Modified Alkaizer farming route


Quest: Kill Azmodan.

Arch Axe


Revenant Bow

1. Start at Arreat Crater, clear to checkpoint before Azmodan.

Archon Armor

Desolator Wand

Rune Sword

2. Tower of the dammed Lvl 1, clear it counterclockwise to see if there’s a pack on the stairs.

Archon Crown

Doom Hammer

Sacred Shield

Archon Faulds

Dread Lance


3. Tower of the cursed Lvl 1, go to the left about 1/2 screen to check if a pack is there, if not, run up to

Archon Gauntlets


Sovereign Staff

4. Arreat Crater Lvl 2, check your minimap for the Waypoint, try to go as straight to it as possible.

Archon Greaves

Guru Staff

Titan Axe

Archon Spaulders

Heaven Hand

Veil Piercer

5. Keep Depths 1, go 1/2 screen right to check for elite pack, after that go to

Centurion Spear

Hellion Crossbow

Warlord Sword


High Scabbard

6. Keep Depths 2, advance towards Keep depths 3 in line as straight as possible. If you end up in a dead end TP out and continue with



7. Keep Depths 3, go as straight as possible again, to Keep Depths Lvl 2, or the Waypoint, depending on where you started. If you end up in a dead end, TP out and go to 8. Rakkis Crossing, simple, straight tube dungeon, almost perfect. Do not hunt after mobs that run away. 9. Fields of slaughter, do a full circle, TP out. (optional) 10. Stonefort. Pretty linear, run through it, if you miss the Warden, don’t care for it, 5% chance only anyway. Rinse and repeat, only difference is, that you now start directly before the Azmodan checkpoint, which saves you one TP.

ILVL 62 ITEMS Amulet

Flesh Ripper


Sovereign Mail



Phantom Bow


Golden Talon


Sovereign Tassets

Conquest Sword

Grand Chain


Crag Hammer

Grand Halberd


Demi Lich

Heaven Strand



Sanctified Quiver


Kurastian Asp

Dread Cloak

Massacre Axe

Dread Shield

Mythical Staff

Elder Hat

Oni Blade

Slag Hammer Sovereign Greaves Sovereign Helm

Sovereign Vambraces Star Crown Strike Wand Vel Zhezl


Grand Chain. Grand Halberd. Heaven Strand. Impellor. Kurastian Asp. Massacre Axe. Mythical Staff. Oni Blade. Pallium. Phantom Bow. Piercer. Ring. Sagaris. Sanctified. Quiver. Slag Hammer. Sovereign. Greaves. Sovereign Helm. Sovereign Mail. Sovereign. Tassets. Sovereign. Vambraces. Star Crown. Strike Wand. Vel.

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