Effect of seed treatment on seed quality of hybrid rice ...

Department of Seed Sci. and Technology, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, ... in India, the success in hybrid rice technology could be .... V V P т vP Pr vT vpT.

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pod and seed yield g plant-1, pod to seed recovery, ... The data gathered were analyzed as per Panse and ... than unsprayed plot but the seed recovery (88%).

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Nov 3, 2006 - emergence, allometry, kernel yield, and its quality, ... crack problems, saving irrigation water. ... 2006), low or high temperature (Bradford et al.

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which would be only one rupee per kilogram of seed. However, the individual seed treatment with Carbendazim @ 2.5 mg kg-1 of seed or Deltamethrin @ 40 mg kg-1 of seed could be also preserve the germinability of seed above. MSCS level upto 12 months r

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Apr 5, 1990 - Dept. of Seed Science and Technology, Tamil Nadu Agrl. Univ., Coimbatore-641 003, Tamil Nadu. .... Kumar, B. and Singh, V.P. (1997). Zinc.

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The grain yield in general was high in the Ist date of sowing compared to the remaining dates. The seed set .... indicated that delay in flowering on account of late.

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tition for pollinator service (Rathcke 1988, Feinsinger et al. 1991, Stone ..... 0.05) in number of pollen tubes between open- and hand-pollinated flowers after application of Bonferroni's .... and number of established seedlings per host (M. Rod-.

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from the crown seed-bank, whereas seeds stored in the soil are .... account for the larger seed densities observed in S2. .... C.A.B. International, Wallingford, UK.

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(Thai); geva (Tigrigna); c[aa]y t[as]o ta, tao, tao nhuc. (Vietnamese); jujube .... and Dickie, J.B. 2003. Seed Information Database (release 5.0, July 2003) http:.