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2001 Éditions scientifiques et médicales Elsevier SAS. ... competitive PCR analysis / cadmium resistance / estuary water / cadA gene / DNA quantification. 1.

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COASTAL AND OPEN SEA WATER I .... taking into account. For the study of the wave field .... the offshore as well as of the nearshore/coastal area (Fig. 2 and 4).

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Although data are necessarily fragmentary, ... rat islets demonstrate (i) acute rapid losses of ppI. mRNA and ... quiring a recovery period in tissue culture of up to.

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1). The mercury smelter at Rudnany near SpiSskd. No& Ves is situated 45 km ... 800 m above sea level. ... emission sources because of the small number of.

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Warm model is CSIRO-Mk3.0, Australia; warmer model is GFDL-CM2.0, U.S. NOAA; warmest model is MIROC3.2.(hires) .... post offices, police stations, health clinics, and other infrastructure that make it possible for. Alaska to ..... relocation costs fo

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