ERASMUS : TO KNOW IMPORTANT POINTS YOU MUST REGISTER AS FAST AS YOU CAN TO ORDER YOUR ESTONIAN ID- It allows you to benefit from reductions (Free transportation, supermarket discount card, mobile flat rate deposit, etc.) GOOGLE MAP IS YOUR BEST FRIEND: You can find the bus / trams you have to take and the timetables, you can also find the supermarkets, restaurants, pubs, clubs, etc. (names below)

ARRIVAL From the airport you can take a Taxi or an Uber to the centre (7-8€). You can also take the bus n°2 which goes to the center.

ABOUT SCHOOL You have to know that all departments are not located in the same location. - Design faculty is in the same building as the administration, Estonia pst 7. - Architecture faculty is in the old town, at Pikk 20. - Interior Architecture is at Suur-Kloostri 11 (court yard). - Fine Arts faculty is at Lembitu 12 (also at Lembitu 10 and 10b) - Installation and sculpture is at Raja 11 - Art Culture faculty is at Suur-Kloostri 11. - The International Office is located at Estonia pst 7 / Teatri väljak 1, room 508.

FIND A PLACE TO LIVE Muusa Majustus: Dormitory for Art Students (EKA / Estonian Music and Theatre Academy). Price: Shared room 85 € / Single room 170 € + charges (20-30 € / month).

Blankets and pillows are not provided, but you can buy a whole set for 43 EUR at the dorm. (Very nice and you can organize a drink in the corridor to meet other people: Erasmus, Estonians or others) More information -> Apartment in town: check on the Internet You can join Facebook groups to place /find an ad («Muusa Majutus group» / «Erasmus in Tallinn /accommodation» etc.) If you still do not have accommodation on arrival you can book a hostel. Here are two recommendations - Red Emperor : - Euphoria :

WHEN TO ARRIVE Ideally at least a week before in order to take your bearings in the city, to settle down well, to launch the first steps and to define your schedule of course.

WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU ARRIVE Define your schedule : - BEFORE : If you already want to have a list of classes in your department, before you arrive, you can send an email to the international service ([email protected]) or to the faculty coordinator (look from webpage under contacts and then faculty) - ARRIVING: You will receive an email which will give you an appointment with your department. At this meeting, you will meet your coordinator who will help you to define your schedule - COURSES IN OTHER DEPARTMENTS : Very difficult to access. But you can always send an e-mail to the head of the department that interests you so that they keep you informed of possible workshop. - HOW TO DO : Once you have an idea of the courses you want to follow, you have to get in touch with the people in charge of the schedules (your coordinator) to

encode these and define your schedule. NB: you can add or remove courses after this first encoding. - WARNING: Courses are organized only for Erasmus but some are limited. The registration form will be sent to you by mail just before the start of the course! !!! Check regularly your mailbox !!

Order your student card ISIC : - Send a request by email to [email protected] with: - Photo file (.jpg on white background, max 1 MB) - Passport copy or personal details (full name, birth date or ID code, document number) - Go to Helen Kärner (Estonia str 7, room 532) and pay 4.60 EUR in cash She will inform you when the card is ready

Go to register as an Estonian citizen (Essential if you stay more than 3 months and very useful to have access to many discounts!) - ADDRESS : the Tallinna Kesklinna Valitsus at Pärnu street 9 (in the city centre) - YOU NEED : - Your ID document -Rental contract (It will take more than a week to be registered and order your ID)

Order your ID card : (You need to be registered before) - ADDRESS : P. Pinna 4 or Tammsaare tee 47 - YOU NEED : - Identity document - Picture (If you don’t have any, it is possible to take a picture on spot) - You will receive an email when your card will be ready

Mobile Package : - Go to one of the shopping centres to obtain information about an operator. It will help you to find the right formula for you. (Variable price from 5 to 15 € / month) -TELIA -ELISA

-Tele2 -FREE SCHOOL CARD: You will receive a prepaid phone card at school NB: If you do not already have the Estonian ID card, you should pay +/- 60 € to launch your subscription. You will be able to recover this sum by returning there to present your Estonian card

Green card for public transport (2 €) If you have the Estonian ID you can use all the public transport for free. You just have to buy the green card: 2 € You can find it in the R-Kiosk (all over the city) and ask the seller to activate it.

BUY SUPPLIES TO MOVE IN Here is a list of stores where you can find what you need - Selver - Prisma - Ülemiste Shopping Center (Near the airport) - Second hands

BUY FOOD Ask for discount cards from stores to qualify for discounts. (You need your ID card and your student card) Here is a list of stores where you can find food : - Selver - Rimi - Maxima - Keskturg market (near the Dormitory) - Russian market in Telliskivi - In the basement of every Shopping Centre

WHERE TO EAT Very good food in Estonia, I have never been disappointed! - Living room : Pärnu maantee 9

- Must puudel : Müürivahe 20 - In Telliskivi (Very nice place): -La tabla -F-Hoone -Other places: snacks/ restaurants - Olde hansa : Vana Turg 1 - 3 dragons: Raekoja dishes 1

BUY CLOTHING Here is a list of stores where you can find clothing: - Shopping centers (Solaris/ Viru/ Ülemiste/ Rocca Al Mare/ Etc.) - Rotermanni Keskus - Humana: Interesting second hand stores!

SCHOOL SUPPLIES/ PRINT Print / Photocopy - You can print in black and white at the school library - All students of the EKA have -15% - -

Supplies - Hammond : 2stores -Tartu maantee 5 -Raua 1 - G-galerii: next to the Freedom square - Vunder at Pirni 5 - Big paper shop, with lots of different paper materials, sketchbooks etc. Address: Narva mnt. 38

SPORT My fitness : You can find this fitness centre all over Tallinn.

- It offers different rates and you can participate in all the group lessons that they offer (student discount). - This subscription gives you access to various discounts (Beauty salons, sports shops, etc.) At school : some activities are proposed (example: Yoga). On the internet you can find different sports practiced in Tallinn

PARTY You can walk in the streets, you will certainly find a bar to your taste! You can also look at the Facebook pages for more information. Here are some tips: - CLUB : - Hollywood - Privé - Mynt - Lekker - Studio (you can have free entrance if you ask tickets in the «Shooters») - BAR : - Must puudel - Hell Hunt (Beers from different countries) - Shooters (Student discounts) - Other : - EKKM - KELME - Helikopter - Telliskivi : Peatus or Punane maja

MEET PEOPLE ESN group: it is an organization for the Erasmus-students. It organizes meetings, trips, excursions, etc.). You can find more information on their Facebook page or on their website Erasmus courses: register yourself in courses for the Erasmus, it allows you to meet people from other departments and other horizons.

If you live in the dormitory, organize brunch, aperitif or pre-party in the dormitory. Create «Erasmus» conversations on Facebook with people you’ve met to offer tours, parties, etc.

VISIT TALLINN There are a lot of things to see and do in Tallinn: - Old town (Very beautiful!!) - Pirita Beach - Patarei prison - Linnahall - St Alexander Nevsky Cathedral - Roof top (Radisson blue / St. Olav’s Church and Tower / Tallinn TV tower / Etc.) - Museums / open air museums - Kadriorg park - Telliskivi - Etc. You can click on this link to find out all the things to see /to do!

VISIT ESTONIA I advise you to find information on the Internet or at the tourist office (address: Niguliste 2, 10146 Tallinn), etc. They let you plan your trips/visits as you like. Enjoy! Estonia is beautiful! You really need to discover all the other parts of Estonia!! Here are some ways to guide you. - Rummu (Prison flooded) - National parks - Estonian Islands - Open air museums - Nõmme - Towns: -Pärnu (very famous in spring / summer)

-Tartu : Favorite for the district Aparaadiethas! Restaurant Aparaat to test absolutely! Delicious and cheap! -Narva -Etc.

ABOUT TALLINN/ ESTONIAN No alcohol sales after 10pm in stores Free transport in Tallinn for Estonian citizens (Estonian ID) You can take buses to get to different Estonian cities or other for cheap and with very good comfort. Supermarkets and shopping centres generally close between 9pm and 11pm and are open 7 days a week! You may be a little surprised by the behaviour of Estonians, they may seem unpleasant and indifferent but don’t worry, they are not all like that and after a while it twill seem normal to you.


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