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R".B.E. No.: 1s ftT 0t7




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lPNl/s No. F(E)I1T12'807

h*ewDelhi,Dated : 23.08.2017 TheGMs/FA&CAOs, AII ZonalRailways/Production Units, (As per mailinglist) '


Eligibilify of divorced daughters for gi;", clarifi cation regarding.

of family pension-

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A copy of Departmentof Pensionand Pensioners'weifare (Dop&pw),s o.M, No' 1/13/09-P&PW(Ddatecl19rhJuly,2017on the abovecited subiectis enclosedfor informationand compliance"Theseinstructionsshall apply mutatis rnutandison Railways also. Ruie 54 of the ccs (pension)Rules, lg72'ienti"".i irnop&pw,, correspondstoRule75oftheRailwayServices(Pension)Ruies,1993' o.M., ' ., Jhe.Rallyuy^efu;r instluctionscorresponoinfto the Dop&pw,s instructions retbffed to in theiraforesaid o.M. datedl9t1'July,2017(enciosed) aregiveniurd"r, S.No. DOP&PW'sinstructions

Railway Board,s .or.*rponding insfrrrcfinnc


o.M. No. 1/19/[email protected] atil Letter No. F(E)III/98,ryNV4lated

2s/30.08.2004. t



No, 1/8/A9^P&PW(E) datecl Letter r.r-o.F(E)III/2007/pN1/5 dated 26.09.2013 .11.09.2013


fl 0

Q fr,t,y"[*@*,.*

D.A.: As above.

{c.'priydSudarsani) |oint Director, Finance(Estt.), Railway Board.

@ National Federation of Indian Railwaymen g.f.ln1 ; 3, Chelmsford Road, New Delhi. No. IA31/Part ){IV . Dated:29/08/2017 Copy together with copy of enclosures is forwarded to tlrc Glenerq!Secretaries of afJitiated Unions of NFIRfor information and guidunce. C/: Media CentrelNFIR C/: IRll.

sf-.t\-( ' .--.1 (Dr. M. Raghavaiah) General Secretary


N o " l / 1 3 / 0 9 - P & P w( E ) (iovcrnmcnt of India Ministry of Pcrsonncl,Il.(;' & l'ensions l)cpartment of Pcnsion& Pensioncrs'Wclfare 3"r liltttlr' Lok Nnyak llhnrvan, Khan Markct, Ncw Dclhi' ' l9tn.Iulv.2ol?. Oli F'lCiIt M liMoltn sub:

N t)Li rvl

ft:rrgrant of Inmily ;rcnsion clan licatiorrrcgarcling' claughfers Hligibility o1'clivorccd

bcyond thc agc ol' clar-rghter provision lbr gfturt of lirmily pr:nsionto a u,idorvcd/ilivor:ccd in clar:sc included bce, .2004" ['his provision has 25 yearshas bccn nruit. viclc OX4dal;d 30.08 (iiiiol sttb-rule54 (6) oi'tire C(lS (Pcnsion)'Ilrrlcs' 197?' 2 ' A s i i r c l i c a t c c l i r r l { u ] c 5 4 ( 8 ) o f l h g C C S ( P c n s i o r r ) l { r ' r l c s . 1 9 7 2 . t h e 1 u r ni.e.. ol.unmarr trrlcr the dcath or r,narriagc ol'thci'mother/{atlrer. ir.,rr.ir",.,^i*tu*-iiy"urc 'f agc conies 'l'hcrcalicr, thc {amily pension is payab}eto thc clisabled the pe'sioner ancl irrsr1rsrupl)ur.. daugirrsrsabovc thc agc ol' 25 chilclrcn {br lifc ancr then ro the unman:ic
may thc lrreccdingpat'agraph, Ir rvasclarillccithal a daughrclii'eligiblc. as cxplaincd.in 4. b e g r a n t e d { a r u i l y p c n s i o n p r o r , i d c c l . s l r e f r r l l j l s a l l c } i g i b i l i t y c opensi'tt n d i t i o con^res' nsatthctirnc ciatcher lurn to rccci'e lamily ileatiiln*tigihrilityoL't^t"tpor"rrrnand sLillon thc i,vholullil othcr conclitionsarc clig'iblcibr ftrmil,vpcnsionif a divolccd dar-rghters Acr:ortli*g.iy, court cluring thc lil'e time of at lcast one ol' dccreeot'clivorce haclbegn isstrcciby fhc cotnpetcnt thc parertts. vurior-tstluaflcrs that thc divorce 'l'here dcpartmcnt has 6een lccciving gricvzurccsliotlr procetlurct"fti.it takc man5"years bclbrc attaining finaiitl'' d11.n lcrng a or. irnr"*Oing... ol' a dar'rghtc| oi' a (iovernmcnt afe lnany cascs tn ivltich thc clivot'cc procccdings lilc titnc of'oneor both haclbecn institutcdiri thc compctentcourt durirrgthc crnploycelpensioner ciivorcc .was gl'antedb.v lhe ol' rlccrcc n{-tircm but nonc of thc6r rvas illivc by the tin'ic rhc 5.


c()l'l)ltctct)t attthtlritl''

with Dcpartmcntol' maltcr has bccu cxantinr:clin this ciepilrtmcntitr consultation daughterin suclt cases ancli1 lrnsbccn ciccidcclto gr:antliulil.v-pcr:sionto a clivol'cccl l,.xpeilclitur:c o1'thc had bson lilod in a cotttpclcut0ourt during thc lifb'timc whcr.cthe div'rcO proccc



fue \


enployee/pensionef or his/her spousebut divoreetook place

alter their death- proviS the claimant fulfrls'll conditions grant fur of family pen$ion underrule 54 of the ccs 1t*1Itt (Pensior'r) trtules,19'72. sttchcases, th-e - --.."'i famii;,p.n*ioi YYr *ill .o*-rr'ce fi.omthedateof rvr{v^vu divcrrce. 'fhis 7' issr:res wit]1 the concurenceof Ministry of F'inance,DEpartment of Expenditrire, videtheirID No. I(LI)/EV/2017,darcd7d,July, , 2017: .

under secrerar r rorheco"*,.,kn,iif flo?

Tet. Na.24.644632

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4. 5.

olitheGovernrnent of India fll {jnlslries/Depar.rrnents y1olnu Uornptroiler & AuditorG,eneral of India oL/oTheconfioilerGeneral ol'*ccouniii,#l.r.y.i- BhavarlNewDerhi. Fe:rsioners" Associations asperristrnaintainecl in trreDepar,ru:ent AII Officers/Desks

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Eligibility of divorced daughters.PDF

whcr.c the div'rcO procccbson lilod in a cotttpclcut 0ourt during thc ... Eligibility of divorced daughters.PDF. Eligibility of divorced daughters.PDF. Open.

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