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Author: Melissa DeVaughn Edition Language: English ISBN10: 0897329066 ISBN13: 9780897329071 Pages: 448

Description: Since Alaska is so large and its options so varied, this guide is organized primarily to help travelers zero in on the activity or activities that most appeal to them. The first ten chapters focus solely on adventure travel, each devoted to a single activity. The five regional chapters that follow focus mainly on the basics in a given area of the state — getting around, shopping, lodging, dining, and entertainment. The objective is not to provide the most information about destinations or attractions, but rather, the most useful information. Any destination or outfitter listed here has made the cut by proving itself a wonderful place to visit or a reliable company with which to do business.

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It's not a coincidence that the Sundance Alaska Adventure Guide Film Festival dominates Park City that same week. Download Time Travel - Fact Not Fiction: ...

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