Directions to GCC Meetings All meetings are held in Parker Hall (a meeting room) on the lower level of the Apartment Center building at Asbury Methodist Village in Gaithersburg, MD Directions from Interstate 270:  Take Exit 11 for Montgomery Village Ave. Go straight if coming from the south or turn left if from the north onto Montgomery Village Ave. and proceed across Route 355 (North Frederick Ave.).  Continue on Montgomery Village Ave. passing the Firehouse on your left and Lakeforest Mall on your right.  Make a right at the 3rd traffic light after Route 355 and immediately after Lakeforest Mall onto Lost Knife Road (the Gaithersburg Library is on the north side of this intersection).  Drive until Lost Knife Road ends at the traffic light and Odenhal Avenue. Go straight ahead (across Odenhal Ave.) into the Asbury Methodist Village campus. Stop at the gatehouse and tell them you are attending the Gaithersburg Camera Club meeting.  After going through the security gate, make the first right onto Fellowship Circle.  At the second Stop sign (at a four-way intersection) turn right and then immediately left into a visitors' parking area.  Walk back to the four-way intersection, cross Fellowship Circle and proceed down a short driveway toward Apartment Center (which has a green roof). Trott Apartments will be on your left and Mund Apartments will be on your right.  There is a portico at the entrance to Apartment Center. The Apartment Center is building number 405 which you will see at the top of the portico. Enter this building and proceed into the main lobby. Turn right and take either the elevator or stairs to the lower floor. Parker Hall, our meeting room, is straight ahead on the left side of the hallway.

PLEASE NOTE: GPS instruments may provide other routes to this location since there are several entrances into Asbury Village. Our meeting location is accessible to visitors only from the entrance at Lost Knife Road and Odenhal Avenue.

See also the official Asbury Campus Map where Apartment Center is #7 and the gatehouse is #10.

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