MAHASANKALPAM SPELL – II S.S.C. 2017 [04-01-2017] Name of the student: Sub.: ENGLISH 1. Read the following passage and answer the questions.

Marks : 25 3x1=3

But after dilly-dallying, I finally decided against it because marriage had increased my responsibilities and I had got into debt. (The Journey ) a. What does the word dilly-dallying mean ? b. What could happen if the narrator decided not to go? c. What does ‘it’ refer to in the above passage ? 2.Read the following stanza and answer the questions. 3x1=3 There was a time indeed They used to shake hands with their hearts: But that’s gone, son. Now they shake hands without hearts: While their left hands search My empty pockets. ( Once upon a Time ) a.What is prevailed at present?

b. How do their left hands search empty pockets now ?

c. What type of shake hand do you prefer ? 3. Read the following stanza and answer the questions.


So I have learned many things, son. I have learned to wear many faces Like dresses – home face, Office face, street face, host face, Cocktail face, with all their conforming smiles Like a fixed portrait smile. ( Once upon a Time ) a.Why did the poet learn to wear many faces ? b. Who is being addressed ? 4. Read the following passage and answer the questions


It’s no use. What can even my children’s friends say – they know me only as Kamala’s mother or some aunty, now my respected husband – is the only hope – if anyone remembers it, it is only he. a. How is she well known ? ( What Is My Name ) b. Does she think that her husband remembers her name? 5. Yaswanth went to shop along with his father to buy provisions and clothes. They also bought many things and paid through swipe machine. Yaswanth thrilled about moneyless transactions. Imagine that you are Yaswanth and write a letter to your friend expressing your opinion on moneyless transactions prevailed at present. [ OR ] 5 marks The cyclonic storm ‘Vardah’ over south-east of Bay of Bengal. Squally winds, with speed reaching 45 to 50 kmph, gusting to 60 kmph are likely to prevail along and off coastal Andhra Pradesh. Fishermen are advised not to venture into the sea.

Write a news report on the ‘Vardah’ Cyclone with a note of caution to the public to be more cautious about storms. 6. Read the following paragraph and fill in the blanks with the correct options given against the number of blanks. 5x1/2= 2 1/2 A rain forest is _____(1) warm and rainy place _____(2) a thick growth of trees. _____(3) heavy rains, the trees _____(4) tall and close together. Their tops are _____(5) thickly branched that they almost block the passage of the wind. Even sun-shine does not fall on the ground. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

a) a a) on a) As of a) grow a) very

b) the b) across b) Because of b) growing b) so

c) any c) by c) Where with c) grew c) much

d) an d) with d) Instead of d) are growing d) too

7. Rewrite the following sentence in the passive form. 1x1=1 My guilt and shame did not allow me to do so. Ans: 8. Your friend has become too much obese. Advise him to do exercise everyday. 1x1=1 Ans: 9. What do the following sentence mean ? Put a (TICK) mark against the right answer. 1x1/2= 1/2 You will sit here , will you ? a) Offering help



b) suggesting



c) warning



d) seeking information [


10. Read the paragraph and write the antonyms of the underlined words. 4x1/2=2 I protested (1) . How could I allow (2) my old father father to carry my trunk ? What would people think ? What would they say ? But I failed (3) to dissuade (4) him. Ans. 1) 2) 3) 4) 11. Complete the spelling of the words with “ia, ea, ou, io,ai”. 2x1/2= 1 Son seated in the luxur_ _us seat of a bus and father walking back with w_ _ry legs on the pebblestrewn road. 12. Complete the words with correct suffixes given in brackets. 2x1/2= 1 Ours is a hilly terr____(eain/ain), without any motor____(able/eble) roads13. Match the following one word substitutes with their meanings. 2x1/2= 1 Part - A Part - B 1) Teetotaler [ ] a) One who believes in god. 2) Versatile [ ] b) One who abstains from taking alcohol. c)One who possesses many talents. @@@@@@@

english spell 2.pdf

2) Versatile [ ] b) One who abstains from taking alcohol. c)One who possesses many talents. @@@@@@@. Page 2 of 2. english spell 2.pdf. english spell 2.pdf.

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