Facility Committee Meeting January 6, 2015 District Office Present: Jeff Greenspan, Ruth Klint, Carlton Evans, Dr. Gatta, Eric Trimberger, John Heintz, Jerzy Siemienski, Vickie Beck, Mike Maloney-Legat, Patrick Brosnan-Legat, Tom Carrano-IHC, Tom Rychlik-Gewalt Hamilton, Therese Murphy: Absent- Sheri Doniger Chairperson Jeff Greenspan called the meeting to order at 7:45 a.m. MINUTES OF DECEMBER 2, 2014 FACILITY COMMITTEE MEETING It was moved by Ms. Klint and seconded by Mr. Evans to approve the minutes. All voted aye. CONSTRUCTION UPDATE 2014 Mike Maloney from Legat reviewed the Niles North Storefront project and handicap access at Door 19. Mike will send new renderings with masonry on the bottom of the storefront vs. windows at Niles North and Tom Carrano from IHC will send the cost difference of masonry vs. windows. Mike will send a rendering of Door 19 reworking the sidewalk with a curb cut for handicap access. Administration asked that an ADA push pad be added at door 16. The administration will prepare a report in Fall reviewing the construction budget for the 5 year plan highlighting the money budgeted, money spent and any additions to the 5 Year Capital Plan. SCHOOL BASED HEALTH CLINICS Mike Maloney did an overview of the School Based Health Clinics at Niles North and Niles West. Legat, IHC and D219 Administration are meeting with Heartland this morning to finalize plans. SUMMER WORK 2015 The Facilities Committee approved Bid Package 1 for Summer Work 2015 and recommended sending it to the full board for approval. BOUDARY SURVEY FOR NILES NORTH Tom Rychlik from Gewalt Hamilton gave the committee 2 options for obtaining boundary surveys for Niles North to identify any encroachments and give the administration a clear understanding of property boundaries. The committee agreed to complete boundary research and field work specific to the south, west, and north boundaries of Niles North at a cost of $10,250. If agreed, iron rods and concrete monuments would be installed to conform to plat law, a recordable mylar plat included for an additional $2,500. A decision will be made to do this last step after the initial field work is complete. PLAT OF DEDICATION Tom Rychlik from Gewalt Hamilton reported to the committee that the intersection improvement requested by D219 must have all equipment including signal bases and magnetic detection devices within the public right of way in order for IDOT to approve the project. An area that is approximately 100 feet wide and 42 feet deep

needs to be dedicated from D219 to IDOT to complete this project. The committee recommends the Board agree to the Plat of Dedication. WINDOW TINTING AT NILES NORTH The committee agreed unanimously to complete the window tinting on the remaining bottom windows of the East side of Niles North in conjunction with the construction of the school based health clinics. ELECTRICAL GROUNDING OF NILES WEST POOL The administration requested a proposal from AMSCO Engineering to determine if the pool at Niles West and the associated systems meet current electrical code requirements. This was brought to light when the preliminary scope of work for the window replacement at Wests’ pool resulted in the discovery of deteriorating electrical wiring used for grounding of metal parts of the pool. The committee agreed to approve the proposal from AMSCO Engineering for an amount not to exceed $3,500. FOOTBALL SCOREBOARDS AT NILES NORTH AND NILES WEST

The Administration was directed to get the following information: • • • •

The cost for video production Warranty The cost of service agreements/hourly service charge Commission rates for outside firms to solicit advertising

The administration will bring the above information to the January Board of Education meeting along with the final cost of scoreboards, video display, sound system, shipping and installation. ADDITIONAL COMMENTS Obtain a list of all awards that we have received for our Facilities and list them on the School Report Card on the District Website. ADJOURNED: Meeting adjourned at 9:10 a.m.-Moved by Ms. Klint and seconded by Mr. Evans

Facility Committee Meeting

Jan 6, 2015 - Administration asked that an ADA push pad be added at door 16. ... the associated systems meet current electrical code requirements. This was ...

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