Double header games start at 10:30am and 2:00pm. Single games start at 11:00am. Host team is reponsible for drinks for BOTH teams EagleNest 3/16/2014 AM

Lions(H) vs Smart Choice

3/16/2014 PM

Orlando (H) vs Blues

Silver Star



BYE Aryans, C. Knights, E. Riddle, Falcons, Rebels, VC3 Tigers

3/23/2014 AM

VC3 Tigers(H) vs C. Knights

Lions(H) vs E. Riddle

3/23/2014 PM

Orlando (H) vs Smart Choice

Blues(H) vs Falcons

3/30/2014 AM

Falcons(H) vs E. Riddle

C.Knights (H) vs Rebels

3/30/2014 PM

Orlando(H) vs VC3 Tigers

Aryans (H) vs Smart Choice

4/06/2014 AM

VC3 Tigers(H) vs E. Riddle

4/06/2014 PM

Smart Choice(H) vs C. Knights

4/13/2014 AM

Falcons(H) vs VC3 Tigers

4/13/2014 PM

Blues(H) vs E. Riddle

4/20/2014 AM

Falcons(H) vs Smart Choice

E. Riddle(H) vs C. Knights

4/20/2014 PM

Blues(H) vs Aryans

Lions (H) vs VC3 Tigers

4/27/2014 AM

Blues(H) vs VC3 Tigers

Aryans (H) vs C. Knights

4/27/2014 PM

Orlando(H) vs E. Riddle

Rebels(H) vs Smart Choice

Rebels(H) vs Aryans

Blues (H) vs Rebels

Lions(H) vs Orlando

Aryans(H) vs Falcons

5/04/2014 AM

Falcons(H) vs Rebels

Blues(H) vs Lions

5/04/2014 PM

Smart Choice(H) vs E. Riddle

VC3 Tigers(H) vs Aryans

Lions, Blues None

C. Knights (H) vs Lions

Aryans, Orlando, Rebels, Smart Choice

Rebels(H) vs Orlando


C. Knights(H) vs Orlando

5/11/2014 AM


Falcons, Lions None

Mothers Day Weekend

5/11/2014 PM 5/18/2014 AM

Falcons(H) vs Lions

E. Riddle(H) vs Rebels

5/18/2014 PM

Orlando(H) vs Aryans

Smart Choice(H) vs VC3 Tigers

5/25/2014 AM

C.Knights(H) vs Blues


Memorial Day Weekend

5/25/2014 PM 6/01/2014 AM

VC3 Tigers(H) vs Rebels

6/01/2014 PM

Smart Choice(H) vs Blues

6/8/2014 AM

Orlando(H) vs Falcons

6/8/2014 PM

E.Riddle(H) vs Aryans

Lions (H) vs Aryans

C Knights(H) vs Falcons

Orlando, E. RIddle

Rebels(H) vs Lions

C.Knights,Blues,Smart Choice, VC3 Tigers


Super 8 Playoffs: 1 vs 8, 2 vs 7, 3 vs 6, 4 vs 5


Semifinal: Winner No 1/8 vs No 4/5; Winner No 2/7 vs No 3/6


Championship Game, 3rd Place Game

Double header games start at 10:30am and 2:00pm ... -

5/25/2014 PM. 6/01/2014 AM. 6/01/2014 PM. 6/8/2014 AM. 6/8/2014 PM. TBD. TBD. TBD. C Knights(H) vs Falcons. C.Knights,Blues,Smart Choice, VC3 Tigers.

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