Hegedus Rachel & Robert Heinle Peggy Prevoznik Heins Becky and Ted Hendrixson Margaret & John Henry * William J. Herron Johanna & Carl Hertrich Cynthia Hewitt & Dan Holloway Christopher John Hickey Tom & Toni Hinkley Karen & Mickey Hinman * David & Michelle Hogan SR. Carol Ann Holder, OSU Eric Hoover Kathleen Fahey Hosey * Nancy Hough * Matthew & Kelly Houston * Margaret J. Janes * Steve & Debbie Jenkins Suken and Maria Jogani Maureen Johnson Janet Jornlin Gene and Donna Julian Sue Ann & John Kane Meg Kane-Smith & Gary Smith Jim & Katie Keegan William & Jennifer Kelleher Jennifer Kelley Bernard & Susan Kelley Michael & Deanna Kelly Sr. Agnes Kelly, OSU * John and Terri Kelly Joe and Rosemary Kelly * Gerard and Kathleen Kennealey * Mary Jane Kimmins * Paul & Mary Ellen King Sheridan and Stephen Kingsberry * Robert Kirkwood John Korenko Michael & Hannah Koziski Ginny & Skip Kuhn * Michael and Ellen Kullman * Robert LaMantia Jennifer & Anthony LaRocca * Kathie Larsen Rosemary and Ted Lassiter Gregory Francis & Ruth Lavelle * Diane Lawson

Ronald & Rita Lee * Gerald & E. Jane Lemole Michelle and Timothy Lengkeek Patrick & Virginia Leonard Lisa and Martin Lessner * Paul & Maureen Lesutis Christine Lewis * Michael and Teresa Lippincott * Kevin and Susan Loney Lawrence & Phyllis Low Joe and Kate Lucyk * Tony & Jennifer Lunger Sr. Frances Lyle, OSU John & Patty Lynch Linda Marie Lynch SR. Marion Lynch, OSU * Isabel F. MacDermott Julie and Scott MacWilliams Henrietta Mahoney Katherine & Zeke Maki Stephanie Malleus & Bill Collins Majid & Mali Mansoory Barbara Marchese Jack & Carla Markell Whitney & Katharine Maroney Ralph & Stefanie Marshall Heather & Christopher Marshall Mary I. Martelli Elizabeth Martelli * Philip & Wendy Marvil Todd and Jennifer Marvin Brian & Andrea Marvin Tom & Jo McBride Jeanne Marie McCauley Marshall G. McClure Ian McConnell Paul and Linda McConnell Mary Ellen Foster McEvily Karen McFadden Devon McHugh Brian McKeown Mary Ann McLane Katie McMahon * Ann McManamon Douglas & Cynthia Mead Henry & Elizabeth Mellon Bethany Melo Kathleen & Christopher Mercer * Mercedes Migliore Joe Miller & Rachel Wood * Kristen & David Miller James & Ruth Mohr Marilyn Monahan John & Beth Moore Buzz & Annie Moran Denise-Nanette Morinich Gail Morrison * George D and Alexia Moutsatsos Elizabeth & Stanley Muessle * Cynthia Mumma Edward Murchie Traci and Colin Murphy Karen Musselman Kristin and Phil Muzik Barry J. Niziolek

Debra & Stephen Norman Michael & Danielle Nowaczyk * John Nowaczyk Tom & Jennifer O’Brien Rex and Mary Beth Oberg * Lisa & Paul Ogden Mark A. Oller * Susan & Paul Padien Dominic and Ainsley Palladino Mark & Cathy Parsells Dick & Tina Pearce * Kristin Pearce * David & Maria Peet Michelle & Miguel Pena Ralph & Rose Marie Pepe Elizabeth A. Pfeufer * Lee & Andrew Podolsky * Kristen & Adam Poff John & Mary Polk Anthony and Kathryn Poppiti Therese Prevoznik * John & Shelly Prevoznik Rita Prevoznik Stephen & Sherry Prevoznik Peter & Diane Quandt * John & Diane Quinn Erin Johnson Quinn Laura de Ramel Tiffany & Shawn Randall Donald and Helen Reid * Richard Rettig Melissa and Paul Rice James and Barbara Rindfuss David & Patricia Ripsom Joan and Frank Roddy John & Barbara Rogers * Mitzi and Blake Rohrbacher * Emily Romano Elaine Saienni Rosenberg Marianne Ross Erin and Jamie Rubano Jerome & Yvette Rudnitzky Mary Jo and William Russell Kathleen Ryan Michael Saienni Julie & Robert Saunders Kathy Savage Bernard and Julianna Saydlowski * Jane Schindewolf Jeffrey & Erin Schlerf Zeke and Peyton Schofield * Sarah Chard & John Schumacher Charles G. Schussler Porter and Laurisa Schutt Charlie Schuyler Wes & Michelle Schwandt Rosalind Schwebel Revocable Trust Catherine Seeber Suken & Sheela Shah Dave & Michelle Shepherd Dana Shuey John Sibson Eileen C. Sibson Suzanne Smith Philomene Smith

SR. Claire Smith, OSU Henry H. Smith Stacy & Jamie Solomon David and Ellen Songle Elizabeth Cromwell Speers Wendie Stabler * Lisa Sullivan Jim & Frances Swanson Thomas & Rita Sweeney * Douglas & Betty Ann Sweet Ann Marie & Jeffrey Swett Keith and Nora Sylvestre Roderick and Sheryl Tate * Cathy & Russell Tatman James & Eileen Taylor * Ronald & Sonya Taylor * Charles Tierney Jessica Tigani Bruce & Jennifer Tigani John and Dolores Tirrell Mike & Kelie Toth Eleanor Touhey * Genelle Trader Francis & Ann Trzuskowski Patricia Tucker Mary Pat & Stanley Urbanik Ursuline Community - DeWitt Ursuline Community - Kingston, NY * Ursuline Community - Liberty Avenue Ursuline Community - Province Center * Ursuline Community of St. Joseph * Ursuline Community of St. Teresa * Ursuline Lower School Retired Faculty Debra Valcourt Sydney Van Dyke Marianne Viceconte Christine Vinton Wells & Katie Vinton, Jr. * Karl & Jenny Wagner Dana & Debbie Walker Katherine Ward * Rod & Gina F. Ward * Robert & Christine Watson * Leland Weaver John & Aubree Wellons * Philip & Peggy Weymouth, Ederic Foundation Robert & Michele Whetzel Roger & Kay Wilke Steven & Cindy Wilkinson Todd & Christina Willard Ian & Annie Williams Sonya Williams Serena Williams * Peter & Jennifer Wilson * John & Eileen Wilson * Denyce Wilson Tara Kubeck Wood Woody Woodruff Dennis and Nancy Wuebbels Sr. Dolores Yanshak, OSU * Teri Yaskowsky * Karen Pascale & William Yemc


foundations Christ Church Foundation The Christmas Shop Foundation Crystal Trust Foundation Debley, Inc. Foundation Fair Play Foundation Gannett Foundation The Gilliam Foundation The Human Ecology Foundation The Kutz Foundation The Laffey-McHugh Foundation The Longwood Foundation Marmot Foundation Marvin Family Foundation Raskob Family Foundation for Catholic Activities, Inc. Ernest Stempel Foundation Ursuline Sisters Eastern Province Wilmington Flower Market

Corporate Sponsors Archmere Academy ATI Physical Therapy Axalta Coating Systems, LLC Barclaycard Blue Ocean Systems Breakwater Accounting & Advisory Corp. Capital One Chesapeake Insurance Advisors CITIGROUP Delaware Orthopaedic Specialists DiSabatino Construction Company Discover Bank GFP Cement Contractors LLC Hagley Museum & Library High 5 Hospitality Highmark Delaware M&T Bank Padua Academy Sage Financial Group Tower Hill School W. L. Gore & Associates Wilmington Chapter, The Links, Inc.

Gifts in-kind All American Sports Bar Amtrak Barbra Andrisani Apropos Arena’s Deli and Bar ATI Physical Therapy BarclayCard BBC Tavern & Grill Bethany Blues

BIB LLC Big Chef Guy/Deep Blue Bar & Grill Big Fish Grill Melissa Bilek Blue Moon Cafe Rhonda Bowman Boyd’s Flowers Brandywine Buzz Anne Buckley Buker Limo Amanda Calabro Capital One Celebrations on Market Dean Cesario Chelsea Tavern Chesapeake Investment Advisors, Inc. Christiana Care Health System Kate Collins Michelle Collison Marian Cottrell Currie Hair Skin & Nails Deerfield Fine Wines Delaware Today Becky Dengler Joe DeSantis Dick’s Sporting Goods DiSabatino Construction Company Dukart Management Corporation Ed Oliver Golf Club Ernest & Scott Taproom EyeMed Lossie Freeman Lizzie Fortunato Rhonda Gatti G & G Outfitters, Inc. Hagley Museum Half Full Harry’s Hospitality Group Harry’s Savoy Grill Highmark, Inc. Homewood Suites, Midtown Manhattan Inn at Montchanin Jackson Hewitt Tax Services Jake’s Seafood Jeenwongs Thai Cuisine JMW Entertainment Group, LLC Peter Kate Kenny Family Foundation Kindle Kristen & the Noise Longwood Gardens Mary Lou McMahon Melting Pot Midnight Sun Mrs. Rubino’s Restaurant Mutual of Omaha Nage (Fork & Flask) National Constitution Center NKS Distributors Inc Of A Kind One Coastal Restaurant Painting Parties Penn Cinema Phildelphia Cricket Club PM Hospitality Services


Rita Prevoznik Therese Prevoznik Purebread Ralph Lauren Regional Orthopaedic Associates Rehoboth Beach Yacht & Country Club Rehoboth Country Club Rock Manor Golf Course Saul Ewing LLP Chip Schussler Wes & Michelle Schwandt Serviam Finance Committee Sigma Corporation of America Inc. Mark Spalding Sposato Landscape Standard Distributors Starboard/Bethany Blues Striper Bites The Links, Inc. The Spa, Inn at Montchanin The Wawa Foundation Touch of Italy/Curz13 LLC Tower Hill School Tower Hill Bake Club Genelle Trader Tri State Creations LLC Tulaa Yoga Studio Two Sisters Boutique Ubon Thai Cuisine United Distributors Wells Fargo & Company

Gifts of Service Kim Adams Terra Barnes Barbara Beachley Melissa Bilek Rhonda Bowman Rebecca Brewer Rick Brown Tony Cardinal Kim Censurato Ann Cole Rebecca Collins Marian Cottrell Tiffani Coverdale Terrance Dean Cheryl DeLoatch Joe DeSantis Mary Shannon Donnelly Olufunke Fagbami Robert Fay Christy Fleming Lossie Freeman SR. Cass Fuerstein, osf Michelle Garnett Rhonda Gatti Sherry Godwin

SR. Mildred Haipt, osu Ti Harper Gigi Hatzis-Clark Patty Haughton Jeremy Hebbell Amy Herb Jason Hoover Kelly Houston Steve Hutt Kayleen Italia Suken Jogani Lisa Kepley Michelle Lengkeek Grace Liberatore Katherine Maki Jessica Manion Gena Matthews Mary Lou McMahon Stephanie Melrose Bernadette Milbourne Joe Miller Lindsey Notigan Leslie Ortiz Kara Pokropski Therese Prevoznik Roland Rollins Erin Rubano Tameka Rudd Mitch Ruebush Mary Ellen Schauber Chip Schussler Val Shulte Laura Simon Meg Kane Smith Sheryl Tate Shelby Thompson Jessica Tigani Mamie Williams Rachael Wood Nicole Wright Dennis Wuebbels

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this annual report for gifts received from July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016. We apologize for any errors or omissions, and ask that you please contact the development office at: [email protected]

or call 302-651-9700 x208 in order for us to make any necessary changes. Serviam Girls Academy is an IRS designated 501(c)3 organization. All contributions are tax-deductible under the fullest extent of the law. Thank you for your support.

Funding at a glance $39,316 $22,934

Annual Fund Scholarships 2020 Campaign Foundations Special Events (net) Program Income Other Income (NLP/Investments)





$1,082,598 $437,428


$26,807 $21,252

Payroll & Benefits Education Supplies Enrichment Graduate Support Other School Expenses Facilities Expenses G&A Expenses Development Capital Purchases



$1,528 $48,798 $15,109 $8,198

Expenses $832,753



Continue transforming lives Giving Method Online Mail United Way Stock Shares Matching Donations Endowment & Planned Giving

How to give go to: Serviam Girls Academy 14 Halcyon Drive New Castle, DE 19720 United Way # 12386 Investment Account # N6A-006128 EIN 26-0792594 Contact Peggy Prevoznik Heins [email protected] (302) 651-9700


Serviam Girls Academy 14 Halcyon Drive New Castle, DE 19720


Save The Date 3rd Annual Pars For Stars Golf Outing Monday, October 10, 2016 Bidermann Golf Course

Evening Under The Stars Friday, April 28, 2017 Greenville Country Club Featuring Kristen & The Noise

Highmark Walk For A Healthy Community June 2017 Bellevue State Park

Fall 2016 Newsletter - Serviam - FINAL - downloadable.pdf ...

Peggy Prevoznik Heins. President, Serviam Girls Academy. The Board. Letter From The President. 2016-2017 Board of Directors. Michael Arnold, Chair. Barbara Andrisani, Vice Chair. Michelle Schwandt, Vice Chair. Rachana Bhatt. Peter Crivelli. Donna Desien, oSF. Tina DiSabatino. Robert Kirkwood. Robert LaMantia.

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