Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Galgotias College of Engineering & Technology, Gr. Noida (Uttar Pradesh Technical University, Lucknow) Course: M.Tech. (Computer Science & Engineering) Subject Name: Fundamental of Computer Science – II Subject Code: CS Unit: II Session: 2006-2007 Semester: Odd semester Instructor: S.B. Goyal, Assistant Professor Study of Research Paper: 01 Delivered on: 19/10/06 Deadline for Submission of Summary of Research Paper: 09/11/06 (Before 03:00 PM) Date and Time of Presentation: 12 November, 2006, 2:00 PM Suggestions: 1. Presentation of Research Paper in a group of 2 students. 2. Summary of Research Paper not more than 4-5 Pages include cover page. 3. Use ‘Times New Roman’ with font size: 12 and left, right, top and bottom margin: 01”, Line spacing: single” for Summary of Research Paper 4. Prepare power point slides for presentation. Topic of Research paper: “Operating System” Title: “Practical, transparent operating system support for superpages” No. of pages in Research Paper: 16 Abstract: Most general-purpose processors provide support for memory pages of large sizes, called superpages. Superpages enable each entry in the translation look aside buffer (TLB) to map a large physical memory region into a virtual address space. This dramatically increases TLB coverage, reduces TLB misses, and promises performance improvements for many applications. However, supporting superpages poses several challenges to the operating system, in terms of superpage allocation and promotion tradeoffs, fragmentation control, etc. We analyze these issues, and propose the design of an effective superpage management system. We implement it in FreeBSD on the Alpha CPU, and evaluate it on real workloads and benchmarks. We obtain substantial performance benefits, often exceeding 30%; these benefits are sustained even under stressful workload scenarios. Conclusions: This paper provides a transparent and effective solution to the problem of superpage management in operating systems. Superpages are physical pages of large size, which may be used to increase TLB coverage, reduce TLB misses, and thus improve application performance. We describe a practical design and demonstrate that it can be integrated into an existing general-purpose operating system. We evaluate the system on a range of real workloads and benchmarks, observe performance benefits of 30% to 60% in several cases, and show that the system is robust even in pathological cases. These benefits are sustained under complex workload conditions and memory pressure, and the overheads are small.

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Department of Computer Science & Engineering,. Galgotias College of Engineering & Technology, Gr. Noida ... an effective superpage management system.

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