Shenendehowa High School East 970 Route 146 Clifton Park, NY 12065-3688 Telephone: 881-0310 – Fax: 383-1670

Dear_____________________________: In an effort to improve academics, behavior and attendance, Shenendehowa High School implemented Eligibility Guidelines for student participation in extra-curricular events (including, but not limited to, athletic events, school dances/proms, and other events as scheduled). Attendance: • May not exceed 5 unexcused tardies/absences to school or class per marking period. Behavior: • May not commit a level 3 or 4 infraction during a marking period. • May not cut a class or have not more than 3, level 1 or 2 incidents per marking period. Achievement: • May not be failing more than one subject. Earning Your Privileges Back: All plans require the organization and approval of administration  Student must produce a form with teacher documentation indicating that he/she is passing at the time of the event (Friday sheet)  Student may produce an academic recovery plan created with parent, student, counselor and administration  Students may work themselves off of ineligibility for behavior/attendance issues by performing community service (see class assistant principal) and for academic issues with the development of a recovery plan (see school counselor or class assistant principal). Note: • Students circumstances will be evaluated at 5 week intervals • Administration determines the eligibility of all students, for all events, at anytime, based on the circumstances of each individual student

Your signature indicates that you discussed the eligibility policy in school and that you are aware of the requirements to participate in extra-curricular events. _______________________________ Student Signature

___________________ Date

_________________________________ Administrator Signature


Student may produce an academic recovery plan created with parent, student, counselor and. administration. Students may work themselves off of ineligibility ...

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